6 Custom Deck Considerations for Commercial Properties

Boardwalk observation deck and city view

In today’s competitive market, efficiently using your commercial property’s outdoor space can give you an edge over your competitors. And what better way to do this than with a custom deck?  Whether it’s a rooftop deck for your restaurant or a poolside deck for your resort, a custom-built deck will add visual appeal and monetary […]

5 Simple Ways to Renovate and Refresh Your Home Deck


The climate in Minnesota is varied, ranging from frigid and damp winters to sweltering summer heat, high humidity, and arctic wind. It stands to reason that anything we build outside our homes must be built tough to endure the elements. From moisture, frost action, and UV rays from the sun, the lifespan of your deck […]

5 Custom Deck Boxes and Other Built-In Deck Features

If you’re looking to create the deck of your dreams, we have you covered. You can make the ultimate outdoor space using custom deck boxes and built-in deck features such as storage benches, seating, and outdoor kitchens. If you’re thinking about maximizing your outdoor space, reach out to Dupont Decks today. We’ll help you create […]

Composite Deck Designs: What Features Should You Consider?

A gray, raised composite deck design with a railing.

When you start researching different composite deck designs, there’s something you learn very quickly. Namely, you have a lot of features to consider for your custom deck. For instance, will your deck have stairs, ramps, railings, lighting, or built-in seats? What color(s) will you choose, and what shape? Rather than overwhelm you with options, the […]

Low Deck Designs to Bring Your Garden to You

A low deck design with diagonal planks and rich stain.

Low deck designs are becoming increasingly popular these days to bring your garden to you. Getting a professional to build your low deck is the best way to ensure you have a safe, well-built, and beautiful deck in your yard. If you’re looking to extend your entertainment area to include a portion of your garden, […]

How Deck Skirting Can Keep Wildlife Away from Your Yard 

Deck skirting with beautiful flowers and sun.

Outdoor living is at its best during the summer months. If you’re thinking of having a deck installed or restored, you want to make sure it stays in good repair. It will get a lot of foot traffic, of course, but what if the visitors are less welcome? Underneath a deck is a prime place […]

Family Friendly Custom Decks to Get Everyone Outside 

Family on their custom deck having a BBQ.

Summertime is the season for spending time outdoors. If you have little ones, you may be trying to get them away from the screens and into the sunshine. One great solution is to plan an outdoor space built with their needs in mind. Your outdoor custom deck can make a perfect space for the family […]

9 Beautiful Composite Decking Ideas

A composite deck facelift.

We admittedly get more excited about decks than the average person. Decks and porches add a gathering space for families and look great. Check out our list of nine composite decking ideas that are sure to be an excellent addition to your home.  Most people don’t feel that there are many options when building a […]

Is Hiring a Custom Deck Company Worth It?

custom deck company building a deck and patio

Adding a new deck to your home or renovating an existing structure may seem like a project you can handle yourself. However, if there is one thing you can learn from watching HDTV home renovation shows, there are always surprises along the way. That’s why calling a custom deck company to design and build your […]

Choosing the Right Deck and Patio Builder for Your Project

deck and patio builders discussing a building plan

Patios and decks are so unique because they are an extension of our homes. When we build or remodel one, we are investing in our personal space and family time. Finding deck and patio builders who can be trusted and provide outstanding work is essential. Any construction company should be able to check individual boxes […]

The Best Covered Deck Ideas

friends having fun on a covered deck

You may see snow outside your window right now. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about covered deck ideas! Dupont Decks has maintained the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating over the past 12 years. The owners are local homeowners who are proud to serve their neighbors in Central Minnesota. Deck Building and Restoration Services […]

5 Best Custom Deck Ideas in Minnesota

young couple enjoying their custom deck in minnesota

For any human, their home is their lifeblood, a place to relax, spend quality time, and make memories. We express ourselves through our homes by decorating and remodeling it inside and out. If you live in Minnesota, express yourself with a custom deck from us! Now, we do understand that not everyone is as tickled […]