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The Best Covered Deck Ideas

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The Best Covered Deck Ideas

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You may see snow outside your window right now. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about covered deck ideas!

Dupont Decks has maintained the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating over the past 12 years. The owners are local homeowners who are proud to serve their neighbors in Central Minnesota.

Deck Building and Restoration Services

While you may think your only option is new construction if you call a building company, it isn’t. There are plenty of options for an outdoor living space that works for you.

Dupont Decks offers other services, including deck remodeling, four-season rooms, and screened-in porches. Use their intake form to get a free estimate before you begin.


Space Goals

Even before calling for that estimate, it is good to do some pre-homework. Let’s go through some ideas. 

  • What is the reason for adding space?
  • What is the style of your home?
  • Have you looked at photos of designs?

Let’s look at the WHY of your space. Are you looking for an extension of your living area, a relaxation spot, or a combination?

Regardless of where you are, the sun should factor into your decisions. Coverings are a key to ensure your conversations or visits aren’t ruined by running inside to air conditioning or shade. 

If your reason is to build an addition for a bedroom or dining room, your design will be quite different from a sitting area for evening relaxation. Let’s investigate some unique ideas.

What Do You Want?

Here at Dupont Decks, we have experience helping create the best covered decks — from arbors to pergolas and more. 

A covered deck can be something like an arbor, which is several posts with vines covering them. It gives the illusion of an enclosed space and features beautiful greenery around your deck. An arbor is a great idea to give your deck a new look.

Moving along the range of covered decks, you may choose to have a pergola added to your home. A pergola has at least four posts supporting a roof of cross beams or slats, most often. 

Based on your preference, you can place lattice or vines across the top to offer more shade and give the look of a more enclosed area. This is another great way to incorporate green plants into your decor!

Check out the blog on the Dupont Decks website. There are more ideas and photos to inspire you!

Next on the scale of coverage is an attached overhead. It appears exactly as it sounds.

The roof is attached to the home’s back wall, and posts sitting on the deck’s edge hold it in place. This cover may be part of an original deck construction or a later addition. 

When you are making an addition, it’s important to factor in the home’s look. Make sure the lines and materials blend or complement each other. Work with your professional deck builders to ensure you’re happy with your deck’s design.

You will need a full roof extension for the real deal outdoor room. Be prepared: building permits are likely to be necessary.

Most people researching deck design aren’t architects or artists. Where are you looking for design inspiration? Even if you hire professional deck builders, you should have an idea of what you want.


Covered Deck Ideas

In the service area of central Minnesota (MSP, St. Louis Park, Edina, Andover, Blaine, Otsego, Rogers, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Woodbury, Brooklyn Park, Elk River, Plymouth, North Branch, Cambridge, Mora, and Milaca) your deck can serve multiple purposes. 

What are some of your ideas? Think about an outdoor room. An easy addition is a dining room or a simple space to have meals.

Dupont Decks can help make it a painless process. Not only can we build the deck for you, but we can help you decide what will work best for your space.

Creeping ivy makes a lovely cover that also offers shade for those hot summer days. Like Cecile Brunner, a climbing rose makes a gorgeous cover on an arbor or pergola. 

If you want something larger, go for a screened-in porch with a roof extension. With this model, it’s typically darker than a pergola or pavilion, and you can add electricity for a ceiling fan and lights.

The addition of electricity makes transforming the space into a dining room easy peasy. The style is completely up to your taste. 

Some of the photos you’ll find of the porch dining rooms are incredible! You’ll see string lights around, lanterns, or any other type you can imagine. 

The screened-in covered deck may also add value to your home. Check with your realtor for more details about increasing the value of your home with a deck.

An unexpected covered deck idea is a gazebo. Usually, you consider a gazebo a free-standing structure in a yard.

However, it is not uncommon to see them attached to a deck. A gazebo can be any shape. 

It can add character as well as function to your home. Picture this one on a lake house. 

You’ll have ample seating in a gazebo. You will also have good cover from the weather. 


Call Dupont Decks for Help with Your Covered Deck

There are a plethora of covered deck ideas. We have only scratched the surface. 

Gather your ideas and look at photos. Do you want wood? Brick?

What about your roof? Slats or tiles? Fabric or shingles?

It can be easily overwhelming. We are here to help you! From choosing what will work best in your space to building the deck of your dream, Dupont Decks does it all.

Building a deck is what Dupont Decks does. Let us help you build the deck you want!

Whether you’re looking to create a simple patio or a full kitchen with a dining room, call Dupont Decks or go online to request a FREE quote! Check out our website for examples of our quality work, too!


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