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Dupont Decks Provides All-Season Comfort and Style in Your Woodbury Home

A quality constructed, stylish deck adds flavor, function, and character to your home. An old, broken-down, or unsafe deck, by contrast, decreases curb appeal and can be a constant eye-sore to every homeowner.

Fall in love with your home’s exterior again with the help of Dupont Decks in Woodbury, MN. Call us today for a free estimate, and we’ll be in touch to visit your property.

Be a Diligent Deck-Watcher

Maintaining your deck doesn’t have to be a seasonal ordeal. Contemporary deck solutions mean less maintenance and more enjoyment of this key piece of your property.

Here are some easy “deck health” check-points to observe each season:

  • Give your deck footings a thorough check each spring and fall. You’ll want to pay attention to any wood rot on the support posts. Keeping an eye out for cracked or loose footings can help you stay ahead of major deck damage.
  • Check for missing and loosened fasteners (because a weak attachment point to your house could mean an unsafe situation on your deck).
  • Notice whether your deck boards appear worn, warped, or rotted each year. You can replace a deck surface as long as your deck supports, joists, and footers remain in good shape.
  • Thoroughly check all your deck components after any major storm or in seasons with exceptionally high snowfall and ice accumulation. The elements take a toll on any deck, and it’s crucial to know how nice or mean Mother Nature has been to your property each year.

Hire the best local builders for a deck you’ll love for years to come

When you’ve reached your tolerance threshold for an old deck that doesn’t fit your style or family’s recreational and social needs, it’s time to call Dupont Decks in Woodbury, MN.

Our team is ready to get to know you and what you want in a custom deck or deck remodel. Our work speaks for itself. For over two decades, we’ve been creating superior custom deck solutions for every customer we serve in the Woodbury area.

Our small-business values and community connection govern our customer service and deck-building excellence. Our clients are also our neighbors, and we’re proud of the quality work and customer service we provide.

Dupont Decks has the outdoor construction solutions you need

Woodbury homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they’ve got Dupont Decks in their corner for deck remodeling and construction. We offer leading-edge building materials that stand the test of time and trends.

We’ll work with you to craft the stylish and functional deck of your dreams, from contemporary to classic looks that last.

We also design and build beautiful three- and four-season rooms that add value and space to your home. Your comfort, relaxation, and entertainment are our top priorities as we complete your new construction or remodel.

Call us today to schedule a free estimate. We’ll evaluate your space, get a feel for your style preferences, and work within your budget to create the deck of your dreams.

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