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5 Best Custom Deck Ideas in Minnesota

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5 Best Custom Deck Ideas in Minnesota

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For any human, their home is their lifeblood, a place to relax, spend quality time, and make memories. We express ourselves through our homes by decorating and remodeling it inside and out. If you live in Minnesota, express yourself with a custom deck from us!

Now, we do understand that not everyone is as tickled by decks as we are. However, we also know a good investment when we see it. 

A custom deck is not only a great way to add curb appeal; it’s an expression of the homeowner. 

Dupont Decks is family-owned and has operated locally in the Twin Cities since 2001. We believe in building custom decks, room additions, and more with integrity and quality. Contact us today for a free quote


Return on Investment

We see the addition of a custom deck, or a room addition, or any space as an investment with a high return. 

If you are adding to your family home, this investment starts paying out immediately. There is a space to be with your family and get in quality time. Most American families battle in search of a way to get in quality time together. 

A study referenced in the New York Post states that families struggle to get in 45 minutes together a day. Why not spend this time on a beautiful deck that you designed? A deck lends the possibility of having a space specifically for quality time and fun. 

The investment isn’t only time and intangible benefits like family bonding. Adding a deck or space to your business or home adds value, too. Both financially in the value of the home, but in curb appeal as well. Read on to learn how we can do this for you!

Safety is yet another gift of such an investment. A new or restructured deck or porch is a confirmation that you are safe. We pride ourselves on building decks and spaces that are safe and made of quality materials. 

Custom Decks in Minnesota

No matter where in Central Minnesota you live, we can help you build the custom deck of your dreams. We’ll listen to your wants and needs and then work with you to ensure that you’re happy with the beautiful wood deck we create for you. Looking for ideas for your own custom deck? Keep reading to hear some of our favorites.

The Custom Build 

Your vision of a space for your family or business is at the heart of what we do. 

There are a plethora of options to make your space uniquely yours. This could be more space for a hot tub or building a staircase to your yard from an upper deck. Seating can be added to spaces as well in the way of built-in seating. 

Maybe you prefer a cocktail rail for entertaining. Once again, with a grand offering of materials, design, and layout, the sky is the limit.

And rest assured — our work is done to surpass safety codes and last the test of time. We go out of our way to give great attention to detail and use quality materials that last. 


Update Your Deck

Over time, all decks and structures give into the wear and tear of everyday life. Wood can split and rot if not treated right, and the design of the original deck may just not be working for you. 

This wear and tear could turn into a safety issue if the deck was made of poor material or not within code. This leaves you and your family at risk for injury and devastation. We will take the time to make sure your deck is the best it can be and safe. 

In these cases, a facelift is in order. Decks and other added spaces can have a facelift to ensure that they are safe and add to the aesthetic of your home. This can be an exciting and fun process as you pick materials and give a facelift to your home. 

We have spoken about the quality of our materials already, but it cannot go unsaid that this quality also brings durability.  

If you are looking to add value to a home before you move, this is an excellent option. With an updated deck with new decking and railing, the price of your home’s value will increase. 

Let’s Give You More Time

Although we do love decks, we must also tip our hats to four-season rooms

The simple act of closing in a porch to make a room that can be used at any time can be invaluable. It can give your home more room and help you to utilize space that you may not have previously had. In the fall, you can sit with a book and watch the leaves change. 

Or, in the winter, sit in your new room and enjoy holiday snowfall. It is potentially another way to get more time with your family while getting the most of your home. 

And let’s not forget screened porches! They’re yet another way to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summers.

Brand New Builds

You do not have to start with a deck or room that has already been built. We love partnering with our clients to create new decks and outdoor room additions. 

A plus to starting with a blank canvas is the freedom it gives. There is no demolition needed or structures to build around. Any design freedom spoken about earlier will also apply in designing a brand new deck or space. 

Some great ideas used in the past are pergolas, hot tub stands, and of course, custom seating. We love to see the creativity of our clients. 

You provide the creativity, and we will offer work that is safe, low maintenance, and an investment in your family. 


Make Room 

You may love your home, school district, and neighbors but might be considering moving to get more space. Before you call a moving company, consider adding rooms to your home. 

An added room can give space for a growing family, home business, and so much more. We make it a great experience by handling the intricacies of building. 

Golden Rule 

We have been recognized by Angie’s List as well as received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are trusted, high quality deck builders in the Twin Cities metro area, including Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, and more.

As a family, we treat our clients the way that we would want a business to treat us. We are honored that families use the spaces that we build with them for quality time with their families.

Your safety after we leave is very important to us. We express this by exceeding the expectation of the local safety code and using great materials.

Your time, budget, and creativity are certainly appreciated. Contact us today for a free quote and to get started with your custom deck building in the Twin Cities area.


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