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Choosing the Right Deck and Patio Builder for Your Project

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Choosing the Right Deck and Patio Builder for Your Project

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Patios and decks are so unique because they are an extension of our homes. When we build or remodel one, we are investing in our personal space and family time. Finding deck and patio builders who can be trusted and provide outstanding work is essential.

Any construction company should be able to check individual boxes for those looking to hire them. The following are points that we feel should be taken into consideration when hiring a builder for your deck or patio.

We invite you to contact Dupont Decks today for a quote and to see what we can do for you! We can’t wait to work with you to build the deck of your dreams. 


Know What You Want

Before beginning the search for a builder, it is best to plan what you expect for your deck. Having an idea of your expectations can help a great deal in choosing your builder. 

Your questions about budget, materials, and time can be guided by the plan you have in mind. Having a plan can also be useful for knowing what permits may or may not be needed for your community.

And remember: Decks and patios can be unique from person to person. Think carefully about what will work best for your household.

Some prefer a space to place their hot tub and intimate seating area, while others prefer an open space for entertaining. Over the last two decades, we at Dupont Decks have built spaces for everything from fire pits to outdoor kitchens and everything in between.

Whatever you have in mind, finding the ideal builder for you is crucial. The company you choose should be able to prove through their work that they are capable of a good job. 

Looking for Deck and Patio Builders Near You

The following points are considerations to weigh when researching a builder for your deck or patio. We strongly advise taking your time and speaking to multiple builders. You should feel very comfortable with whomever you use to build your deck.


Knowing just who you’re going to be consulting with is a good idea. We suggest looking up reviews of the company you’re looking to hire.

Sometimes, the best research one can do is simply asking family and friends. Who have they used, and what was their experience? Another place to find out more about potential builders is the Better Business Bureau website.

Their site will give you the history of the company, any complaints, and their rating if they have one. You will also be able to see if they do jobs that are sub-par in code. Knowing these facts ahead of time can protect you from a headache later.

In research, be sure to speak to more than one building company. It can help you to see who you gel with and how they conduct business. 



Checking out the credentials of a potential builder is one of the most important things you can do. No builder should have a problem in providing you with their insurance and licensing credentials.

Having peace of mind that your builder is licensed to be working and is insured should something happen is paramount. Each company is different, but a builder should have insurance that protects their materials and their workers.

Having the correct credentials, of course, is to protect you as well. It is vital to know that builders working on your property are equipped and will protect you. 


The key to any relationship, even between client and builder, is communication. Especially if that builder is to be working on your home.

A good builder should be able to communicate to you their plan for construction and what expectations you should have. If changes to any part of your build are to happen, they should also be able to communicate that to you. 

Other things that should be communicated: 

  • Expectation or change in time frames that are presented. 
  • The costs at any point in the build, especially if there is a change to the design or circumstance of the build.
  • Any documentation that they may need from you, such as permits or HOA approval in some cases.

That last one is pretty important; not having proper permissions or approval can stop construction or fines. 

Their emails, phone calls, and any other interactions should communicate that you are a high priority to them. 

Knowledge and Experience

As you can imagine, here at Dupont Decks we have gleaned a lot about our industry in the last 20 plus years. 

Potential builders should have knowledge of every aspect of your job and how to do it. Knowledge of the process of obtaining permits or working with certain materials should be expected. 

Knowledge of your project is especially important. Builders with a lot of experience may be able to show you how to get the best of your building experience. They will also know how to use the materials they need and how long their construction should take. (Although, admittedly, timelines do tend to change.)

Without expertise or knowledge, builders may run out of materials or run into other issues that could be prevented.

Potential builders need to know if a design will work out or not and what obstacles they may face. Having a lack of knowledge or experience can be dangerous and lead to delays and higher costs. 


Our Work is Our World

We serve the Central Minnesota area and have always done business with family in mind. We recognize that screened-in porches, decks, and patios alike are an investment that is expected to last.

These outdoor spaces will be used for graduation parties, family grill-outs, and dinners. These moments will be looked back on for years by your family. Construction of this space should be done by someone who respects that space.

Builders should be knowledgeable, have an excellent reputation, and will communicate well with you. We at Dupont Decks like to believe that we treat our clients how we would want our family to be treated.

For your free quote, be sure to visit our site today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to create ample outdoor space. 


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