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9 Beautiful Composite Decking Ideas

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9 Beautiful Composite Decking Ideas

A composite deck facelift.

We admittedly get more excited about decks than the average person. Decks and porches add a gathering space for families and look great. Check out our list of nine composite decking ideas that are sure to be an excellent addition to your home. 

Most people don’t feel that there are many options when building a deck. This could not be further from the truth! These nine cool deck ideas create a fun, safe place for your family and are just some of our favorites. 

We genuinely enjoy helping our clients transform their outdoor spaces. Check us out today to get started on a custom deck that you will love

Why You Should Look At Composite Decking Ideas

Composite decking is a combination of both recycled plastic and lumber. This decking material is low maintenance and has a 20-50 year lifespan, depending on the brand. 

That low maintenance and durability make the material ideal for the modern homeowner. 

Maintenance simply involves sweeping and twice a year washing with soap and water. Traditional wood decks need a days-long process of sanding, staining, and cleaning. Composite decking is less work and more enjoyment.

Composite decking also resists rot, mold, and deterioration better than traditional lumber. And composite decking color options mean you can design your deck however you like.

If you are looking for eco-friendly ideas, composite decking is a solid option, as it uses recycled materials. Who doesn’t love less deforestation?

1. Modern and Sleek Railing 

A composite deck with sleek modern railing is a composite decking idea to consider when building your custom deck.

Modern may not be a word usually thrown around when speaking about decking; however, this deck railing demands it. 

The clear paneling combined with the safety of composite decking creates a sleek look. One that is not prone to wear and tear and doesn’t detract from the beauty of your home. 

2. Beautiful Balconies 

One of many composite decking ideas may include a beautiful view like this balcony over-looking a lake.

Many composite decking ideas include balconies.

The addition of a balcony can be quite an investment into your home. Add a deck or balcony to the side of a home on an upper level. You’ll add a perfect space to entertain company and family in. 

Your outdoor deck colors can be chosen to complement the home or to stand out. Either choice will give any homeowner a fantastic deck that they can be proud of. 

3. Decks And Porches

A gray composite deck with wooden beams.

A beautiful way to add value to your home is the addition of a deck or porch. The use of Trex composite decking ensures that the deck boards will last homeowners decades. 

Decks and porches have gone from being a simple home entrance design to being a new space to live in. Outdoor decor such as DIY deck seating gives a good living room or gathering space type feel. 

4. Bump-Outs 

A bump out-style composite deck.

One of our favorite installations is bump-outs. These are smaller decks that are the perfect size to fit a hot tub or outdoor kitchen. They can even add space to an already existing deck by using it as a platform. 

These may be smaller than a full-blown deck or room addition, but they pack quite a punch. The materials used are the same as a regular deck-build, meaning no skimping on safety or quality. 

5. Making Connections

Pathways through a garden made of composite decking.

Connecting your home to the outdoors is one of our passions. Our composite wood is perfect for sturdy pathways and stairs that lead from one living space to another. 

The composite decking we use comes in many different colors, so you can find just the right one to suit your style.

6. Raised Decks

A raised composite deck built by Dupont Construction.

Not all decks are flush to the ground. We also install raised decks that can provide your outdoor living space and give storage. 

The best part about our decks is that we build them with family in mind. Each of them is designed with the client so that their wants and needs are met. 

7. Decks As Unique As You Are 

If your dream home includes a deck, then we are here to help. Not all houses or decks are the same. The deck space pictured had lower windows, which meant that we had to raise the deck. 

Stairs were built that lead the homeowner from their outdoor living space to their beautiful yard. The color of the deck and railings match the trim of their home, and it’s a great addition. 

8. It’s In The Details.

A custom composite deck made by Dupont Construction

This deck is similar to the one before, but a change in railing gives the deck a totally different look. It is also a fine example of the versatility of the materials we use. Various railing ideas can change your whole look.

Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to the design and layout of your dream deck. Small details such as color and finish truly make the deck yours. 

9. Outdoor Living Room 

composite decking can include an outdoor living space like this one with built-in benches.

We love the uniqueness of this build. This composite deck takes outdoor living to the next level. By switching out the table, you can use this space to lounge with guests. 

A fire pit can also be placed in this area to make for a perfect fire feature in your yard. 

Composite Decking Ideas, Family, and Experience 

For almost two decades, we have created beautiful outdoor spaces alongside our customers. In that time, we have come to value safety and quality above all else. Focusing on both of those has driven us. 

We do not take lightly the care it takes to make such a great investment in your home. The investment goes beyond curb appeal and value. Instead, it is marked in memories, lazy weekends, and good meals. 

We send out only our best builders to construct your outdoor dream space. They are expected to uphold our standard of the highest quality with an eye for safety. 

Visit our site for ideas, tips and to request a free estimate. Begin your journey to a dream deck, room addition, or screened-in porch today! We cannot wait to see what we can create together.


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