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7 Modern Deck Ideas

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7 Modern Deck Ideas

One of the best ways to enjoy your yard and home is from a relaxing spot on your deck. Spending time outside is refreshing and peaceful, and using your deck to unwind, spend time with friends, or enjoy the quiet is a wonderful use of your backyard living space.

Whether it’s time to consider a brand new deck or your current one is ready for a facelift, you can find a custom deck builder to bring your outdoor living vision to life. 

Dupont Construction and Remodeling is ready to help you enjoy your yard and home even more with a unique and quality deck. The perfect way to add space to your home, a deck, screened in porch, or four seasons room allows you to spend time soaking up the sun or enjoying the view in comfort. 

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we provide expertise and experience along with exceptional service. From the planning process to project clean-up, we will ensure we handle your job with care.

With quality materials and affordable prices, you’ll love working with our team of experts. 

If you’re ready to add some outdoor living space to your home with a custom deck, take a look at these fantastic modern deck ideas. The possibilities are endless when it comes to new decks or remodeled decks. With a custom deck builder like Dupont Construction and Remodeling, you can have the deck of your dreams. 

Outdoor Kitchen


One of the best ways to spend time out on your deck is grilling and dining with friends and loved ones. If you like to barbecue and entertain, then an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. 

An outdoor kitchen provides a fantastic place to prepare and cook food, all while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. Entertain guests without having to run in and out of the house to gather supplies, food, and accessories.

You can have everything you need to prepare and cook a delicious grilled meal right at your convenience, without any interruptions. Spend quality time with friends and family while you cook right on your deck. 

Everyone will love their dining experience on your custom deck, while you serve them straight from your outdoor kitchen. Spend an afternoon relaxing and barbecuing or visit late into the evening after enjoying a home-cooked dinner from the deck. 



Not only does a pergola make for a beautiful aesthetic, but it can also provide shade as well as a separation of space. A Pergola is a great way to cover a section of your deck. Enjoy both the sun and the shade by using a pergola over part of your deck. 

If you are looking to separate areas on your deck to create different themes, for instance, a dining area and a place to lounge, a pergola can help define your selections. An ideal way to create shade while also providing an appealing look, a pergola is an excellent addition to your deck. 



If you have a covered deck, adding a chandelier is a fabulous way to add lighting as well as ambiance. The right chandelier can elevate your style and create a personalized look. A chandelier that hangs right above your outdoor dining table is the perfect touch to your outdoor living space. 

Consider adding lights to your steps for not only safety but a stunning look as well. Deck lighting can be as original as you are and can set the mood. You’ll be able to sit out on your deck late into the night with deck lighting.

Adding lights to the rail of your deck is another way to enhance your deck’s aesthetic. Useful and attractive, deck lighting can transform your space and create a unique look. 

Ceiling Fan

Another fantastic addition to a covered porch is a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans not only look fabulous but can keep fresh air moving through your deck and cool down those hot days. You’ll love the look as well as the additional comfort a ceiling fan provides. 

Fire Place


A fireplace is an excellent way to create a cozy and warm feel for your outdoor living space. Surround yourself with family and friends in the evening around your outdoor fireplace while you enjoy company and ambiance. A fireplace on your deck is the perfect way to warm up on chilly nights and relax outside. 

The Perfect Furniture Set

Selecting the perfect furniture set for your deck should be an expression of your style. Providing comfort for guests and yourself as well is essential to creating the ideal outdoor living space. Whether you need a dining table and chairs, a sofa, or porch swing, finding the right pieces will make your deck a fantastic place to spend your time. 

Deck Garden

If you love flowers and plants, a fabulous way to add color and life to your deck is with planters overflowing with them. Choose planters that coordinate with your furniture set or your home’s exterior. Serving as the perfect accent pieces to your deck, planters full of beautiful flowers will brighten up your space and enhance your outdoor experience. 

Choose Dupont Construction and Remodeling

If you’re ready to make your new deck dream a reality, Dupont Construction and Remodeling is ready to help. If you’re looking for a custom deck, a four seasons room, a screened in porch, or a facelift for your current deck, we are your go-to construction and remodeling company. With over twenty years of experience, you can count on us to get the job done right. 

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide exceptional service. Contact us, your custom deck builders, today, and start planning the perfect deck.  You’ll love having additional outdoor living space to visit with friends and loved ones, enjoy the view, or even take some time for yourself. 

Spend more time outside this year with a custom deck from Dupont Construction and Remodeling



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