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How To Make The Space Beneath Your Deck Useful

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How To Make The Space Beneath Your Deck Useful

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Sitting outside on a deck in the summertime is a beautiful thing. It makes for the perfect gathering place.

But unless your elevated decks are covered, they become a sore subject in the winter months. You can’t sit outside, and inclement weather can create wear and tear. When you look outside, you feel nostalgic about all the fun you have had out there.

There is good news, however. Not only can a deck be aesthetically pleasing, but the space BENEATH the deck can also have many different uses; Uses that can be available all year long. 

Dupont Construction and Remodeling can give you ideas on how to get the most out of your deck year round. Below are some tips on how to make the space below your outside deck functional. 

What Kind of Space Are You Working With?

The options you have available to you depend on the type of deck that you have. If you have a lower-level attached deck, you might consider using it more for storage. 

Elevated decks coming from the second story offer more options due to the sheer amount of space found underneath them. 


Storage in Low-Level Decks 

Space comes at a premium in any home. No matter how spacious a home might be, life happens, and slowly but surely you end up needing more space. If your outside decks have any space below, this might be the perfect spot for storage. 

Placing items under your deck can save you money on buying a shed. If you want to store anything under the deck but want to keep it looking neat and tidy, there are ways to do it without breaking the bank. 

When you are storing anything under your deck, you will want to make sure that you provide adequate ventilation. Remember, the deck, and therefore everything under it is still outside and at the mercy of the elements. 

You will need to use materials that will provide a cover for all of your stored belongings but will not allow mold to grow in that area. Some materials frequently used are: 

  • Wood or Vinyl Lattice siding 
  • Siding (same as that on your home) 
  • Fence boards 

Remember that when you are storing items under your deck, they should be waterproof or in waterproof bins. You never know when extreme weather can hit and you don’t want to lose your belongings. 

Add A Swing or Hammock

Have you ever noticed that sometimes just sitting outside can make you feel happier? That’s because being outdoors helps to reduce stress and releases serotonin. Adding a swing under will allow you to sit outside and breathe in some fresh air, rain or shine. 

Of course, this idea only works if you have an elevated, second story deck, but it is a great addition to have at home. 

As long as your elevated deck is structurally sound, you should be able to attach a swing below that can make the entire family happy. 

If you are one to sleep outside surrounded by natural sounds, a hammock might be a great idea as well. You can attach it from opposite ends of the deck and enjoy the outdoors while having shade at the same time. 


Add in a Sunroom

If you want to add square footage to your home, you can always enclose the area under your elevated deck and make it a sunroom. This room, also called a three seasons room, can be a bright addition to your home. 

It is called a three seasons room because it’s used during the spring, summer, and fall. It does not have heating or air conditioning but does provide shade and ventilation. 

Most sunrooms have large amounts of screens and windows to bring in the most amount of sunlight possible. 

A sunroom would be a great summer evening hangout location. Sunrooms allow for a more gradual shift between indoors and outdoors. Allowing you to enjoy the seasons without all of the residual effects (mosquito bites, insects flying all over, etc.)

Adding a sunroom under your elevated decks is a good option because it is also highly economical. It adds livable space without costing an arm and a leg.  

It is cheaper than making a room add-on to your home. Put in a concrete patio, add in some interchangeable window and screen panels, and you have yourself a beautiful sunroom. 


If you are interested in the idea of a sunroom but don’t want to make a full commitment to it yet, you can create a patio downstairs. 

Adding a patio underneath your deck also serves to highlight a formal hangout space. Because it provides shelter from the rain, it can be a perfect place to put out some outdoor furniture and an outdoor rug. 

Add some string lights, and it will be the perfect ambiance for fun, relaxing evening. Since you do not have to add in screens or doors, it makes this one of the most economical and fun ways to convert the space below your deck. 

Kids Play Area

If you are in the stage of life where you have little crawling and running all over, consider making the space under your elevated deck a kids play area.

Anyone who knows kids knows that they love to run and play outdoors; they will thank you for it when they are having a blast. Add in some big toys, playground equipment, and water tables for maximum toddler enjoyment.  


The Time to Build a Deck Has Come 

If all of this talk about decking has got you wanting to build one of your own, Dupont Construction and Remodeling are your people. 

Whether it be a low-level deck on the first floor or an elevated deck opening out to your second story, we have all of the latest and most exceptional materials, methods, and pricing. 

Whatever material or design you would like for a deck, whether it be Azek, Timber Tech, Composite, or any wood, someone from our Dupont team can help you make that dream come to reality. 

You can go onto our website to request a free estimate, and it comes with no pressure to commit. 

Being a family owned and operated company, we are dedicated to keeping our clients happy and building strong communication and relationships. 

Let us be the family that gives your family the outdoor space of your dreams.


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