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What is Composite Decking?

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What is Composite Decking?

A professional installing composite decking with a power drill.

One of the most versatile building materials is composite decking. But what is composite decking? 

We are here to help in the process of creating your dream deck. By using composite decking, we feel like we’re working with a sustainable and easy-to-maintain product. Keep reading for more information on what makes this such a great material. 

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What is Composite Decking?

Compared to most materials used in landscaping and building, composite decking is relatively new. It came on the scene in the 1990s. At the time, customers could choose between grey and grey when ordering it. 

Now, the coveted boards come in scores of shades, and the texture rivals that of natural wood. The question remains, what is composite decking exactly?

Composite decking products are mainly made of recycled materials that are shredded and then combined. The materials most commonly found are: 

  • Polypropylene: a thermoplastic polymer mixed with reclaimed wood fiber. 
  • Polyethylene: most widely used plastic product in the world 
  • Recycled wood fiber 
  • Shredded milk jugs and recycled plastics 

The process 

The composite deck boards are created through a process called coextrusion. 

Coextrusion is when raw materials are placed into separate dies or molds then placed into an extruder to combine them. 

Once the boards are made, they can be cut to any length and are heavier and more durable than wood. This makes composite materials a perfect decking option that will last decades. 

Another plus is that the materials used have a higher burning and melting point than wood. The increased burning or melting point makes it safe to use for homes. It keeps the risk of fire lower than that of wood decking, which is a definite plus. 

Why We Love Composite Decking 

We understand that we get a bit more excited about decking than most. We think that you’ll see why after we explain. 

It’s good for the environment. 

The use of recycled materials makes composite decking a responsible choice. The impact on the environment is less because trees aren’t being chopped down to make the decking. 

Most decking is made up of 95% recycled materials. 

Those materials include shredded milk jugs and recycled wood fibers. The wood component can also come from recycled furniture. 

This process is about maintaining sustainability without cutting down more trees. It is also a less stressful option that produces a low-maintenance board that will last decades. 

When you use natural wood for deck material, the loss entailed can quickly grow into something big. Trees are cut down; lumber is cut in a factory and then treated yearly with chemicals. Composite decking is an excellent way around all of that.  

So many possibilities

At Dupont Decking, we never tire of hearing our customer’s plans for their dream decks and homes. They are unique to each client, and it’s fun to see a happy, satisfied smile at the end of a job well done. 

We work closely with composite decking and get excited about the choices we get to offer clients. That includes Azek Decking by TimberTech. They not only provide a plethora of options and colors, but they believe in providing the best service available. 

Their decking is perfect for a railing that shows off your deck or a deck that is durable and stylish. 

The possibilities don’t stop with color and grain. Our clients blow us away with their creativity every year. We build decks, platforms, stairs, and so much more to make their wishes for their homes come true. 

Low Maintenance 

In the old days of decking, it was a tremendous job to keep up with for homeowners. Annually, the deck would need cleaning, sanding, and sealant. That process could be a whole weekend’s worth of work and was expensive to boot. 

You could add a level of frustration to the process if mold or rot sets into the wood. Seeing this could lead to significant repair or reconstruction. Investing now in a mold and mildew-resistant material is a guarantee for peace of mind in the future. 

There is no staining, painting, or sanding required for a deck made with composite decking. Instead, twice a year, spray your deck down with soap and water and rinse. We also recommend sweeping your deck of debris weekly. 

Return on Investment

When we help a customer create a deck, we realize that we are making more than an outdoor space.

Spaces like these are investments in the value of your home, your curb appeal, and, most importantly, your family. The return on investment for this is memories that last a lifetime for kids. It can also manifest in yearly barbecues and nights enjoying the sunset with the ones you love. 

At Dupont Decks, we have fully embraced the mantra that “Our work is our word.” It is an honor to serve the people who live in our neighborhood of Twin Cities. We purposefully keep ourselves a family business to know our clients and to provide personal service to them. 

When you book your free estimate, you agree to a personal experience with your vision at the forefront. We must work with you to honor your plan for your dream home. 

We believe in the use of composite decking because it can completely transform your home. A new deck or outdoor living space can change the entire look of your home. Utilizing our composite decking ideas ensures that your time will be spent with your family and not keeping your deck up. 

Contact us to get the ball rolling on your custom deck. We are also here to answer any questions you may have about composite decking. Our experts are here to ensure that your deck is everything you and your family want and more.


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