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Family Friendly Custom Decks to Get Everyone Outside 

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Family Friendly Custom Decks to Get Everyone Outside 

Family on their custom deck having a BBQ.

Summertime is the season for spending time outdoors. If you have little ones, you may be trying to get them away from the screens and into the sunshine. One great solution is to plan an outdoor space built with their needs in mind. Your outdoor custom deck can make a perfect space for the family that is fun for the kids, too. 

We have compiled our best ideas for an exciting deck for the kids and a relaxing space for you. You might be starting from scratch or looking to renovate an existing structure. Either way, you can make the space inviting and fun for the whole family. 

Family time is sacred. We at Dupont Decks value the precious years with children and memories made at backyard BBQs and long summer days. Contact us for a free consultation for your custom-built deck or deck renovation.  

Custom Decks for the Whole Family 

Your deck plan can be customized to create an inviting space that serves multiple functions. Consider the available space, the shape of the house, and your wish list as you begin to plan. 

If you have an existing deck that needs renovation, you might have trouble seeing past what you already have. Working with a custom deck builder will help you think outside the box

Here are some great custom deck ideas to create family-friendly outdoor spaces:

Shade Options

Making your deck suitable for spending time in the hot sun makes it more appealing throughout the day. Also, it means you have to spend less effort chasing after little ones to cover them in sunblock! A pergola is a vertical structure that creates design interest and shade over your deck. Bonus: they have a modern appeal that will make your deck stand out.


Swings and Things!

Add a swing to your pergola, and you have an instant hit. The swing is also great for fidgety kids who need a break if you’re having dinner outside. There’s also a wide variety of hanging chairs or hammock chairs that kids love and you can enjoy as well. 

Making a little space for swings or hanging chairs can be an easy way to make your deck more kid-friendly. Also, they can be detached when entertaining friends and family to make more room.

Built-Ins for the Win

Including built-in benches in your custom deck means that everyone has a seat. The benches are functional for gatherings but make for great spaces for kiddos as well. A bench seat can double as a racetrack or a stage for toys to parade across. 

The built-in benches can help you create different spaces on your deck as well. For example, paired with deck furniture, the benches can become a place to stretch out and put your feet up. Or, if you have a green thumb, benches can be a spot to arrange colorful flower pots and planters. 

Built-in garden planters can also be a way to include your children in the space. Anything that is at their level can be edible, with herbs like mint, chamomile, or lemon balm. You can engage your kiddos with spring planting right on the deck and watch your seedlings grow over the season. 

Hang It Up!

Conversely, there may be elements you don’t want little hands to reach. For example, hanging planters can be customized to suspend off privacy screens, or railings can add extra greenery. Also, having plants at different levels creates interest and beauty, making your deck a lush garden. 

Hanging shade sails is another way to bring shade to your deck. Planning your custom deck will include correct beam placement, letting you angle the sail accurately to ensure the best shade. Including a sun sail can also give a pop of color.

Mix and Match 

How you arrange your deck furniture can make all the difference. Choose easy-to-move options that allow you to shift the space as needed. With the help of your custom deck builder, design a layout that lets the space function in different ways. 

When you’re entertaining, your deck can become more traditional with places for sitting and eating. The furniture can condense on days with the kids to create more space for trikes, toys, picnics, and more. 


Just for the Kids

Here are some ideas for making your deck the ultimate kiddo play zone.

  • Chalk paint on an exterior wall on the deck for drawing
  • A custom sunken sandpit on the deck (with a cover for when it’s not in use)
  • Hang a projector screen from your deck for a fun movie night 
  • Colorful paint to designate the kids’ play spaces

For taller decks:

  • Add a climbing wall on the ground for kids to scale 
  • Have a slide installed on the deck for fun access down to the yard

Safety First Is Our Priority

These kid-friendly deck ideas must also be safe. There are a few ways to ensure that your deck is a safe place for your kids to play. 

The materials your deck is built from can make a huge difference. For example, using composite decking materials will ensure that little fingers and toes don’t get splinters. This can be a huge relief for parents. You won’t have to keep track of who is wearing shoes (and who isn’t). 

At Dupont Decks, we know kids do the darndest things (usually in the 3 seconds when our heads are turned!). We ensure that all deck railings are spaced accurately so no little arms, legs, or heads can get stuck. 

Finally, if your deck is close to ground level, railings may not be necessary. However, for taller decks, we will ensure that there are no gaps or spaces where kiddos could potentially fall. Building gates for staircases is also a great safety measure to prevent falls. 

Dupont Decks is a family-run business that has your best interests at heart. Call today for a free estimate to see how your future deck can become a place the whole family loves. 



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