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Low Deck Designs to Bring Your Garden to You

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Low Deck Designs to Bring Your Garden to You

A low deck design with diagonal planks and rich stain.

Low deck designs are becoming increasingly popular these days to bring your garden to you.

Getting a professional to build your low deck is the best way to ensure you have a safe, well-built, and beautiful deck in your yard. If you’re looking to extend your entertainment area to include a portion of your garden, then keep reading to find some low deck ideas to inspire you.

What is a Low Deck?


A low deck is an outdoor deck that is built low to the ground or ground level to be more easily incorporated into the backyard design. 

These decks are usually made out of wood or maintenance-free decking. And, they are designed to blend in with the landscaping – so they don’t look like an afterthought.

Why Choose A Low Deck Design?


There are many great reasons to choose a low deck for your outdoor space. First, they create a seamless transition between your home and backyard.

If you prefer to DIY your home renovations, then a low deck can be more DIY-friendly. However, it’s far simpler to chat with a professional who offers a low deck service.

Low decks can also offer versatility, allowing you to extend your garden almost anywhere in your backyard.

Types of Deck Material

Deck designs have changed quite a bit over the years. You can now get almost any material to create your deck. Some of the more common materials are:

  • Hardwood (cedar, redwood, etc.)
  • Composite Lumber
  • Exotic wood (tigerwood, IPE, etc.)


Hardwood like redwood and Western red cedar are popular options due to their rich color and natural resistance to rot, decay, and insects. This is due to the tannins and oils that they produce.

Hardwood timber requires an annual power-cleaning and a coat of finish every two to four years.

Composite Lumber

Composite decking is growing fast in today’s market and is made from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood shavings.

This type of decking is almost maintenance-free as they are weather-resistant, easy to clean, and doesn’t warp very easily. Composite timber also doesn’t require sanding or staining.

Exotic Wood

While not the most cost-effective option, this timber might be exactly what your deck is missing if you have the money. The most common of the tropical hardwoods used is IPE. Similar to mahogany, the hardwood also has a crimson color but with a darker saturation.

However, exotic wood like IPE doesn’t accept stain very well, so you’re more limited in the color options if you go this route.

Once you’ve chosen your decking material, it’s time to consider some low deck designs that will transform your space into something magical.

Tips for Great Low Deck Designs


There are a few tips for making your deck stand out, and of course, you want it to be an oasis that you can escape to. So here are some deck ideas you can use when planning your deck or deck facelift.

Go for a Statement-Making Deck

Bold colors can genuinely change the entire feel of your outdoor deck area. Deep, rich, saturated browns can give you a dramatic look to your garden. Composite decking can come in a range of colors, and with timber, you have the option to stain the deck in the color of your choosing.

Border Your Deck

Creating a border to your deck can have a significant impact on the overall look you are creating. You can create this border with one to three boards around the perimeter.

For a more dramatic border, consider angling your wooden boards in diagonal lines, which will create more visual interest.

Create a Garden Oasis

Once your deck has been built, another way to create beautiful deck designs is by including potted plants. Include different plants, each with unique colors, and incorporate them in and around your garden furniture.

Staggering different height pots can also make a bold look and create an eye-catching design.

Go Multi-Level

Your low deck doesn’t have to be all one level. Adding multiple levels to your deck can create exciting dimensions to your space. It’s also a clever way to section out your entertainment area and, to develop further intrigue, place in-deck lighting to illuminate any steps.

Low Wraparound Deck

Creating a low deck that doubles as a porch space can give your home a completely new look. Creating a wraparound deck that goes around your home can also be functional with the addition of planter pots and benches built from the same material.

With a wraparound deck, be sure to stick to one or two colors for a bold, timeless look.

There are many other design ideas out there, the sky is virtually the limit, but with those low deck ideas, you should be well on your way to visualizing your new bespoke low deck garden.

Contact A Professional To Get Started


With all those low deck designs out there, why wouldn’t you want to update your home to include this extra versatile space?

If you’re in Central Minnesota (including Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Edina, Andover, Blaine, Otsego, Rogers, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Woodbury, Brooklyn Park, Elk River, Plymouth, North Branch, and Cambridge), then get in touch with us for an obligation-free quote.


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