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7 Ideas for Deck Lighting

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7 Ideas for Deck Lighting

The garland of light bulbs hanging on the wooden terrace

What’s your preferred way to use your deck – to host gatherings, catch some sun, or sit out looking at the stars? Regardless of its use, decking offers a wonderful addition to any home. However, as it gets darker in the evenings, using your decking can become difficult. Luckily, deck lighting can improve your decking space, making it brighter and more functional while enhancing the overall aesthetic.

To help spark some ideas for these beneficial light fixtures, we share some of our lighting ideas which you can use to complement your decking.

1. Pendant Lighting 


Pendant lights are hanging lights that you can attach to the roof of your decking. They are an elegant addition to the space while also illuminating your set-up, so you can host friends or relax, even when the sun’s light dims.

An additional tip for the deck lighting is installing several pendant lights together. If you mix different shapes and sizes, they tend to look like an art piece. The only downside is that you must add a roof to your decking for these lights to work.

2. Recessed Deck Lighting


Recessed deck lighting is a method when lights are installed into the decking floor itself. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but circular lights are the most popular. They can be installed into the steps or around the outside of the decking and usually create a soft and intimate light around the perimeter.

If you are looking for a simple home improvement, recessed deck lighting absolutely transforms your outside area. If you are looking for something a little brighter, you may want to combine recessed deck lighting with another lighting option from this list.

3. Lanterns


Decking is becoming an increasingly popular feature of homes because it creates an enjoyable space for everyone. Not to mention that spending time outdoors is good for your health

One outdoor lighting idea for your decking space is using lanterns. You can choose to use as many as you like, and they come in dozens of sizes and designs. Their primary benefit is that they are portable, so you can move them around your decking space to suit your needs. Lanterns generally stand on the floor, but smaller lanterns can be hung from the ceiling if preferred.

Lanterns are one of the most design-focused deck lightings because they are a nice feature to have in your garden even when not being used.

4. Wall Lights


If your decking is adjacent to your home, wall lights can be a brilliant addition. Available in hundreds of different designs, shapes, and colors, wall lighting illuminates the area while giving you total flexibility to improve your decking space. You might opt for a more traditional brass wall light, for example, or a more modern curved piece.

The tones of light can complement your decking. Perhaps you are looking for bright white light, or perhaps for warmer-hued outdoor lighting. Whichever you prefer, there is a wall light to suit you and your yard. Wall lights also work well for those who have chosen a more enclosed decking to increase their garden privacy.

5. String Lights


String lights are the most delicate decking light option. This is because they bring a magical quality to the area, with the added benefit of working as a light source. String lights can be simple and give off a modern aesthetic or come in more elaborate designs such as snowflakes, lanterns, flowers, or stars.

The second benefit of string lights is that they can be wound across different areas. So if you have deck stairs you would like to illuminate, string lights can be draped across them. Or they can hang from the decking roof. String lights do not always have the brightness of an installed light, but they add a warm and cozy hue.

They can be solar or battery-powered, meaning you do not need a power source. No power source means string lights can also be rearranged to suit your needs and are suitable for renters as well as homeowners.

6. Deck Rail Lights


If you are looking for an easy home improvement, adding decking rail lighting is a great option. The lights are installed into the deck rail to illuminate the stairs to the decking. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it works as a safety feature, too, as increased visibility of the rail and steps will help to reduce falling or tripping.

Deck rail lights are usually downward-facing and so have the added benefit of highlighting the design of your stairs. So if you are looking for subtle lighting that has design benefits while illuminating and improving your decking area, deck rail lights might be an excellent option for you. If you are looking to create different moods, you can also consider using different colored lights.

7. Deck Post Lights

Deck post lights are exactly what you would imagine – lights that are attached to your deck posts. They are often square and sit on the decking rail posts at intervals. In some homes, they are used only on the post cap light, while in others, people prefer them to be more numerous and use them across all the posts.

Whatever your aesthetic choices, these outdoor lighting options will bring a classic look to your decking while doubling up as being functionally useful.

The Round-Up


Whatever the size of your decking and whichever effect you are looking for, there are dozens of light fixtures to suit your needs. From delicate string lights to safety-conscious stair illuminating deck lighting to design-focused deck post lights, there are so many ideas for outdoor lighting to choose from.

If you have been looking into improving or remodeling your decking or would like to add a deck to your home, contact Dupont Decks for a quote today. Always providing a free estimate, Dupont Decks is here to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home.


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