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How To Maximize The Space On A Small Deck

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How To Maximize The Space On A Small Deck

A house with a small deck styled with furniture and plants.

Having access to a backyard deck or patio offers an expansion of your home to include the outdoors. A well-built and maintained deck can provide enjoyment for you and your family for many years. You don’t have to have the largest deck to get enjoyment out of it. 

Just like other rooms in your home, the key to getting the most enjoyment out of a deck is to design and decorate the living space appropriate to the size of the total area. Here are a few ideas to help maximize the space on your deck.

Find Appropriate Furniture


One of the biggest issues with small deck designs is the use of too big furniture for the area where it is used. Nothing will make your deck look small, quite like oversized furniture. You and your guests want to be comfortable sitting outside, and ensuring you have chairs and a table that fits the space is the best way to do it. 

Consider furniture that is collapsible or stack together for storage. This option will offer an adequate amount of space when needed and more when using it by yourself. If you plan to place a table, ensure it is big enough for your family to eat a meal and act as a buffet when hosting guests. 

Consider multi-use furniture options such as stools that can double as a side table, a console table that can also act as a server, and storage boxes for additional seating. Find a way to keep these things out of the way when not in use to create more walking space for you and your guests and maximize the square footage of your small deck.

Built-In Features To Optimize Space


Whether you’re custom-building a new deck or working with an existing one, there are likely several options for you to incorporate a built-in feature to make the most out of your space. A waist-high counter could serve as a bar, individual dining space, or a spot to put potted plants or other accent pieces. You could also eliminate the need for multiple chairs with a built-in bench seating attached to one of the perimeters of your deck.

If you find yourself cooking outside frequently, consider making a space for your grill and your grilling supplies to keep them together and out of sight. Building a shelf, storage box, or cabinet next to your grill would be a quick and ergonomic way to do that.

Another fantastic built-in option would be to create storage for outdoor tools like gardening supplies, kid’s toys, and other non-frequently used things you want to keep outside.

Let Colors Work For You


Take advantage of how our mind interprets color to increase the appearance of the size of your deck. You can paint your deck to match the color of your house, making it instantly appear as an extension of your home and not just an addition. If your house has a stone or brick facade, try to match the bark of trees in your yard or any fencing that surrounds your yard.

Use bright colors in furniture and accent pieces both for the aesthetic as well as a way to hide the fact that you’ve incorporated smaller furniture. Vibrant rugs, throw pillows, and art fixtures are fun ways to fill gaps in the space and help make it pop. Commission pieces to fit your needs, or use your creative skills to make some yourself.  

Consider repainting any metal furniture in bright, contrasting colors. Chair and table sets can pop on their own when done in a bright palette. When accented with a rug, cushions, and a few fun art pieces, your dining space will shine.

Use Privacy Accents To Turn “Tiny” into “Cozy”


There are several options to help partially close off an area of your deck which will serve the dual purpose of providing you and your guests with privacy while also adding charm to your smaller space. Just be sure to not completely block out natural light, or your space will feel smaller.

A pergola or other partial covering for the overhead area will help make a great divider on your deck and offer some relief from the elements. It can also serve as an upper post to mount shades, blinds, curtains, bug nets, or a wooden lattice to create a greater sense of divided space.

Creating a divided deck with a cozy dining area, adult zone, or outdoor workspace can really give the impression that your outdoor space has far more room than it looks. Using rollable or collapsible dividers also provides the option to re-open the area when needed.   

Incorporate Nature Into Your Decor


Using natural elements like plants to decorate your deck can give the illusion of space where it may not exist. Start by incorporating any existing natural elements into your outdoor space. Building around trees, into bushes, or up to gardens will instantly give the deck the appearance of more space, using an area that you weren’t going to use anyway.

Adding planters, flower boxes, or other green design options are great ways to fill out corners, nooks, or other spaces that will not hold furniture. Hanging plants off of the end of a rail will artificially extend the size of the deck as well. Look for locations to hang flower baskets from to add color and expand the vertical space.

Small Deck Ideas By Dupont Decks


Don’t feel limited by the space on your deck. Use these tips to find creative solutions to the issue of space. If you need help making the deck of your dreams, contact us at Dupont Decks today, and our team will help to find a solution that fits your needs.


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