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7 Deck Maintenance Tips to Save Your Deck

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7 Deck Maintenance Tips to Save Your Deck

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Your deck is almost an outdoor living room, where you host guests, family, and friends. The people gathering on your deck need to be safe and comfortable so that everyone can relax and have fun.

This statement may sound obvious, but the elements are always attacking your deck. Imagine if your living room were subject to direct sunlight, ice, rain, and wind. You would do everything in your power to protect this central area of your home.

Once you have spent time, money, and effort on the perfect deck, you need to take care of it. Many deck owners do things every day that they do not realize are a threat to their backyard family hangout. These deck maintenance tips will keep your deck happy for years to come.

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Deck Maintenance Tip #1: Watch Out for Rusty Furniture

You can ruin your deck without even noticing it when you neglect maintenance for your outdoor furniture. If you have cast iron or metal deck chairs or tables, they can rust. When these items rust, they can leave stains on your deck.

Rust stains are difficult to remove from your deck, so it is best to avoid them from the start. Avoid the hassle of cleaning the stains by placing felt pads on the feet of chairs and table legs.

Check to see if your deck furniture has created stains on your deck. If you notice stains, you have a couple of options to try to remove them. Rough sandpaper may work on a wood deck; toilet bowl cleaner may be useful on vinyl or composite deck.

Deck Maintenance Tip #2: Place Saucers Under Your Potted Plants

If you have potted plants on your deck, be sure to place a saucer underneath the pots. When you water plants, and there is nothing underneath the containers, it can be an issue for wooden decks. Soil from the pot can also get onto the deck from the containers and make your deck dirty.

When water accumulates under pots on your deck, moss can grow, water stains may emerge, or the deck could rot.

Research different kinds of planters that will not stain your deck. Hanging planters or window boxes are an excellent alternative to placing flower pots on the deck itself.


Deck Maintenance Tip #3: Do Not Put a Wood-Burning Fire Pit on Your Deck

Putting a fire pit on your deck may seem like an appealing idea. The ability to host outdoors year-round can be fun and create lasting memories during the holidays. Unfortunately, a fire pit is not the way to accomplish those picture-perfect gatherings.

Like many threats to your deck, fire pits could potentially ruin your deck because they are a safety hazard. Many places and deck manufacturers prohibit the use of wood-burning fire pits on decks. 

If you want a fire pit on your deck, check if your area and deck manufacturer allow gas ones. Also, make sure through the manufacturer that the material of the fire pit is not too heavy for the deck. 

Deck Maintenance Tip #4: Clean Your Deck Before You Stain or Seal It

This tip is another easy one to overlook when you are constructing a deck. 

You may be very impatient and get right to using your deck. Perhaps you are up against a deadline; you need your deck up and ready to use before a specific date. You may be facing something as simple as an approaching rainy weekend.

Do not rush through the process of preparing your deck. Always clean and sweep your deck before you stain or seal the area. When you do not adequately prepare your deck by cleaning and clearing the space, this can cause lasting problems.

Those problems can include discoloration and inadequate protection for your deck. An ounce of protection is always worth a pound of cure.


Deck Maintenance Tip #5: Keep Staircases and Walkways Clear

A simple way to ruin your deck is plain, old-fashioned oversight. If you neglect to keep staircases and walkways clear of clutter, you are creating an unsafe environment. Nothing can ruin a summer hangout session like a trip to the emergency room.

You should regularly de-clutter surfaces and stairs, especially if you are planning to entertain. 

Deck Maintenance Tip #6: Be Smart When It Comes to Cleaning Your Deck

Cleaning your deck is an integral part of deck maintenance. Unfortunately, you can inadvertently ruin your deck if you use the wrong materials. One example of incorrectly cleaning this outdoor space is if you use chlorine bleach on your wooden deck.

Chlorine bleach can cause a host of problems for wooden decks. In addition to causing discoloration and potentially leaving streaks on the surface, chlorine bleach is a threat to plants. Chlorine bleach is also not the best weapon against mold and mildew.

What are some alternatives to chlorine bleach?

Experts will often recommend oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide as acceptable chlorine bleach substitutes. 


Deck Maintenance Tip #7: Don’t Leave Your Furniture in One Place

You may have a furniture set up on your deck that you love. Unfortunately, you have to rotate furniture and switch up positions in this space. 

This furniture change-up isn’t just a fun decorating project. Leaving furniture in one place on your deck can cause rotting and mold under the furniture. The area under the furniture can also fade and discolor if it faces prolonged exposure in one place.

Protect Your Deck

Now that you know some of the ways deck owners unintentionally ruin their decks, you can protect yours. You can easily avoid many of these common pitfalls by following these tips. Deck safety is essential, and these tips can help maintain a safe deck for you and your family.

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