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It’s Hip to Be Square — But So Are Curved Patios and Decks

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It’s Hip to Be Square — But So Are Curved Patios and Decks

A curved patio with wooden stairs.

We tend to think of houses as many right angles, from a square lot to a square living room. But that doesn’t mean your deck has to be square too. Curved patios and decks offer several advantages compared to a more traditional design, but they often go overlooked. Below, we outline some of the pros and cons of these more creative designs. 

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The Pros

A woman standing on the edge of a curved patio with flowers next to it.

A Curved Patio Adds Character to Your House

Look at any house’s landscape design, and you’ll see squares and rectangles. Even the flower beds are often as square as the patios they decorate. Do you genuinely need more right angles and straight lines in your home’s aesthetic? 

Going with a curved option can add an eye-popping accent to your home’s curb appeal. It can also complement rounded architecture that may already be part of your home, like turrets or water features in your landscape design. 

Seamlessly Integrate With Other Outdoor Features

One of the most significant advantages of curved patios is how flexibly they can work in your space. If you are confined to a rectangular design, you may be limiting the amount of space you have. 

You can take advantage of your space’s design and have a bigger patio with a curved design. Once you have more space, you have the space to safely add a feature like a fire pit that requires a good range from other structures. Even something as large as a hot tub can be built into your design.  

This harmonious solution can add elegance to outdoor spaces, creating an extraordinary and unique effect that sets your home apart. 

Create a Panoramic Space

On a square patio or deck, you feel the house at your back, and you look at nature as if it’s a television screen. But when you design a curved patio, suddenly, nature surrounds you. Curved decks and patio designs put you in the center of the action so you can truly immerse yourself and enjoy your outdoor space with a nearly 360-degree view. 

The Cons

It Can Be Harder to Arrange Patio Furniture

Some customers find their rounded deck makes placing some patio furniture awkward. The curved design can create space where furniture or other objects have difficulty fitting naturally.

At the same time, many homeowners see this as a feature and not a bug. The curved space allows you to naturally fit patio furniture like circular outdoor coffee tables and even curved couches. And as you likely have extra room due to the shape of the patio, you can fit more furniture.   

Rounded Edges Are Usually More Expensive 

Generally speaking, these more specialized builds are more expensive. They require more material and more labor due to cutting and shaping. More parts have to be customized, which takes longer and raises costs.   

Are Curved Patios Right For You?

A rainy curved patio or deck with outdoor furniture on

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong decision — it all comes down to your space, your needs, and your style. If you decide to add a deck or patio to your home, make sure you only hire the best company.  

At Dupont Decks, we’ve been building outdoor infrastructure in Central Minnesota for nearly two decades. Our reputation in the area speaks for itself, as does our long history of satisfied customers. We understand how important your home is to you, and when making an addition to that home, you deserve the best service, best craftsmanship, and best expertise available. In Central Minnesota, that means Dupont Decks. 

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