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Should You Add a Privacy Fence to Your Deck?

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Should You Add a Privacy Fence to Your Deck?

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Your deck is a private oasis of personal relaxation. Whether you lay out lounge chairs, incorporate a hot tub, or build an outdoor kitchen, your deck is a space that is 100% you. Of course, with neighbors close by, sometimes achieving that complete sense of relaxing isolation requires an elegant screen. 

Privacy fences have been a part of deck construction for as long as we have had decks and balconies. From the walled gardens of ancient Persia to trellis-screened private balconies of Renaissance Italy, privacy fences have always played a role in elegant residential design.

If you are considering greater privacy for your deck and back garden, know that your options are not limited to just a few designs. From rolled bamboo to dripping ivy, there are many ways to make a privacy fence to your deck and enhance your on-deck ambiance within a more private space.


When a Privacy Fence is the Perfect Deck Addition?

  • You have close-by neighbors
  • You enjoy the extra peace
  • Your deck has a hot tub
  • There are upper windows that face your deck
  • You want your back garden to feel secluded
  • You enjoy greater privacy

Those who install a hot tub often prefer light, spa-like privacy screens around the jacuzzi to ensure that time spent in swimwear is blissfully unobserved by not-so-distant neighbors. Townhomes often feature deck privacy screens to allow each homeowner to enjoy their own slice of the garden and luxurious personal deck without feeling encroached upon by the next unit.

If you don’t want to hear the sounds of the city, privacy fencing can muffle sounds to make your deck peacefully quiet. You can also enjoy the feeling of seclusion by closing your deck.

Privacy fences are appropriate when another building has unusual directness into your property, often paired with overhead shading for complete privacy.


Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Deck

What kind of privacy fence should you choose for your deck? There are more options than most people realize. You can build privacy fencing instead of a deck railing, onto existing deck railing, or layered with your railing. 

Your privacy fence can be natural or architectural. You can choose from wood, cloth, plant life, and even stone.

Here are some ideas for deck privacy fencing and the spaces you can create.

Roll Out the Bamboo

Old bamboo fence for patio

Bamboo rolls are charming, lightweight, and nicely opaque for deck privacy fencing. A bamboo roll can be any length or height you desire, rolls and flexes unlike other types of fencing, and can be cut to any space you choose to make private. Bamboo rolls also bring a natural and spa-like feeling to your screened deck design.

Vertical Privacy Shade

A vertical privacy shade offers some privacy fencing from above as a shade, not just around the sides. Vertical privacy shades are practical if neighbors with second-story or higher windows might look down onto your deck from above. With an angled frame, a bamboo roll makes a pretty great vertical privacy shade unrolled in the other direction to provide both vision screening and shade.

Build a Deck Railing Lattice and Trellis

Privacy Fence to Your Deck

Enhance your outdoor space by building a lattice or trellis atop your deck railing. You can leave the lovely cross-hatch of natural wood for a classic look. Alternately, you can enhance the beauty, opacity, and sound-muffling qualities of your lattice privacy fence by coaxing vines to grow up and down the trellis diamonds for a beautiful leafy screen around your deck.

Secured Folding Screens

Folding screens have an elegance that many recognize. There are two enjoyable ways to use decorative folding screens as your privacy fencing around your deck – or just around your spa. The first is temporary screens, folded away when swimwear is not present. 

The second is to secure sturdy folding screens to become outdoor functional artwork. By bolting down the bases, you can enjoy the aesthetic and privacy of folding screens without worrying about the weather.

Grow Box Hedges to a Privacy Height

Many people love a hedgerow privacy fence, with towering leafy hedges forming the privacy – and sound reduction – that you desire from your private deck. If you fancy a hedge privacy fence, it’s time to grow. You can plant hedges in box planters around your deck or create a hedge-bed to rise from the earth around the perimeter. Just remember to keep it trimmed to boxy perfection.

Outdoor Curtains

Chillout lounge on wooden terrace

Some privacy fences are temporary because they can be pulled back to let in the sunshine and good weather. Outdoor curtains are made from pergola poles and durable indoor-outdoor fabric. Give yourself a dramatic sweeping curtain or even a heavy-duty insulating curtain to make wintertime soaks more enclosed and steamy.

Create a Screened Porch

Some homeowners considering deck privacy fencing will choose a screened porch design instead. A screened porch is an indoor-outdoor space where each wall is a screen that can be made into a breezy privacy partition. The benefits of a screened porch include roofing and a wrap-around plan to enclose the deck for weather and privacy purposes.

Retractable Privacy Blinds

You can even install high-tech retractable blinds – vertical or horizontal, that roll out at a voice command or the touch of a button. These fabric or woven plastic screens are especially impressive when deciding exactly how much sun to allow into your lounging space.


Should Your Deck have a Privacy Fence?

Building a privacy fence onto your deck is a delightful move that will enhance your outdoor space’s peace, quiet, and carefree enjoyment. Suppose you have nearby neighbors or a noisy local area. In that case, deck privacy fencing could be the solution that feels like a treat given to yourself for many quiet mornings or lively evenings enjoying your deck as the world falls away from your private oasis.

Dupont Decks is dedicated to creating the luxury experience you deserve with a beautiful deck and experience-enhancing privacy fence designs. Contact us today to discover the perfect privacy fence design for your deck – or to build a new deck with elegant privacy fencing in mind.


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