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Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

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Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

A warm and cozy outdoor deck fireplace creates a charm for personal spaces. From the stunning appearance to the capacity for entertainment, outdoor decks are suitable for fire elements. You can capitalize on your personal property to create your desired ambiance.

With appropriate attention to detail and planning, you can have a fireplace installed on your wooden deck.

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is considered an investment that enhances your outdoor living space. It boosts your outdoor landscape by creating a focal point. These fireplaces come with tons of benefits, including:

Beautiful Appearance and Aesthetics

Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace: Cozy patio area with garden furniture, swimming pool and outdoor fireplace

A beautiful landscape doesn’t not only consist of flowers and lighting. Revamp your outdoor space by adding fireplaces and fire pits to have instant beauty. You may also surround your deck fireplace with attractive and comfortable patio chairs. 

The prospect of a beverage or meal in the outdoor setting adds a sense of style and comfort. It creates a convivial environment for you and your visitors.

Enjoy Outdoor Cooking

If you like firing up the grill, an outdoor fireplace is an ideal place to be. It can be enthralling to have your kitchen on your deck where your family eats and entertain. Your guests will have ample social space, especially if you have comfortable outdoor furniture.

Cooking outdoors also saves you money on energy costs. You’ll also avoid lingering food smells as there is enough air. Besides, an outdoor fireplace allows you to prepare healthier meals for your family.

Enhanced Property Value

cozy outdoor burning fire

That cozy, outdoor burning fire is part of the home improvement strategy. In general, your deck fireplace can help you recoup approximately 80% of the associated costs. As a result, fireplaces are highly desirable features that please even the persnickety homebuyers.

A well-designed wood-burning fireplace can boost your property’s value by 20%. Fireplaces are becoming a must-have feature for luxury home buyers. They are an attractive exterior upgrade to increase your home’s appeal and look.

Excellent for Entertainment

Whether on warm evenings of summer, or frigid winter evenings, an outdoor deck fireplace takes entertainment to the next level. Bring warmth, safety, enjoyment, and imagination around the outdoor fire.

The sparkling sound of burning embers is ideal for mystery and scary stories. You can have spontaneous camping without a five-hour drive or lack of amenities. Coffee, wine, and hot cocoa were made for sipping around an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Whether hosting a party or family dinner, the deck fireplace is inherently thematic to bring a new life. Shadow puppets, charades, and trivial are some of the entertaining games to play outdoor. Not forgetting having meaningful conversations.

Romantic Ambiance

Romantic Ambiance: Glasses with champagne in the hands of a beautiful wedding couple.

Who doesn’t want their hands warm around an open deck fireplace? So grab your book and boo and have a charming evening. The fireplace or fire pit creates an instance ambiance to the outdoor living space.

Grab popcorns, hang a sheet, silence your phones and enjoy a movie with your spouse. Today, people rarely take time for stargazing. Gaze at the heavens as you slowly wander and meditate as the fireplace’s warmth keeps you relaxed.

Different Types of Fire Elements Suitable for an Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor deck fireplace creates an inviting and warm hub for entertainment and relaxation. It turns your deck into a cozy and comforting retreat. There are different types of fireplaces for the outdoor living area, including:

  • Wood-Burning Fireplace

The fireplace increases the natural atmosphere and home value. Experience the roaring, crackling fire that saves money and time. The enclosure can be designed with any material that can’t burn, such as stone or metal.

Chopped wood is relatively available and inexpensive; nothing can beat the cozy and authentic cracking sound. However, some cities restrict or prohibit wood fires, so check if your city allows such.

  • Propane-Burning Fireplace

Liquid propane is easily portable compared to natural gas. It also burns bright and clean and gives more warmth. These fireplaces are suitable for decks, patios, and other outdoor structures.

The fireplaces of fire pits propelled by propane are considered safe, making your deck become a cooking or entertaining area. Propane fireplaces are commonly made of faux wood, rock pebbles, glass, and copper bowls.

  • Natural Gas

A gas fireplace requires only one flick of igniter to get started. Since it’s a clean gas, it’s safe for cooking and doesn’t deluge visitors with smoke. However, installing a natural fireplace is complicated, so you may need professional services.

  • Gel Fuel

If you want clean-burning fuel, gel fuel fireplaces are the most ideal. They’re made of isopropyl alcohol to prevent creating soot or smoke. The fire pits don’t require gas, chimneys, electricity, or connections to operate.

Create Memorable Experiences with Outdoor Deck Fireplace

Gather your loved one and spark meaningful and warm conversation around an outdoor deck fireplace. The eye-catching accessories sufficiently illuminate your outdoor living space.

Make your deck a perfect place for fireplace installation. The Dupont Decks has a fantastic variety of fireplaces you wish every room had. Contact us to help you live your best life and enhance your house, even on the outside. Our deck construction and remodeling expertise allow us to make your outdoor a thrilling space.

Reach out for a free quote and decking services.


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