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Light Up Your Deck With These Fireplace Ideas

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Light Up Your Deck With These Fireplace Ideas

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Adding a fireplace to your backyard deck or screened-in porch adds style, warmth, light, and ambiance. When you want to relax or entertain, the flicker of fire is an engaging way to catch up, reflect, or enjoy lively conversation with friends and family.

Gathering around a fire is an age-old tradition here in Minnesota. There are so many styles and materials to choose from,and the experts at Dupont Construction and Remodeling can guide you through all the options to create a stunning outdoor oasis for you.

Want to get cooking on your deck? Get started today by calling Dupont Construction and Remodeling for expert knowledge and a hands-on willingness to create the best outdoor living space for you. We look forward to meeting you.


Fire Sets A Mood

Adding a fireplace not only creates warmth but extra light and a design element that reflects your unique vision. Interest in outdoor living spaces is on the rise, so now is a great time to consider adding a fire element to your outdoor living areas.

Have you ever been drawn to a fire at a party or a campfire while enjoying the great outdoors? Firelight engages our senses and keeps us outside longer to gaze at the stars or watch the full moon rise on the horizon. All of these sensations are readily available in your backyard. 

There’s no need to drive north, south, east, and west to create a magical outdoor moment. With the click of a switch or strike of a match, you can create those memories without leaving your home-sweet-home.

At Dupont, we know the value of spending more time comfortably outdoors in the Midwest. There is nothing like a glowing crackling fire to warm the mood, bring up stories of the past, or discuss dreams for the future. We’d love to help you design your outdoor living space.

Choosing A Model To Fit Your Needs and Budget

Whether you’re interested in form or function, there are many styles and materials to suit your vision. And hey, you don’t need to figure all this out on your own. Express yourself! Tell us what types of photos have intrigued you, or maybe you visited someone’s house and thought, “Wow, I’d love to have THIS in my backyard.

That’s a great place to start. Sharing your ideas with us provides solid ground to start working on your dream oasis.

If the old gray deck just ain’t what she used to be, it’s time to re-energize it. A fireplace is an excellent way to add some heat to your existing deck or porch. Dupont Construction & Remodeling will work with you and your budget. 


Textures & Styles

Stone fireplaces come in an array of colors and textures while red brick adds a classic look and feel. Plaster creates smooth lines and soft curves. We look forward to going over different options with you to stoke the flames of your vision.

Open fire provides a fun way to roast foods-on-a-stick, while a stone fireplace can serve as a place to watch the big game or put your feet up to read a book.

If you’re looking to spruce up your existing screened-in porch or patio, a gas unit would add a splash of panache, inviting warmth and beautiful imagery.

No matter which direction you go, a fireplace is a poignant way to create extra comfort while outdoors.

Are you looking for an intimate place to gather or a larger space for entertaining a group of people? Whether you want funky or functional, classic, or contemporary, there’s an outdoor living space to meet your aesthetic.

Where Do I Start?

Relax and unzip a layer of confusion. We’re here to help.

A fireplace amplifies your current space and is a stylish way to introduce a new design element. Some designers suggest creating a color or atmosphere theme before adding a fireplace. 

Cozy throw blankets, pillows, and furniture add splashes of color and personality. Yes, you can even go all purple if you’re a Vikings superfan, but let’s not get carried away here.

Dupont Construction and Remodeling’s expert deck designer will skillfully guide you to a model and style that suits your needs while keeping your budget in mind.

Cooking With Fire

Cooking enthusiasts are now looking for more modern ways to entertain outdoors. There are free-standing units that serve as both a bonfire and cooking apparatus, and pizza ovens have become all the rage. 

Imagine making the perfect pizza at home, just how you like it. Or if you’re feeling brave, hosting a pizza-toss party for your kids’ birthday. 

Many stone fireplaces can accommodate a cooking component like a pizza oven, so don’t be shy about trotting out your cooking skills.

Also, a backyard kitchen is a great way to expand your existing cooking space and fun to design! Whether a grill master, burger flipper, or hot dogger, there are exciting styles to match your needs and individual skillset. Cooking outside will impress your guests and give your indoor a kitchen a break from the action.


Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Minnesota sports fans can watch the game outside or partake in a heated debate on who should have won. Your friends will be excited to come to your home for the monthly book club, and new mothers can enjoy rocking their babies to sleep bathed in the glow of a flickering fire.

Gathering around the hearth is no longer an activity reserved for being inside. A toasty outdoor fire invites us to breathe fresh air, reflect, and stay outside. Kids love to stare into the flames with wonderment and curiosity (and rarely say no to marshmallows and chocolate).

Many hours will be spent around your fireplace in cozy comfort, from morning coffee to saying goodnight to late-night guests.

For some tips on choosing the best time to remodel your deck, check this out.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, call Dupont Construction and Remodeling today for a no-commitment estimate! You’re in good hands for this next step in amplifying your outdoor living space with a local family-owned company committed to excellence. “Our work is our word.”


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