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Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic Together

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Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic Together

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People in Minnesota, throughout America, and all over the world are facing unprecedented times. Never in our lifetime has the world as a whole faced such a devastating disease. The most recent outbreak with a similar spread was the Spanish Flu in 1918.

Wherever you live and however you are handling this pandemic, one this is certain. Now more than ever, we need to band together as communities and support each other.

This support can take on different roles. Some people are shopping for their elderly neighbors to keep them safe at home. Other people are sewing masks for those fighting this disease on the front lines.

One thing all of us can do is support local businesses.

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we are proud to be MN deck builders. We pride ourselves in serving our community in good times and bad. 

If you are looking for a deck builder you can trust, look no further than Dupont Construction and Remodeling. We want to be your trusted partner when it comes to building onto your home or taking care of an existing deck.

What is this Pandemic?

In case you haven’t been following the news, there is a worldwide pandemic that’s affecting people the world over. COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is a highly contagious virus and very dangerous to certain parts of the population.

People over the age of 60, as well as immuno-compromised people or those with lung issues, tend to be especially at risk of complications stemming from COVID-19. 

COVID-19 is novel, which means it has never before been seen in humans. Because it is so new to humans, no one has immunity to it, unlike the flu or other seasonal illnesses. And because no one has immunity, everyone can get it or be a carrier.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, many countries, states, counties, and cities have issued “Stay-in-Place” orders that strongly encourage everyone to stay at home unless it is essential to leave, like to the grocery store or hospital.


How to Support Local Businesses?

As you can imagine, these “Stay-in-Place” orders, while maybe necessary, are devastating to local businesses. Large corporations like Wal-Mart and Amazon will be fine. The mom-and-pop or local stores down the street will be facing very tough decisions coming up.

If we don’t come together as a community to support our favorite local businesses, they might not make it through this emergency. What can you do to help these stores? Luckily, there are many things you can do starting today.


  • Buy a Gift Card or Pay for Services in Advance. If there are services you know you will be using in the future, pay for them now! Everyone will still need haircuts, lawn service, and more after this. Even if the company you choose to support is closing during their time, offer to buy future services or a gift card now to help them during this drought.
  • Get Delivery. Most of us have a favorite local restaurant. Even if they’re only open for delivery or curbside pick-up, make an effort to support them. If the restaurant isn’t known for to-go, call because they may have changed their policies during this time.
  • Tip Generously. If you do order food or another service, tip 5-10% more than you usually would. Hourly workers are going to be struggling to navigate this crisis; let’s help them out.
  • Don’t Ask for a Refund. If you had tickets to a local show or concert, consider viewing the cost for the missed event as a donation and don’t ask for a refund. We want to continue supporting the arts.
  • Be Kind. While this is always true, how much more important is it to be kind and considerate of our neighbors and everyone around. Everyone will be struggling during this time; no one will be untouched by this. A smile and wave can go a long way.
  • Buy Local. While it might be more convenient to run to Wal-Mart, see if you can purchase your supplies from a local store. Many local stores offer online shopping, as well. Being intentional in where you shop can make a world of difference.


What Can Dupont Construction and Remodeling Do?

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we understand that these times are hard. As many cities and counties are being told to cease all non-essential services, people are having to postpone projects they have been working and planning on for months.

We are making every effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize as we work. We know you take your health and safety seriously, so we do too. The last thing we want to do is expose you and your family to illness.

If you have work scheduled with us and have questions, please call us, and we will work with you through this time.

If you are interested in scheduling work in the future, we would love to hear from you. We are not closed down, we are available to all of our customers, both current and future.

Check us out online or call us today. We are ready and available to work with you, or schedule something for the future.


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