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Deck Makeover on a Budget

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As the warm breezes begin to blow through the air, and the cold winter weather begins to give way to spring, our thoughts naturally turn to lazy afternoons in the sun. If you are lucky enough to own a deck, those dreams are all but a reality. 

If your deck needs a little work, and you don’t have a hefty sum to put into it, don’t worry. Dupont Construction and Remodeling is here to help. Remember, adding or enhancing your deck can increase the value of your home.

We have a list of affordable deck makeover ideas for those of you on a budget. Pick your favorite, and your sunny dreams will become real before you know it. 


Stone Landing

There are many ways to add a little something extra to the entrance to your deck or patio. When you add any non-living elements to your yard, that is called hardscaping. It can be a very effective way to compliment your deck. 

The wood and stone components go well together. Plus, the stones will help to shore up your walkways and prevent your deck from becoming too muddy when heavy rains come. 

Your new stone landing will cost you around a hundred dollars if you do it yourself, and around three hundred if you pay a professional. It should take less than a day. 

Privacy Screen

Everyone needs a little privacy now and then. It’s great to have neighbors, but sometimes you just need your space. 

Whatever you would like to spend your alone time doing, your new privacy screen will prevent prying eyes from spying. If you spend some time planning, you can make your screen serve a dual purpose as a privacy screen and a pleasant wall that will increase the curb appeal of your home. 

For your screen, you can choose-

  • Bamboo
  • Plastic lattice panels
  • Wood lattice panels
  • A trellis with growing vines
  • Outdoor fabric

A good privacy screen will cost anywhere from 30 to 120 dollars, depending on the size of your deck. 

Solar Lighting

A deck on its own is only useful during the daylight hours. Lighting can increase the usefulness of your deck. With just a few lamps or lanterns, your deck will be transformed into a nighttime playground. 

We like solar lighting because they don’t need to be plugged in. They contain batteries that are daily charged by the sun. Solar lights are generally hearty and can stand up to all but the very worst weather. 

You can find solar lighting that sticks out of the ground or can be mounted on railings. A fancy way to add some flair to your outdoor space, though, is to suspend solar lights from overhead trellises, trees, or railings. 

Like almost anything else, solar lighting can run the gamut from budget-conscious to very expensive. You can find a good solar light from twenty dollars to around a hundred and fifty. 


Add a Faux Rug

If you are looking to turn your dull old deck from drab to fab, consider adding a rug. While adding an actual carpet to your outdoor space is not the best idea, you can always consider adding a painted one. 

All you need is some creativity and some sturdy outdoor paint. Plus, this is a project that you can share with the whole family. Get the kids involved, and your deck will genuinely feel like a family space

We recommend you sketch out your design ahead of time. Painter’s tape makes an excellent guide once you have your plan in mind. 

After you finish painting your masterpiece, simply apply a layer or two of clear deck sealer. 

A painted faux rug is one of the more affordable options with the most significant impact on our list. The cost is relatively low; basically, the price of the paint or stain you will need. 

Hang It Up

There are many things you can hang up around your deck to increase its appeal. One example is outdoor curtains. 

As with the privacy screen, a well-placed curtain can entirely transform your outdoor living space and provide you will a little cover. 

A sheer curtain can add a little style while also providing some protection from the weather. 

Another option is the installation of a few hanging plants. We love potted plants as much as the next guy, but hanging plants have an added benefit. Properly placed hanging plants can draw your attention upwards. 

To impart the greatest impact, choose contrasting but complimentary materials. 

You may also choose to add a swing. A swing functions both as an appealing addition as well as a practical one. 

Add a Pop of Color

If you have space, we love a porch that has more than one designated seating areas. Place a few chairs and a small end table on one side of the porch. And on the other, maybe a nice loveseat with a sturdy coffee table. 

You can add a pop of style and flair by adding some colorful pillows and throws. These small touches can completely change the look of your porch. The only downside is that you may need to bring all of them in when the weather is particularly bad. 

Not only do they look nice, though, but pillows and throws also will up the comfort level of your outdoor living space. 


Clean It Up

It may sound simple, but the best makeover you can give to your deck is a good, deep clean. Scrub your wood deck with a good, outdoor cleaning solution.

You can use a garden hose or a power washer but beware. The power washer may be too harsh. It is possible that the scouring will ruin your deck. 

Once you have cleaned your deck, apply a coat of sealant to ensure the results last as long as possible. 

With just a few of these simple and affordable additions to your deck and you will have the outdoor living space of your dreams. All you need is a little ingenuity and elbow grease. 

When you have questions about your deck, contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling.


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