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How to Enhance Your Porch this Spring

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How to Enhance Your Porch this Spring

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We all know the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” Every change of season gives homeowners different things for which to plan and updates to perform. When it comes to spring, deck and porch owners have a few considerations of their own.

Hire an experienced construction company with deck and porch expertise to get the spring deck of your dreams. Before you do, however, you may want to know a little bit more about the different kinds of porch and decks.

Here is a list of the different kinds of porches and decks, and tips to prepare them for warmer weather. We want you outside and enjoying your deck as much as possible.


Screen Porch

The primary benefit of a screened-in porch is the protection it provides against warm-weather pests like mosquitos. Screen porches are uniquely suited to the unpredictability of spring when the temperatures fluctuate between warm and cold.

Install a ceiling fan to help air circulate on warmer days and evenings. As the days get longer, you will want to spend more time outside; a light fixture is ideal for twilight.

For those times when winter temperatures try to overtake spring ones, consider adding a fireplace to your screen porch.

Wraparound Spring Deck and Porch Ideas

The main advantage to a wraparound porch (one that wraps around part of all of the house), is additional space. A large entertaining area in front of your home means you should decorate accordingly. Add rocking chairs and porch swings for a gracious, inviting look and to avoid too much open space.

Consider adding small tables so that you can put out refreshments and drinks for guests on warm days

Four Season Room

A four-seasons room is an enclosed porch and another way to accommodate your home for unpredictable spring weather. This variation on the porch has walls, which means you can adjust the temperature. Enjoy the sun without worrying about precipitation, heat, or cold. 

Your four-season porch is essentially a sunroom with insulated windows. Provide your home with additional sunlight and space in a climate-controlled space during the spring – and throughout the year.


Farmer-Style Porch

A farmer-style porch is what most people envision when they think of porches. This version of the open porch style consists mainly of a roof that pillars or columns support. A farmer-style porch traditionally appears on the front of the house, and it appears primarily in the suburbs.

When you decorate your farmer-style porch for spring, remember that it is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. Decorate your front porch in a way that serves as the transition from the sidewalk to your house. Wreaths, paints, and creative signage spruce up and create a welcoming facade.

As we’ve pointed out in descriptions of the other porch and deck types, spring weather is temperamental. Make sure that the porch and deck decorations and furniture can withstand the elements and precipitation.

Put Your Green Thumb to Work

Few things are more inviting and homey than blossoms and greenery greeting you.

Take advantage of the season of growth and renewal and hang window boxes, plant flower beds, or install planters. 

Visit a local garden center or home store to find out more about what’s in season. The professionals at these places can also help you determine the right blooks and plants for your containers.

When the seasons change again, research replacement plants and flowers for your spring plants. 

Consider a Spring Deck or Porch Facelift

No matter what kind of porch or deck your home has, spring is an opportune time to consider a facelift.

Winter can do a number on your home exterior and yard, between snow, ice, wind, rain, and salt. Spring is an excellent time to take stock of any winter-caused damage or wear to wood, paint, and finishes.

A fresh coat of paint, for example, is a budget-friendly way to update your home’s look. If you have a farmer-style porch, people will notice when you greet the new season with a new paint job. 

Another excellent enhancement option if you have a farmer-style porch is to repair your walkway or patio. Check for chips or cracks in the concrete. You can fix these issues yourself with a concrete repair mix.

How do you know that your deck or porch needs a facelift? Dupont Construction and Remodeling will inspect your deck and then provide an estimate for the re-facing work. Dupont’s inspection includes examining the deck’s structural integrity, whether the wood is intact or rotting, and checking for loosened fasteners.

Spring Deck or Porch Enhancement Isn’t Just Cosmetic.

Once the snow and ice have left the scene until next winter, you can look for safety issues. Dupont Construction and Remodeling professionals can inspect your deck and porch to ensure they are following current building codes.

Safety is paramount to a good porch or deck. You will be glad you took advantage of warmer weather to check the soundness of yours.


Dupont Construction and Remodeling Can Help You Enhance Your Porch this Spring

If you can already picture barbecues, lawn games, and al fresco dinners, start thinking about how to update your porch. Spring is the perfect time for homeowners to size up their porches and decks for potential room for improvement.

The changes your porch or deck needs can be superficial or structural, minor or major; it doesn’t matter. Your home’s curb appeal will increase once you change your porch or deck for the better.

For a free estimate, contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling. Whether it’s remodeling, reconstruction, or building a new deck from scratch, Dupont’s experienced professionals can meet your home’s needs. 

Dupont is the Minneapolis and St. Paul area’s remodeling company of choice. When you decide you are ready to realize your spring deck or porch dreams, Dupont can help. Moreover, you can feel good about supporting a local, family-owned and operated business.

Don’t let spring weather pass you by! Get a free estimate for your deck and porch spring enhancements from Dupont Construction and Remodeling.


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