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Ultimate Guide to Deck Seating

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Ultimate Guide to Deck Seating

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This statement may seem obvious, but if you have a deck, people will need somewhere to sit down. You have many options: deck benches, couches, and chairs are all standard features. This guide will help you determine which seating option is best for you, your friends and family, and your deck.

The kind of seating you need or want may depend on your situation. If you already have a deck, your options may be more limited. If you have not yet built yours, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to seating.

If you haven’t built your deck yet, you have the opportunity to install permanent seating when you construct it. Contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling today for all of your decking needs.


Permanent Seating Options

Why Opt for Built-In Seating?

Homeowners have a lot of choices for built-in seating. People may choose to have permanent seats for many reasons. 

While built-in options may seem more costly and time-consuming initially, they can save money over time. You don’t have to buy new patio furniture regularly, and you can save floor space. If you build along the deck’s perimeter, you can even seat more people while still saving square footage!

The Two Kinds of Deck Bench: With Backs or Backless

Even the simple bench comes with decisions for the homeowner. There are benefits and drawbacks for each kind, and you will have to decide which works best for your circumstances.

Backless Benches

The best thing about backless benches is their versatility. You can customize them to fit into corners. You can also incorporate storage or other fun features into backless benches, such as planters. 

Keep in mind: you need to weatherproof permanent deck benches. If you are planning to install backless storage benches onto your deck permanently, know that they can be pricier. Depending on their size, storage benches can cost anywhere from $500 to $800.

Check out our other ways to be creative with your storage and organization.

Benches with Backs

Adding backs to your deck benches can add a little more grace and formality to your floor space. You can also get creative with your deck bench backs, and incorporate them into the overall design of the structure.

An example of including the deck bench into the structural design includes combining the seat and the deck railing. Build the seating along the edge of the deck, with the fence serving as the back of the bench. Floating benches are when seats protrude from the deck’s railing.

The curved deck bench is a variation on the railing/seat combination. If your deck has a curve or is curved, you can build a semi-circular bench into it. The railing forms the back of the seat.

When everyone sits in a circle or semicircle, they can take advantage of a fire pit or watch outdoor television. If your deck is in the shape of a square or rectangle, you can still build benches into its perimeter. This kind of deck bench is called an L-shape.

If you expand the L-shaped bench to go along three edges of your deck corners, it becomes a U-shaped deck. If you choose a U-shaped deck, consider building a picnic table into your deck, especially if it’s a smaller one.

Seating for Stone and Concrete Decks

Folks with stone or concrete decks have options when it comes to seat accommodations. For a stone patio, consider low stone walls that can double as seating. You can also use concrete to form the seating and add a decorative stone overlay afterward.

If your deck has many levels or layers, you can use those to create built-in seating. 


Less Traditional Built-In Seating 


You can either build freestanding frames for a hammock or utilize pre-existing features like study trees or awning support posts. Another hammock installation option is permanent hammock posts.


Swings can present fun, inviting seating options for you and your guests. There are two different main versions of swings. There are swing benches you can suspend from a freestanding frame, or you can suspend bench swings from an overhang.


Use a traditional building material such as brick to make deck benches, and even maybe a matching fire pit! This built-in seating option has the benefit of being a potential do-it-yourself project.


Portable Seating Options

Deck or Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a conventional, reliable seating choice for many deck owners. It has the asset of moveability, and also changeability. When you tire of a style or trend, you can change it out for new deck furniture.

Of course, sometimes, you may need to change out deck furniture due to circumstances outside your control. Outdoor furniture can become weathered, be destroyed or stolen, or even blown away altogether in a windstorm.

If you live someplace where you do not have many of these concerns, traditional outdoor furniture might be for you. Especially if you desire or enjoy flexibility, you will enjoy changing up your layout whenever the mood strikes.


Yes, you heard us. Logs can make for great seating, and like the brick deck bench, they can be a weekend project. Using a chainsaw, cut logs into various heights.

Log seating can be inexpensive, depending on where you live. As with the low stone walls or planter benches, logs provide deck owners with versatility. Make your log deck bench multi-functional and have it serve as a garden wall or border.


Contact Dupont Construction for Help With Your Deck

When it comes to the ideal deck, patio, or porch, seating is crucial. Where and how you accommodate your guests with seating impacts your deck’s floor space and overall look and feel.

Your deck is essential: it serves as a gathering place, an extension of your home’s interior, and adds curb appeal. You want your deck to be a pleasant place for yourself, your family, friends, and visitors.

Whether you’re building a deck or your existing one needs a facelift, Dupont Construction can work with you. Our other services include screened-in and four-season porches, as well as room additions.

Contact Dupont Construction and request a free estimate on your deck, porch, or room addition needs.



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