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Deck Sealing 101 

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Deck Sealing 101 

water droplets on sealed deck planks

Your deck is arguably the best place to enjoy warm weather and cold nights. And cool weather too! But to get the most out of your favorite gathering place, a regular plan of deck staining and sealing has to become part of your deck maintenance plan. 

This is where Dupont Decks saves the day. At Dupont Decks, “Our Work is Our Word”, is more than just a slogan for us. 

The hard work we put into providing and repairing decks for the whole family to enjoy year round is our pride and joy. We bring to our customers the same quality of work that we would want our family to enjoy.

Dupont Decks will deck you out. Our services include deck building and deck facelifts, and we specialize in deck sealing. So if your deck just is not doing it for you or your need for a deck is dire, call Dupont Decks!  

Deck Sealing: What Is It?

Deck sealing is ideal for wooden decks; it is a process done that protects wood from the elements. After prolonged exposure to rain and sun, your beloved deck can take damage. When someone decides to seal their deck, it is essential to have it done by a professional to get optimum protection.

Types of Stains and Sealers

There are multiple choices for protecting your deck. If you are okay with changing the tint, here are a couple of options:

  • A solid stain/steal –  provides a thicker coat of color that will cover the grain of the wood completely. 
  • A semi-transparent seal –  similar to solid stain and seal, but when used, it will still show the grain of the wood. 
  • Stains come in a variety of colors based on your preference. 

Stained sealants typically have more protection from UV rays than clear sealant, which does not have any pigment whatsoever. A clear sealant generally is for customers who are happy with the color and grain of their decks.

How Do We Seal Decks?

If you want your friends to think your deck is entirely DIY, do not worry. Our lips are sealed. 

The process of sealing a deck is quite simple. First, we choose a high-quality sealant.  

A sealant is a clear coat of liquid applied over the finished deck after painting. Then, the sealant is hand applied with a paintbrush or roller. The sealant takes about twenty-four hours to dry, and then your deck is ready for use!


Why Clean and Seal My Deck?

Deck this out; sealant keeps your deck safe from a plethora of issues. If a deck remains exposed to the elements over a long period, it can be severely damaged.  

Due to extensive exposure to rain, varying temperatures, and atmospheric moisture, your deck can take not only cosmetic damage but also structural damage.

The structure of your deck becomes damaged when exposed to water and moisture over an extended period. When water stays on an unprotected surface, it weakens the wood with a variety of rot and fungus problems. 

Water sealant can last up to ten years in protecting your deck. In addition to the benefits of protection, sealant adds a beautiful shine!

When you apply a sealant to your deck, it penetrates the wood and creates a protective film. Staining and sealing are imperative if you want to give your deck the most extended lifespan possible. 

How Often Should I Use Deck Sealant?

After a person decides to seal their deck, it is essential to keep up with it to maximize the deck’s life. A typical sealant lasts from one to two years, so to keep it safe, we suggest resealing your deck once a year. 

You must never let the maintenance of your deck sealant go unattended to keep your deck safe to use for years and years.

If you are unsure whether or not to reseal your deck, you can test the theory. You can see whether your deck needs to be resealed by using drops of water and dropping them on your deck, or you can go out after rain and check. 

If the water droplets bead up, you probably can wait for a little to reseal your deck. However, if any water seeps into the wood, you need to reseal your deck ASAP to save it from prolonged moisture exposure and eventual structural damages.


Why Choose Dupont Decks?

Our customers are our pride and joy; we love knowing that we give them beautiful and reliable decks to enjoy. As mentioned before, “Our work is our word.” To us, this means that we put our best foot forward when it comes to the work we do. 

Our goal is to deck out the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas with our best work. We promise to provide safe and durable decks to all our customers. 

We want to be the best-fit deck company for you. Call us for a free estimate. We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented, customer-focused company.

At Dupont Decks, we live where we work and love where we live. We are proud to be a locally owned company, and we love serving the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota area. Let us be the deck company for you!


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