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Must Have Custom Deck Ideas

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Must Have Custom Deck Ideas

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Custom deck ideas are numerous; homeowners can feel overwhelmed when they research different plans and options. When you’re building or renovating this distinguishing feature of your home, you want to be sure you’re doing it right. 

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Custom Deck Ideas: Must-Have Features

These ideas are proven ways to improve the appearance of your deck. What’s more, they often serve a practical purpose, as well. It’s hard to beat the combination of elegance and functionality!

Cover Up!

An awning or gazebo are essential for a deck that serves your needs in rain or shine.

The benefits to these kinds of coverings are clear. During parties and gatherings, barbecue guests won’t need to rush inside in the event of a cloudburst. When you’re solo, imagine yourself sitting out on your deck with a cup of coffee, enjoying a soft summer rain.

Gazebos and awnings also offer protection from the sun on extremely bright, hot days. If your deck faces east or west, you may especially want to consider these coverings. This way, rather than being uncomfortable times of day, you and your visitors can drink in the sunrise or sunset.

Additionally, these kinds of coverings offer opportunities to beautify your deck. You can furnish a gazebo with charming, comfortable outdoor furniture to make it a pleasant and shady outdoor retreat.

Pergolas, are an additional type of covering. They can allow you to drape vines, hanging plants, and other foliage to form a natural canopy.

Consider Curves

One custom deck idea that you may want to consider if you are building one is a curved deck. This type of structure adds visual interest to your home exterior. After all, one of the benefits of a deck for homeowners is curb appeal!

This type of structure works especially well if you have a particularly lush yard or garden. In these situations, the contours of the deck can complement and integrate with its surroundings for added aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, it allows guests to circulate differently than they otherwise might on a square or rectangular deck.

Add a Fire Pit

Few things are more communal than gathering around a fire. From ancient times to the present day, people congregate around a fire for light, warmth, and a feeling of togetherness. If you want your deck to cultivate a sense of hospitality and community, a fire pit is absolutely essential. 

Fire pits serve different functions depending on the season. Late-night bonfires can allow you to keep a summer party going, or provide warmth and light in the winter. Like an awning or gazebo, a fire pit allows you and your visitors to enjoy this outdoor gathering space year-round. 

However, before you install a fire pit, be sure you consult with safety professionals. Fire is still fire, after all, and you don’t want this deck must-have to become a liability.


Mix It Up

We’re talking about the varieties of wood in your deck, naturally! Aesthetics are central to well-done custom builds. Different types of wood create visual interest through varying textures and colors.

Arrange these different types in patterns or unique designs to create something truly special.

Let There Be Light

Much like the fire pit, when you include interesting, varied lighting to your deck, it adds atmosphere and facilitates gatherings.

Residents and guests alike will want to linger on a well-lit deck with aesthetic interest. There are as many options for decorative lighting as there are tastes in decor. From discrete and sleek to homey and rustic, you can find something to suit your home’s style.


A raised deck needs stairs, of course. Above all, staircases should be sturdy and safe. You’ll need to research local ordinances surrounding deck safety when you’re installing or renovating your deck.

However, don’t sleep on this opportunity to add more visual appeal to your home, either! Staircases present an opportunity for additional lighting, decorative railings, planters, and more.


Custom Deck Ideas For Your Lifestyle

You can definitely make outdoor living a lifestyle revolution for you and your family with a custom deck. On warmer days and nights, you may find you want to spend just as much time outside as you do inside!

Here are some custom deck ideas that are certainly not essential, but can add an inviting, homey vibe.

Install an Outdoor Television

Weather-proof televisions mean you can watch your favorite show or team from the comfort of the great outdoors. Install one with either stone or brick features, maybe even over a fireplace. Get creative!

Built-In Grill & Drink Rail

While you’re making your deck the ultimate hangout spot, why not consider some built-in features? Built-ins are a great option to give your deck a spacious, open feel.

Common features like grills and picnic tables don’t have to be standalone pieces of furniture. A built-in grill can be part of the deck. Expand the railings to make a flat surface for drinks and food.

There you have it: more space for more guests!

Area Rugs

Many homegoods and outdoor stores sell attractive area rugs specifically for outside spaces. Keep the feeling of bringing the indoors outside with an area rug.


Trust Dupont Decks With Your Custom Deck Ideas

Have you been considering building a custom deck for your home? Do you already have one, but it needs some touch-ups, a renovation or facelift? 

Contact Dupont Decks to discuss your dreams for your deck with a family-owned and operated business. Our experienced professionals can give you a free estimate for your desired project.

A deck is more than a nice-to-have feature or a home improvement task. When you decide to update your home with a custom deck, you’re investing in your quality of life.

Gatherings with family and friends, quiet outdoor breakfasts, and sunset cocktails are what make your home something more. It turns the place you live into a retreat, a place to refresh, restore, and cultivate community.

Dupont Decks can make that retreat a reality.


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