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7 Signs Your Deck Needs a Facelift

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7 Signs Your Deck Needs a Facelift

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During spring, summer, and fall, you want an attractive and functional deck, not one that’s flaking, rotting, leaning, or threatening to collapse. Giving your older deck a facelift can (thankfully) be a simple project with the right help.

Dupont Decks is here to help put life and fun into our warm seasons (they go by so fast, after all) with a deck facelift that checks all the boxes on your outdoor leisure time. Visit our website to schedule a free inspection and estimate, and let’s get you relaxing on the deck of your dreams.

Here are several ways to discover the size and scope of your deck facelift project.


Deck Facelift 101

When’s the last time you had a detailed and thorough look at your deck? Sure, you can see the railings, decking boards, and color from a window. However, it’s essential to inspect your deck each season for signs of wear, tear, or structural concerns.

Tick these items off your list as you make your way around the structure:


1. Visible warping: If you can see twisted deck boards, railings, posts, or if the whole surface of your deck is anything but flat, that’s a problem. Sun, rain, improper construction, worn-out fasteners, and missing joist hangers can cause warping in your deck. You’ll need to address warping as a priority in your deck facelift.

2. Weathered finishes: Perhaps the easiest warning sign to spot, finishes that flake, look beaten and battered, or non-existent means your deck is vulnerable to all the weather elements. Without protecting your deck material, this valuable piece of your home can break down quickly, costing you significantly more to replace if left alone too long.

3. Wobbly railings: When you grip railings on your deck, do they shake and rattle, or stay firmly in place? Broken or old railings can pose a significant safety risk, especially if your deck is built several feet off the ground. Railings should be secured with extra frequency to ensure the security of your friends and family.

4. Wood rot: Any wood portion of your deck is subject to decay, especially if not coated and sealed correctly with paint or stain. Synthetic decks are less prone to extensive rotting, but Mother Nature can still wear down the toughest composites over time. Give a thorough check of all your footings, railings, deck boards, and joists for rotted sections.

5. Insect infestations: The list of pests that enjoy feasting on your wood deck includes: 

    • Carpenter ants
    • Carpenter bees
    • Skunks, raccoons, and opossums
    • Termites
    • Mice and rats
    • Powderpost beetles




And, that’s just the shortlist! Look for signs of recent or current pest problems, and schedule a pest-control visit before repairing your deck. 

After all, you don’t want the same critters to keep wreaking havoc on your home structures time and again. Further, you might consider cedar wood or a synthetic composite for your deck facelift, as these materials are naturally more pest resistant.

6. Fastener pop-outs, weakness, and rust: Any hardware used to hold your deck together must be sturdy and safe. Check for nail pop-outs on older decks, rusted screws, or broken joist hangers.

Make a list of all suspicious seams, joints, or loose boards, and get the areas you’ve noted to your deck facelift professional. They’ll conduct a thorough inspection too, but you’ll save time if you can do a little deck repair “homework” and share it with your Pro.

7. Structural inconsistencies: If your deck leans to one side, has sunken toward the ground or has cracks in the posts, you’re ripe for a deck facelift. These structural concerns make your deck less safe to stand on, support your grill, or sit with friends. 

Who can when your deck slants to one side, and you can see massive gaps where your deck should attach firmly and securely to your home?


Do I Repair or Replace?

Depending on the yellow flags you notice on your deck, you’ll benefit from deck repair help from a pro. If you’ve kept up with deck maintenance like staining, sealing, and frequent inspections, a deck facelift may mean a fresh coat of DIY paint or stain, and then you’re good to go. 

However, painting skinny railing spindles can get tedious and time consuming quickly, depending on the size of your deck. Plus, you’ll use more paint than you imagine if you have an intricate or massive deck design.

Repairing structural inadequacies, broken fasteners, or rotted posts requires the expertise and experience of a professional deck installer. Don’t leave your safety to chance with these particular repairs.

Finally, if you notice many areas that need updating, a seasoned deck repair pro can help you decide whether to repair your deck, or replace it altogether. (Sometimes it’s more cost and time effective to start from scratch with problematic, older decks.)

An Ounce of Prevention

Once you’ve updated your deck, make it a priority to keep your newly refreshed space in tip-top shape. Depending on the materials you choose, you’ll need to set up a regular maintenance calendar. 

Wood decking materials are subject to speedier break-down due to weather and dirt. Ensuring the application of fresh stain or pain every couple of years helps preserve your wood no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

Choosing composite  or synthetic materials for your deck facelift may also help lower maintenance costs and effort in the long run. You can further ensure deck longevity by using galvanized fasteners, and coating small cracks, fissures, or knot holes with a quality sealant.


Dupont Decks: Get a Pro on Your Side

Our comprehensive deck building and deck facelift services give you options for crafting the outdoor spaces you’ll enjoy for many years. If you want some ideas for a deck that will keep you enjoying your summers, not to mention fall, winter, and spring, check out these ideas.

Our dedicated and experienced team wants to give you a deck on which you can relax and enjoy your hard-earned leisure time. We’ll help you make memories with each passing season on the deck of which you can be proud. 

Visit our website today, and we’ll drop by at your convenience for a free deck inspection and deck facelift consult.


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