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Create an Oasis with a Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

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Create an Oasis with a Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

A warm jacuzzi with a hot tub privacy enclosure

The bliss of a hot tub experience is unmatched. The relaxation of a hot tub makes it a worthwhile investment. When you buy the hot tub, one of the first things to do is secure its safety and privacy by creating a hot tub privacy enclosure. 

But do you really need a hot tub enclosure around your hot tub? The answer is yes, and for various reasons.

Placing the hot tub in the most discreet part of your yard or deck might not be as private as you want. The tub might still be in your neighbor’s line of sight, making your soaks less private and enjoyable. However, you can create some hot tub privacy away from prying eyes in several ways.

1. Privacy Hot Tub Gazebos, Pavilions, and Pergolas

A hot tub privacy enclosure made from a pergola and submerged in a deck

If you live in an area with high or mid-rise apartments or homes with two or more stories, fences or screens won’t provide adequate privacy. You can opt for gazebos, pavilions, or pergolas in these cases. Each of these options blocks the aerial view.

Other than the style, the main difference between a gazebo, pavilion, and pergola is the trusses’ structure. A gazebo has a single, three-dimensional space truss radiating from a central point. This triangular truss holds up the pavilion roof and has even spaces.

The pergola’s truss has evenly spaced rafters. These rafters block out a bit of the sun but not the rain. Your best design depends on how you will use the hot tub. If you want the area around the hot tub private enclosure to provide some entertainment space, choose a gazebo or pavilion.  

These two choices have solid roofs, which protect the lighting and fixtures from the elements. Both structures consist of a raised floor, allowing you to hide electrical wiring. When your gazebo or pavilion is more enclosed and elaborate, you need to ventilate. The steam from the hot tub condenses and collects on the ceiling, then drips down.

You need to include a fan to help with the overflow and keep the hot tub enclosure free from moisture. If you need privacy from high-rise apartments, get a pergola. It is light and easy to build, and it offers enough ventilation.

2. Use Landscaping for Your Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

An outdoor hot tub privacy enclosure created with fences and landscaping.

Well-done landscaping such as trees, flowering shrubs, and hedges can give you some privacy. Trees can provide you with some shade. However, the same trees can add to your clean-up with falling leaves and tree sap.

When it comes to planting options, you have a variety. Some of these options grow faster than others, such as:

  • Bamboo: A bamboo hedge can give you some privacy in as short as three months. However, you have to be careful as they can spiral out of control. Check with your local nursery on bamboo planting and how to keep it growing in the area you choose.
  • Willow and poplar hybrids: These are excellent trees for shade and are locally available. Poplar hybrids grow up to 8 feet a year, while Willows grow 12 feet a year.
  • Evergreen hedges: Hedges dampen sounds and block views. Opt for a fast-growing hedge such as leylandii, which grows up to 3 feet a year. When you trim the hedge properly, you encourage it to grow and form a thick and beautiful screen.

A privacy hedge is one of the most natural and beautiful hot tub privacy. You will need a lot of patience to wait for the plants to grow. You can consider growing the hedge before buying the outdoor hot tub, giving it time to develop.

3. Build a Fence

A hot tub privacy enclosure made from a wooden fence.

The most straightforward way to create your hot tub enclosure privacy is a fence. You can either get privacy screens and place them around the tub or install a yard fence. You can choose from the many screens and fence options in the market.

The most popular fences are conventional wood fences. Other alternatives include vinyl fencing. The beauty about vinyl is resisting humidity and does not need painting. The vinyl is perfect if your fence is close to the hot tub.

Other options include galvanized corrugated steel, iron, metal, or composite fencing. The best fence depends on your preference, privacy level, and home style. For most cases, a fence is a great solution, but it might not suit your landscape or location. Do some due diligence before investing.

Let Us Help Build Your Ideal Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

If you are interested in creating a beautiful and functional hot tub privacy enclosure, contact Dupont Decks today for a quote. We provide you with a free estimate, and we are available to help you choose the best option for your unique hot tub enclosure


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