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Get Cozy with 7 Deck Privacy Ideas

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Get Cozy with 7 Deck Privacy Ideas

If you live on a busy road or have close neighbors, your deck space might feel too exposed to prying eyes for comfort. The sights and sounds of the elements around you might throw off the fun summer vibes you want to experience. Or, perhaps the view does not inspire you to spend much time outside.

Make your current or future deck your favorite place to be. Implementing some of these deck privacy ideas will 100% enhance your experience. There are many creative and functional ways to accomplish this that we can customize to fit your space. We can help you get started with some functional and beautiful ideas to increase your deck privacy.

Dupont Decks provides fully customized decking options for homeowners of all types of residences. Whether you have a condo or a single-family home, we can create the deck of your dreams. Contact us today for a free estimate and brainstorming session on how your deck can become a reality.


Deck Privacy Ideas To Inspire You To Get Outside

There are myriad options awaiting you. You can do so much with these deck privacy ideas, from foliage to privacy screens to creative landscaping. Best yet, you can mix and match them to suit your space as well.

Privacy Walls of All Kinds

There are many creative ways to install a privacy wall that can make your space immediately more cozy.

Wooden Privacy Screen

When building your deck, talk to a contractor about where a privacy wall will make sense for your space. There are a few different styles to choose from.

Horizontal wooden slat privacy walls can give your deck a modern feel. A good privacy wall will block an unwanted view. They also can serve as a space to hang planter boxes, outdoor art, or even festive lighting.

The wooden fence or privacy wall can also have a slight overhang at the top, which can help section a space nicely.

Fabric Options

Fabric privacy screens can hang like festive curtains on your deck. This quick and easy option can provide shade, privacy and also be an expressive element to your space. The fabric screen can hang from curtain rods or wire to block the view and provide a great focal point.

Likewise, hanging outdoor curtains from a pergola is a modern and romantic option. These sections of fabric are often much larger and are soothing to watch blowing in the wind. You can keep them open for sunny days or close them when you want more privacy.


Plants of All Types

There is no mistaking that plants are going to be one great way to increase privacy. There are a few ways to utilize natural elements to block out the rest of the world. Clever garden design can be a solution for a more secluded outdoor dining and leisure space.

Planter Boxes 

Consider having your deck builder include custom planter boxes around one or all edges of your deck. Privacy planters for your deck can create a natural and elegant barrier. For smaller decks, your builder can install planters that sit on the deck railings, giving you greater height to play with.

When creating an outdoor privacy screen with a planter box, use plants of various heights to add interest. The tallest plants work well at the back to block views into your space.

Clever Landscaping 

Planting low-growing trees also adds dimension to your yard and creates a barrier between your deck and the world beyond. Dwarf Japanese maple or crab apple trees are beautiful in spring, summer, and fall.

For yards that need extra screening, you can plant hedges. These fast-growing evergreens can create a sound and vision barrier that is easy to prune. Juniper and Japanese Euonymus are two great examples. There are many backyard privacy ideas from which to draw inspiration!

Flower Pots Galore 

Displaying tropical plants in pots that create big foliage is also fun to create more privacy on your deck. While these fellows will not be happy outdoors year-round, you can move them inside during the colder months. The bright green foliage is a great way to cheer up your home in the winter months as well.

Vines Everywhere!

Growing vining plants can create some exceptional screening from the rest of the world. The lush green plants can also provide shade and a cooling effect on the space where they grow. Wisteria, ivy, star jasmine, and honeysuckle are attractive options that will grow up a trellis or support beam.

For vegetable gardeners, consider planting bean plants along the side of your deck to create edible shade options. Another vining plant to consider is hops.

Hop plants grow super fast and can grow as tall as you give them an option to extend! Also, the hop flowers smell good and can be used medicinally as a calming tea.


The Trellis: Nature’s Privacy Screen

There are a few ways for a trellis to block the view and provide more privacy for your deck. Talk to your contractor about where building a trellis makes sense for your space. The great thing about the lattice is that it still allows light to shine through.

There are many trellis designs to choose from, whether you’re selecting a prefabricated option or wanting to create a custom trellis.

To go even further, you can plant climbing vines to grow up the trellis, creating a homey and cozy appeal. Some vining plants also produce beautiful flowers, making your deck a lush wonderland to spend time on.

Combining a trellis and a pergola structure will enhance the sense of privacy even further. You can then also plant vines that can extend to the pergola, maximizing privacy in busy neighborhoods. Plus, creating a living wall will make your space beautiful and inviting.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

Even in busy neighborhoods, a deck can feel like a private getaway when you apply the right deck privacy ideas. Using music, fountains, or water features will also help block the sound of the world beyond. The beauty of your deck is that it extends your living space, helping you make the most of the warmer months of the year.

Dupont Decks is a family-run business that understands the true value of quality time in a beautiful place. We can make your deck the perfect extension of your home by enhancing privacy, comfort, and ease of use. Contact us today!


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