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6 Must-Have Upgrades for Updating Your Home’s Deck

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6 Must-Have Upgrades for Updating Your Home’s Deck

6 Must-Have Upgrades for Updating Your Home's Deck

6 Must-Have Upgrades for Updating Your Home’s Deck

Your deck has served you well over the years, and now it’s time to make it more of the outdoor entertainment space you want. Here are six must-have upgrades for updating your home’s deck, from composite decking material to in-built seating. The best part? Depending on your preferences and budget, you can use some or all of them.

painting wooden plank outdoors

Synthetic Wood Section 

Synthetic wood decks are a solid choice for homeowners who want to enjoy their decks without worrying about splinters and harsh weather. Dupont Decks offers Synthetic Wood Decks in Minneapolis with many of the same features as traditional wood decks, like pergolas, trellis, and gazebos. Plus, they’re maintenance-free and can be customized with your favorite colors, designs, or patterns. They’re also great if you live in a neighborhood where you’re not allowed to have wood decks.

Wooden deck with a sunshade over the table with bench seats

In-Built Seating Section

In-built seating is a great way to create an area to enjoy the outdoors. It can be as simple as adding benches around your deck or as elaborate as installing seats that fold up when not in use. Either way, it will add more character and design to your outdoor space. Great outdoor living areas are about bringing all the things you love about living outdoors inside—family gatherings, cozy dinners, relaxing conversations with friends. 

In addition, they provide outdoor spaces where you can escape summer heat into cool shadows and bask in winter sunshine without having to leave home. The key to making them comfortable is often by creating thoughtful and varied arrangements of furniture, plants, artwork, and décor. One important factor is temperature: consider building a pergola if there’s not enough shade on your deck during certain parts of the day.

Candles burning in white lanterns

Lighting Sections

Lighting is a must-have upgrade for your deck. Not only does it provide light, but it can also be used as a focal point or to highlight the design of your deck. You can use many different types of lighting, from standard string lights and lanterns to more decorative options like chandeliers and candle holders. Whatever you choose, think about safety and how much light you need so that your evening barbecue doesn’t become a disaster.

Beautiful terrace lounge with pergola

Pergola Section

Pergolas are great because they provide a shady place to enjoy your deck and an excellent area to entertain guests. They also offer a stunning focal point to the deck and can be used as an outdoor room. When designing your pergola, consider the height of your home’s ceiling or other structures in relation to the height of the pergola. A taller pergola may block light from inside the house and make it feel dark inside, so use window treatments to add light back in. 

Different materials can be used for pergolas, including wood, metal, and stone, so choose one that suits the rest of your deck design and your budget. Wooden pergolas have been around for centuries, but newer versions offer more variety. They can be made from cedar, pressure-treated pine, or synthetic materials like PVC composite boards. Synthetic materials are popular because they last much longer than natural wood and require less maintenance over time, which is helpful when you want a look that never goes out of style.

Wood Fence and Cement Blocks Retaining Wall

Privacy Fence Section

Privacy fences are a great way to upgrade your deck. They will not only increase the privacy and security of your backyard, but they can also add an aesthetically pleasing touch.

Privacy fences have many different styles and materials. Some popular materials include wood, vinyl, chain link, and wrought iron. The fence style you choose depends on your deck type and what aesthetic you want to achieve in your yard. Of course, outdoor living space isn’t complete without some sort of privacy wall or railing.

Dupont Decks offers many styles and colors of railings and fences that can work with any home’s landscape design.

Large terrace patio with rattan garden furniture in the garden on wooden floor.

Other Outdoor Furniture Section

Deck furniture can help your deck look and feel more welcoming. Items like cushions, cocktail rails, a chaise lounge, pillows, and benches can make it feel like a roomier space. Decorative items like urns or planters filled with plants also add to the atmosphere of your space. Add some greenery by installing trellises or vines on the railing, too.

Lastly, don’t forget all the safety features you need to be mindful of when using your deck. Before adding anything to the structure that could make it less stable, please talk to a professional contractor.

Final Thoughts

If you have a deck that’s in pretty good shape but could use some updating, you might consider the following upgrades: synthetic wood, cocktail rails for setting drinks on, in-built seating, pergolas, and more. Dupont Decks can help you with all of those upgrades and more.

For over 20 years, Dupont Decks has provided quality, custom decks in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. We have plenty of experience in deck construction, which means you can trust us to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing deck. We take care of our clients from start to finish and want to ensure that every project we work on turns out beautifully. From design consultation to final installation, we’ve got you covered.

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