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What To Know About a Deck Build Warranty

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What To Know About a Deck Build Warranty

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A deck build warranty assures homeowners of a contractor’s commitment to replacing decking material due to manufacturer or contractor errors. Knowing the hired contractor will repair your deck if you aren’t pleased with the results is calming.

Hiring a professional and experienced deck builder will give you peace of mind and avoid unexpected and irritating repairs. You can depend on Dupont Decks for high-quality and durable decks in Minneapolis. Contact us for an estimate on building the deck of your dreams.

Deck building warranties will shield you from costly repairs and replacements due to faulty materials. It’s essential to research the aspects of a deck build warranty before starting the project. This article discusses some critical questions and concerns regarding deck build warranties.


What Does The Deck Build Warranty Cover?

As a homeowner, it’s essential to know the coverage of your deck build warranty. Some deck contractors offer full warranties that cover the materials and installation process. Manufacturer warranties cover the product’s integrity and include repair and replacement costs due to factory errors.

Partial or limited warranties cover the decking material used in the construction but exclude the labor. Understanding the terms of a partial warranty is essential since the contractor may have the final say on what’s included. Some partial warranties have a provision that the manufacturer and the consumer split the repair costs. In that case, homeowners can also contact Dupont Decks anytime about the warranties offered by the different manufacturers.

Some warranties cover both a deck’s performance and aesthetics. Sometimes, the contractor may offer to replace some parts because of unintentional discoloration. Before signing a deck build warranty, you should go through the fine print to understand what’s covered and what isn’t. 


Duration of The Warranty

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A warranty’s duration is one of the most vital questions every homeowner should ask. You should determine if the warranty’s validity begins on the purchase or installation date. You should ensure your deck build warranty starts on the installation date if you anticipate a prolonged project due to delayed permits.

It’s common for materials to wear a few years after installation. Extended warranties will calm your mind since you are assured of extracting lasting and maximum value from your deck build.


Is The Warranty Transferable?

One of the questions on homeowners’ minds is what happens to their warranty if they decide to sell their homes. Since transferable warranties add value to your home, it’s important to know whether you’ll get maximum returns from your investment.

However, non-transferable warranties are only valid for the original owners. They don’t cover any new owners or beneficiaries.


What Are The Limitations Of Your Warranty?

When going through a deck build warranty, you should always consider limiting phrases such as “subject to” or “limited to.” These phrases outline how much a deck builder will cover damage to the newly constructed deck.

The limitations state the conditions under which the contractor won’t honor the warranty. The conditions may include negligence or improper care of a deck. You should always note the specific circumstances that may invalidate the warranty terms.

Understanding the contractor warranty laws in Minneapolis will also inform your next course of action should an issue arise. The statute of limitations governs the regulations and details the resolution of disputes.


Non-Pro What?

Some terms in a deck build warranty can be real headscratchers but understanding them presents a clearer picture. It’s common for contractors to offer either a prorated or non-prorated deck build warranty. 

A prorated warranty’s value diminishes as time passes. For instance, when a contractor offers a 20-year prorated warranty, they will cover 100 percent of the repairs or replacements for the first five years. They may offer to cover only a percentage of total repair costs in subsequent years.

The more costly and sometimes shorter non-prorated warranty offers constant and complete coverage throughout the deck’s life.


The Homeowner’s Expected Maintenance Duties

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Decks require a certain level of maintenance, and a warranty outlines your responsibilities to extend the deck’s lifespan. Failing to perform the expected maintenance duties as instructed by the manufacturer may nullify your warranty claim. Adhering to the instructions decreases the chances of paying for any repairs or replacements.


What’s The Manufacturer’s Experience?

A company’s reputation and experience will help determine whether and how they handle long-term deck build warranties. An experienced manufacturer knows the proven lifecycle of a product and can only give a warranty that is within the life expectancy.

Experienced manufacturers can also estimate the expected lifespan of newer products and innovations when they are introduced to the market.


Receipts, Anyone!

Receipts, like other vital documents, are susceptible to lose or damage. It’s wise to store your receipt and warranty in a safe and easy-to-remember place. You may need it to prove you are the original owner in cases of a non-transferable warranty. A receipt is also necessary for documenting the purchase date.

Ensure you ask for the receipt and warranty documents after completing a deck build transaction. You never know when you may need them.


Professional Deck Building In Minneapolis

A deck build warranty will assure you when facing unexpected repairs and replacements. Taking time and effort to understand its contents and terms will help prevent future headaches. Saving the documentation safely will simplify and quicken the claim process, ensuring you get the most from your newly-built deck.

Dupont Decks offers high-quality deck-building services to Minneapolis residents. Our two decades of experience guarantee long-lasting and beautiful results. Contact us today to request a free estimate from our experts.


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