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Deck, Outdoor Screen Porch, or 4 Season Room – How to Choose

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Deck, Outdoor Screen Porch, or 4 Season Room – How to Choose

An outdoor screen porch with an outdoor sectional and rug.

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and improve the value of your home? An outdoor living addition such as a deck, outdoor screen porch, or 4 season room can boost your home’s value and provide a nice return on your investment

And yet, how do you choose which addition is the right choice for you and your family? There’s a lot to consider, from the installation cost to the different benefits and how you plan to use the area.

We cover everything you need to know about the differences in this guide so you can make the right choice. Read on to determine which addition is best for you.

When you’re ready to add an outdoor addition to your home, contact Dupont Decks. We’d love to work with you and provide your family a space to create memories together year after year.

Outdoor Screen Porch


Summer in Central Minnesota is a time to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, soak up the sun, and spend time with friends and family. But, there comes a time when you want to relax outside without having to worry about too many nuisances.

The benefit of an outdoor screen porch is that you get to relax in comfort outside, but you won’t have to keep away pesky pests like mosquitoes and flies. You get to enjoy your yard and your view, all while getting a nice breeze.

A screened-in porch uses a screen fabric as your “walls,” which allows air to pass through while keeping bugs at bay. Since it has a roof, your screen porch also protects you from the sun so you can stay cool and comfortable.

You can enjoy your screen porch in the warmer or milder months, from spring through early fall. You’ll want to winterize your porch as temperatures drop, though.

The final cost depends on the size of your addition, the materials used, design elements, and so on.

Screen Porch Ideas

These days, there are a variety of different design options for your outdoor screen porch. You can use pest-resistant lumber, such as cedar, for a more rustic look.

You also have different screen types to choose from, such as a fiberglass screen, aluminum screen, vinyl-coated polyester, and more. Depending on the type of screen, you can alter the look and efficiency of your porch.

There are even motorized screens that lift and retract. This way, you can control how much of the sunlight and breeze you want to let through.

If you have pets, you can still let them onto your porch if you use a strong mesh material. For instance, a pet-resistant screen is resistant to tears and punctures.

There are so many different porch designs that you can easily make the addition blend seamlessly in with your home.



Adding a deck to your home gives you additional outdoor space. You can adjust the size and style of your deck to suit your needs and make a great entertaining area.

Many homeowners use their decks as outdoor dining and recreation areas. It’s an ideal place for a grill and outdoor patio furniture such as a dining table, porch swing, or patio umbrella.

The downside to a deck is that it’s exposed to the elements. This means you have to find or create shade and keep insects away. Unless you have a retractable awning or some type of cover, you might also have to pack up when it starts raining.

You need to protect your decks against the elements by washing and sealing them. Composite wood decks require less maintenance but do cost more to install.

The Benefits of Custom-Built Decks

These days, your options are almost limitless when it comes to deck styles.

You can get a covered area installed to provide you with shade on warm summer days. We can also create recessed areas for hot tubs or a two-story deck and porch combo.

We can build decks around your needs that suit you and your family.

4 Season Room


Much like the name implies, a 4 season room or all-season room is an outdoor living area you can use all year. It’s a beautiful and convenient combination of indoor and outdoor living. They add extra living space, versatility, charm, and value to your home.

An all-season room is full of windows that let in the light and allow you to enjoy your view in comfort. You can also open the windows to allow in more airflow. Since the windows are well insulated, you can enjoy this room year-round.

Modern all-season rooms are designed to be energy-efficient, weatherproof, and climate-controlled, so you can keep them cool or warm as necessary.

Again, the final cost depends on design elements, the size of the room, and other factors. Get an estimate to get a better idea of how much it could cost to add on to your home and your various options.

4 Season Room Ideas

There are so many different ways you can construct and design an all-season room.

How about creating a cozy space to relax? Add in a few area rugs for comfort and some rocking chairs for that classic farmhouse look. You could even create a second living room, adding coffee tables and a couch for unwinding after a long day.

You can also create an indoor/outdoor dining area. Since all-season rooms are protected from the elements, you aren’t limited to outdoor furniture.

Take Outdoors to the Next Level


You have a lot of options when it comes to outdoor additions. Adding a deck, outdoor screen porch, or 4 season room can all add value and provide you with a place to relax.

So which one is right for you? It depends on how often you plan to use the space, your budget, and your ideas. But don’t worry; let Dupont Decks help you look over your options.

Contact us to get a free estimate on your project and learn more about our services today!


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