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Why We Love TimberTech Azek Decks

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Why We Love TimberTech Azek Decks

An example of Timbertech Azek Decking panels on a nicely finished deck with furniture.

It’s official, the season has finally changed, and we’re all starting to think about spending more time outside. Do you have plans for a new deck? Or maybe now that snow is no longer covering your old deck, you can see it’s time for an upgrade. It’s been a long winter; perhaps it’s time for a deck that you can enjoy for many years to come, weathering those winters beautifully.

If you would like a beautiful deck that won’t need refinishing, you might want to think about TimberTech Azek Decking. At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we have experience with all types of decking, and we love the way TimberTech Azek decking performs. We are here to help you learn about your deck options, and build a beautiful, long-lasting deck to enjoy this summer and many more.

What is TimberTech Azek Decking?

TimberTech Azek decking is premium capped polymer decking, made without wood. It’s the best there is in capped PVC decking.TimberTech Azek decking contains 100% plastic material, so it will stand up to anything you need your deck to handle. It has a carefully designed enhanced wood look and comes in multiple colors and styles to fit your deck style needs.  

Why We Love TimberTech Azek Decks

We are happy we can give you so many options for decking material. Every home is different, and deck options should vary to meet the needs of your particular deck design. TimberTech Azek decks have so much to offer and might be just what your home needs. Here is why we love them:

TimberTech Azek Decks Stay Beautiful for Years

Are you thinking about an elevated deck? Maybe your house needs a low deck to transition out to your yard. A TimberTech Azek deck could handle your furniture and traffic, with no need to sand and refinish year to year. Think of all the beautiful days in future summers you could spend enjoying a drink on your deck instead of sanding it.

In a few years, you can sit back and look at your deck, still beautiful and maintenance-free, and think about the time and money you are not spending on refinishing or upgrading your deck. Dupont Construction and Remodeling is a certified Platinum Timbertech Azek deck installer. Give us a call to make that dream come true.

Backed by a Company Promise

Any Timbertech Azek deck will last a lifetime, and  TimberTech guarantees it. TimberTech Azek Decks for your home come with:

So Many Choices to Match Your Style

Your home will be even more beautiful once you add that new deck. If you decide TimberTech Azek PVC decking is the best material to fit your lifestyle, you will have so much fun shopping the choices. Your deck design can include a choice from three different collections:

  • Vintage
  • Arbor
  • Harvest

Each collection features a variety of beautiful colors. With so many choices to fit your style, you are sure to find just the right decking material to go with your dream deck design.  

No Need to Refinish

Since TimberTech Azek decks are all-plastic, no wood material, they won’t break down from year to year. We love building decks we know will keep you busy enjoying the outdoors, not working your summer days away. All you need to do is take a few simple steps to keep them looking new.

Just Clean Instead

A TimberTech Azek deck will be at its best with a little bit of regular cleaning. Like anything you keep outside, the weather and everyday use will cause dirt and debris to build up. But what is so delightful about TimberTech Azek is that instead of thinking about deck restoration, all you need to do is pull out the cleaning tools. You can revive your deck in the morning, and spend the afternoon hosting a backyard party.

How to Clean TimberTech Azek Decking

  • The first step to a consistently beautiful deck is cleaning it every once in a while with your favorite cleaning tools and products to stay on top of dirt, dust, leaves, etc.  
  • Keep in mind that anything that doesn’t allow air through could cause discoloration by trapping moisture on sections of your deck. You may want to avoid using a doormat, and make sure your child pool is moved around every few days and stored when not in regular use.
  • Avoid spraying products that may contain chemicals near your deck, or check the label to see if they might cause a problem for the TimberTech Azek surface. Sunscreens and insect repellent could be culprits.  
  • It’s safe to use products containing calcium chloride to remove ice in the winter. You may need to to clean off the white residue they leave behind, but it will not cause damage.

When Dupont Construction and Remodeling handles the job, you can be sure your deck will be thoroughly cleaned and ready to furnish when the work is complete.

What to Use to Clean Your Deck

  • A hose or bucket
  • A stiff brush made of natural fibers
  • An all-purpose cleaner, or all-surface deck cleaner like Chomp® Gutter cleaner, Zep® 505, Simple® Green or Krud Kutter® Cleaner/Degreaser

What Not to Use

The TimberTech Company does not recommend that you use a composite deck cleaner to clean TimberTech Azek PVC decking since those cleaners are designed for a wood/plastic composite, not PVC/polymer deck planks. Visit for more information about cleaning a Timbertech Azek Deck.

Saving Money and Time

Since TimberTech Azek decking comes in a variety of styles and prices, it is sure to be a flexible option to meet your budget. Give us a call at Dupont Construction and Remodeling, and we would love to walk you through your options.

With all the superior materials out there, we will enjoy designing your dream deck with you. And next year after the snow melts, include your deck in your spring cleaning and consider it done, then don’t give maintenance another thought.  All you will be thinking about is how to arrange your outdoor furniture, and what party you should host first. Enjoy!


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