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4 Tips on the Perfect Timing for Deck Building

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4 Tips on the Perfect Timing for Deck Building

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If you have been thinking about building a deck, one of the limiting factors holding you up might be when actually to start construction. Many people wonder when the best time for deck building is.

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we specialize in deck building, as well as deck facelifts, screen porches, and four-season rooms. When a client comes to us with an idea to help them enjoy the outdoors while at home, we work hard to make that happen.

If you are considering a new deck, or a renovation of your current deck but are wondering when is the right time, consider these factors before you jump into a new project. You will want to have all your ducks in a row, as the saying goes before you start building.

1. Consider Purpose


One of the first and most important things to consider is how will you be using your new deck. Before choosing backyard deck designs, what do you picture you and your family doing?

Think about if you will use your deck mostly for entertaining. Do you want wide open spaces where people can congregate? Or will your deck be more for dining? If so, you might want to consider where you will place a table large enough for your family.

If you plan to install a pool or sauna, that will determine what deck design you choose. Also, think about your neighborhood and what kind of privacy you want while on your deck. If your neighbors have a direct line of sight into your space, you might consider a privacy panel around the edge. Finally, do you want space for gardening or growing plants on or near your deck? If so, plan accordingly.

2. Location

Another vital factor to consider is where your deck will sit, as well as the size of your property. If your home is on a smaller lot, the possible locations for building might be limited. There are several things to consider before deciding on a site for your deck.

Outside of the size of the lot, think about the microclimates in your yard. What sort of foliage is there? Are there any spots that do not drain well? Where is the most sunlight? Are any places primarily in the shade? All of these things will drastically affect the type of deck you should build and how you will be able to use it. Other weather factors like wind, rain, and snow will have an impact on where you construct your deck.

Also, consider what you want to see whenever you are sitting on your deck. The view is important. If you have a choice, make sure you select a spot you will be happy sitting in for years to come.

3. Budget

Of course, what would a construction project be without some discussion of money? Decks can be an affordable project when you consider the return on investment you will get down the road. However, they also can quickly rack up the bills if you aren’t careful.

To keep your budget in check, consider the size of the deck, as well as how intricate the design is. The smaller and simpler the deck, the more affordable the deck building process is. If you choose extras, like built-in seating, flower boxes, or multiple levels, the cost will start increasing.

The materials are one of the most significant factors affecting the price as well as whether it is a DIY project or completed by a contractor. The cost of lumber and materials vary greatly, as well as how much a contractor charges. Do your research ahead of time to determine what you can afford in this area.

Consider what type of material you want to use ahead of time. Certain climates or uses might affect what you choose. Weather-resistant woods are great for areas with lots of rain or snow. Look for redwood, cedar, cypress, or ipe. Pressure-treated woods hold up well and contain both wood and preservatives.

There are also composite decking options. These products are a blend of plastic and wood fiber. These are long-lasting and durable. You might also consider alternatives like plastic or aluminum. Most materials are suitable for just about any design.

4. Perfect Time for Deck Building

After you have considered what you will be using your deck for, as well as the location and budget, you can decide when to build your new deck. While there is no hard and fast rule on when to tackle this project, there are times that will make the process easier.

The first thing to consider is the weather. Certain times of the year are not the best for outdoor construction. Living in the Minneapolis area, you know many months of the year are cold, windy, and snowy. When there is snow on the ground, and the ground is frozen, construction projects are challenging.

Something else to consider is your family’s schedule. Choose a time to build your new deck when your schedule can handle interruption and congestion. Any construction project will be messy and take time. Plan to build the deck when your schedule is relatively open.

After you have considered all the options, choose a time that works best for your family and your budget. As long as the weather is cooperating, you are good to go.

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If you are considering a new backyard deck design but don’t know where to start, call Dupont Construction and Remodeling. We have years of experience serving families throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas.

Community is important to us, and we are a small family owned and operated business. We focus on each of our clients personally. We will work with you to find the perfect deck design, as well as the best time to install it.

We also offer a free estimate, so our clients know what to expect before we begin work. Call Dupont today and see how we can bring your backyard dreams to life.


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