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Why You Absolutely Need a Four Season Room in Minnesota

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Why You Absolutely Need a Four Season Room in Minnesota

Four windows overlooking the park at different times of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter

As Twin City residents, how lucky are we to be able to experience all the highs and lows of all four of the glorious seasons? Each one has something to offer. From the beauty of winter snow, the brilliant color of the changing leaves, the fresh smell of the blossoming flowers, to the radiant heat of the summer sun, we all love to experience all the seasons. 

If you live in Minnesota, you absolutely need a four-seasons room. It is the best way to experience the changing seasons from the comfort of your home. You will bask in the splendor of nature and feel like you are in the middle of it, all while enjoying the peace of your own extended living room. 

Here at Dupont Construction & Remodeling, we specialize in home improvement. We believe four-seasons rooms are the perfect extension to your family’s home. They are an excellent place for everyone to gather and savor each other’s company. 

You may be considering whether you need a four-seasons room or just a simple sunroom. Let us walk you through the basics of a four-seasons room and why we think you need to add one today.


What is a four-seasons room?

A four-seasons room, or sunroom as it is also called, is basically an extended living room. It is enclosed with glass to allow you and your family breathtaking panoramic views of the outdoors. four-seasons rooms are the best way to enjoy nature all year long. 

The roof and frames of your four-seasons room will be thermally engineered. This way, the room can be heated or cooled when necessary. Your four-seasons room can indeed be an extension of your home.  

Your four-seasons room will protect you from bugs and the elements while maximizing your interactions with nature. You won’t have to brave the weather; the heat and snow will not stop your family fun.  


What are the benefits of a four-seasons room?

The main benefit of a four-seasons room is the versatility it adds to your home. Planning outdoors functions will also be less stressful because you will always have a built-in back-up plan. Planning around unpredictable weather will become a thing of the past.

Unlike typical sunrooms or other traditional home additions, a four-seasons room is usually much more cost-effective. They also generally take less time to complete than other home renovations. You will be able to enjoy your four-seasons room much sooner than any other addition.

What you do with all that additional space you will acquire is entirely up to you. The options are virtually limitless. You can use your new four-seasons room for so many things-

  • Hobbies
  • Dining
  • Visiting
  • Family game nights
  • Morning cups of coffee
  • Reading room
  • Homework/study room
  • You are only limited by your imagination!

If natural lighting is your thing, your new four-seasons room will quickly become your favorite room in your house. If you add skylights, you can have even more natural light. The sky really is the limit!

Any addition you add to your home will increase value of your home. A four-seasons room is no exception. When you begin the process of building your four-seasons room, plan ahead, and add some efficiency features.

Insulated glass and efficiency-boosting materials will help to conserve energy and are a more cost-effective option in the long run. Plus, these features will allow your four-seasons room to be as comfortable as possible throughout the changing seasons


What are my four-seasons room options?

With a screened porch, its use is limited by the weather. You can’t enjoy your porch when the temperature is either too hot or too cold. Sometimes even bugs or other pests will drive you out of your outdoor spaces.

To avoid all that hassle, consider building a four-seasons room to get more use out of your backyard. 

When it comes to building a four-seasons room, you have many options.

For many of the four-seasons rooms we build, we use vinyl siding. We like vinyl siding for many reasons.

  • You will never have to repaint it
  • It will not rot or fade
  • You can find it in many different colors
  • You can find many styles that mimic architectural details that you see in wood
  • It is incredibly durable

Vinyl siding can add value to your home. If installed properly, it can also increase the energy efficiency of your home. You can use vinyl siding for your walls and roof for a cohesive overall look. 

While vinyl siding may make up the bones of your four-seasons room, but glass is definitely the star. The best four-seasons rooms have as many windows as possible. The more windows you install, the more natural lighting you will be able to capture.

When it comes to the interior of your four-seasons room, you can go in several different ways. You could go with standard painted sheetrock for a more traditional look. You can also step it up and go with natural wood. 

Consider going with cedar or pine for your walls. Add some can lighting and a ceiling fan to finish out the look. 

For your flooring, you can choose traditional hardwood, or you can save some money and go with vinyl flooring. It comes in many colors and styles. Some of it is even made to look like real hardwood. 


Check out Dupont Construction & Remodeling

If you decide to upgrade your porch to a four-seasons room, we know you won’t be sorry. Contact Dupont Construction & Remodeling to get your free estimate today.

Whatever you are looking for to upgrade your outdoor living space, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure it is done right the first time. Let us help you enjoy your home even more.


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