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Designing a Deck That Fits Your Personality

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Designing a Deck That Fits Your Personality

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When people consider how to design a deck, they may not think of it as an extension of their personalities. However, real estate agents talk about “curb appeal” for a reason. Most homeowners understand that their home exterior is a reflection of themselves.

A clean, well-designed facade sends a message about a home and the people who live in it. Once someone has gone through the rigorous process of buying a house, the property should demonstrate their taste.

The deck is essential for a home exterior that indicates to visitors and guests what kind of people live there. In many ways, the deck is an extension of a home’s interior. Much like kitchens often become the central hub of house parties, decks can fill that role at outdoor parties.

A deck is a visible feature that unmistakably sticks out of a home’s exterior. Transform your house into a home: answer the question of how to design a deck that reflects your personality.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with a Sturdy Deck

When designing a deck that you love and which shows something about your personality, start with the basics. The most fabulous deck in the world will not do a homeowner any good if it does not last. Whether you are designing a deck from scratch or renovating one, make sure you take into account safety features.

Some features can do dual duty for an atmospheric deck. Low-voltage lighting can improve visibility for increased safety, while also creating a warm, fun party environment.

How Much Do You Entertain?

Much of a deck’s value comes from added space for guests when you host gatherings. Take into account whether you entertain all four seasons, or one or two times a year. Ask yourself whether these parties are large or small.

The answers to these questions will help determine the basic structure of the deck your house needs. A deck that you and your guests can enjoy year-round may be a good option if you entertain frequently. 

Homeowners who host many large gatherings have many options available to them when it comes to decks.


Personalized Deck Features for Your Home


Deck seating is a crucial part of setting your deck apart as uniquely yours. Built-in seats or benches made out of deck boards can make seating feel like an organic part of the deck.

Install a pergola if you want your deck to have built-in shaded seating.

Build Permanent Entertainment Features into Your Deck

Maybe you already know that your deck is going to be the site of many gatherings throughout the year. Stop bringing the card table up from the basement every time you want to set up a makeshift deck bar. If you are building or renovating a deck to suit your personality, why not build a bar onto it?

One way to go about this is by installing a large railing top board on your deck railing. This larger top board will form a suitable flat surface that can you can use as a table, buffet, or bar.

If you are looking at entertaining on your deck during all four seasons, consider installing a fire pit. Keep in mind, fire pits on decks can be safety hazards. Be sure you know what kind of fire pit the manufacturer recommends (or advises against) for your deck materials.



The shape of a deck can complement a home exterior as well as its surrounding environment. If your deck faces water or breathtaking landscaping, a curved deck will allow you and your visitors a panoramic view. 

A curved deck is ideal if you are someone who likes to be at one with nature. The rounded shape can blend into the scenery if your deck is in a wooded area, for example.

Curved decks are more challenging to build than traditional square or rectangular decks, meaning they are less common. A curved deck can also provide your home exterior with graceful Old World charm, whether you are inside or outside.

When researching how to design a deck that is unique to you and your home, consider a curved deck.

Balusters: Color and Style

Color is an essential component in any decorating project, especially one that is meant to reflect you. When it comes to deck railings, the most popular colors for balusters often seem to be black, white, or brown.

If you want a deck that fits your personality, do not feel the need to limit yourself.  Just as there are many exciting baluster styles, there are more colors available than traditional black and white.


The floorboards on your deck do not need to be boring. Consider different ways of putting your floorboards in your deck, such as diagonal installation.

Perimeter boards around your deck are another place you can add a personal touch. Many contractors will allow you to select different colors for perimeter boards for no or little cost. Many people call this technique “picture framing.”

Frame your deck in a slightly darker complementary shade than the rest of the floorboards. This decorating device can complement the overall color scheme of your home exterior.


Dupont Construction and Remodeling Can Help You Design a Deck that Fits Your Personality

A deck that reflects your personality can help your overall home exterior fit your personality. A deck that is clearly intended for entertaining will indicate homeowners who value bringing people together in style and comfort.

The considerations provided here are just some of the ways you can personalize your deck. There are certainly many other options available to homeowners who want to individualize their decks. Your creativity may inspire you to do something entirely particular for you, your home, or its surroundings.

Whatever you want your dream deck to look like, Dupont Construction and Remodeling can work with you. We will begin by giving you a free estimate for your desired project.  Contact our experienced deck professionals whether you are building a deck from scratch, or need to revitalize an existing deck.


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