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How to Decorate a Deck with Plants

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How to Decorate a Deck with Plants

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Have you recently moved and now finally own that beautiful deck you’ve always wanted? Maybe you are already a homeowner but are looking to re-decorate for better entertainment ambience? Perhaps you have realized it is time to add plant life into your mix of decor? 

In this article, we will explore how to decorate a deck featuring plants and other decorating ideas. 

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We are excited to share some behind the scenes ideas on how to decorate a deck! Keep reading to learn how to get your deck looking lush and green.

Try Out Container Gardening

What is container gardening, and how is it used to decorate a deck? Container gardening is the use of pots and planters for seasonal plants. Container gardening is straightforward and gives flair to potted plants. 

To achieve an aesthetic, group multiple containers together in an area. You can plant in several containers that are the same or use varying sizes and colors. Use tall, medium, and small containers for a unique outdoor living place!

Expert gardeners recommend packing the containers with easy to care for annuals such as petunias, bacopa, and sweet potato vine—outdoor spaces boom with these plants because of their lush foliage and flowers that last all season. 

Other ideal flowers for container gardening include: 

  • Lantana — an easy-to-care for flower that requires minimal watering
  • Hibiscus — a tropical plant featuring large, showy blooms
  • Scaevola — also known as the fan flower, it is a heat-tolerant, cascading beauty


Try container-grown trees and shrubs for small spaces such as a rooftop garden or small side deck. You can add color with decor, even in small spaces!

If you have a small deck, you can likely support plants requiring less maintenance and require little care. You might want to try succulents. Succulents need little water, have few pests and diseases, and look fantastic all year long. 

There are several variations of succulent plants that make a deck look great:

  • Sedums — grow low but have colorful options
  • Sempervians — tightly clumped hens and chicks
  • Echeverias — succulents with fleshy and bright leaves


Choose a Color Theme for Outdoor Decor

How can you best decorate a deck through utilizing color? Find a color scheme that complements your house, patio, or outdoor furniture. A suggestion is to find flowers in hues of red, orange, or yellow to add a hot palette to your outdoor rooms. 

Examples of hot palette flowers include:  

  • Red verbena
  • Orange marigolds
  • Yellow sunflowers

For a more subdued look, utilize cooler colors from the following flowers:

  • Blue salvia
  • White bacopa
  • Gray-leafed licorice plant

Highlight deck furniture with colorful pillows that match the colors of the flowers. Matching throw pillows will add sparks of color across the deck or patio


Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Comfortable

The goal should be to have your deck feel like an outdoor living room. Decorate your patio with outdoor furniture that looks and feels comfortable. 

You may want to go neutral with the color of the furniture so you can add color with accessories and plants. Waterproof fabric is a must for patio furniture!

If you do choose to have colorful furniture, try to stick with one or two colors. Simplifying color adds a unifying component to the decor. It may be fun to have a deck featuring bright colors to add a creative twist to your outdoor dining area.

To add a cozy feel to the deck, consider adding a fireplace. It will add heat to the open air to warm the chilly days of spring and fall. A firepit can also add beautiful decor to your deck when entertaining guests. Kids might love it too, so they can roast marshmallows and make s’mores! 

Utilize the Area Under the Deck

Many home-owners ignore the space under the deck. Through making use of this area, you can double your space for relaxation!

You can consider putting a hammock under the deck! It is an ideal place for a hammock as the upper deck protects it from weather wear. A shaded hammock is the perfect reading hole on warm summer days. Children also love a hammock for play or cuddle time with mom and dad! 

Under the deck is an excellent dining table location if you have couches and coffee tables on the upper deck. You can also create the illusion of a party environment by decorating it with tiki poles, a bar, and colorful flowers. 

Line the steps down to the area under the deck with potted plants. Vary the size and color of the plants for added interest. You can also string fairy string lights through the railing to add sparkle and glow. 


More Tips: How To Decorate a Deck with Plants

It is vital to keep your plants healthy and alive. When buying plants check for soil preference, sun or shade need, and hardiness ratings. 

Make sure your plant containers meet the height and sun requirements of the plant. You can vary the type of containers you use to create a range of possibilities for patio decoration! 

If you want more privacy, use plants to decorate your deck! Create seclusion by planting small trees in containers that block the view of neighbors. 

Suggested plants for privacy include: 

  • Evergreen trees — arborvitae, cypress, or juniper
  • Flowering standards — disease-resistant roses
  • Tree form versions of shrubs — lantana, hibiscus

Did you know you can decorate a deck to attract butterflies through planting? You will want to pack window boxes, railing planters, and containers with favorite butterfly plants:

  • Butterfly bush
  • Zinnias
  • Verbena

Butterflies are entertainment for children and adults, and the plants support their natural habitat! What could be more relaxing than sitting on your deck and watching butterflies flutter around?

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