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School at Home? Turn Your Home Deck into a Classroom

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School at Home? Turn Your Home Deck into a Classroom

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As the world changes, we all have to find new ways of adapting to the situation around us. More and more of us are spending large amounts of time in our homes and are looking for ways to make the most of the space we have. From transforming bedrooms to crafting study spaces, every nook and cranny is essential for making the new normal work. Running out of corners? Welcome to the home deck!

As well as facing new working conditions, many of us are finding our children home for school. This change involves finding another niche for them to study in — so why not make the most of your outdoor living space? Transforming your outdoor deck into a classroom is a great way to get kids outside in the fresh air — and out from under your feet!

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How To Craft Your Own Home Deck for Learning

Creating your home deck doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. With a few simple changes, you can open up the available space in your home. Here at Dupont Decks, we make your decks our priority and have the knowledge you need to make the most of every inch. Read on for some of our top tips for decking ideas!

Mark Out the Space

Kids need to have boundaries, and this includes a safe place to learn. Ask them to be involved in creating their classroom and learning space. Not only does this make learning more fun, but it helps to get them in the right headspace to learn and study.

You can also allocate each child their own area, offering a chance to head off and learn independently. Once again, make sure you involve them; this allows them to take ownership of their learning and really get involved.

Create ‘Learning Zones’

Research has shown us that kids tend to learn when they are active, and this can be transferred to their learning space. Depending on your deck’s size, you can set up different ‘zones’ for different subjects. 

How about managing Math Mountain, or crafting Poets Corner? That space by the trees is perfect for Biology, while the sun-facing section makes an ample art space.

You can even take things a step further and physically mark up the space using chalk. The action helps to make it more exciting and can have educational benefits. By associating different spaces with different subjects, your kids are encouraged to retain the information in specific areas of the brain.


Bring Bio to Life

The great outdoors is where things grow, so there is no better space to help your kids learn. Working outside offers opportunities to experiment — why not plant different plants in different areas, and see which conditions are best? Not only will you enjoy some stunning flowers, but your child can gain a first-hand insight into how things grow.

Set up different plants in different places around the garden. Once established, take the chance to learn about the importance of shade, sunshine, water, and optimum growing conditions.

Take Some Quiet Time

Spending time in nature has been proven to have enormous benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Crafting your own home deck is the perfect chance to take advantage of this perk.

Make sure you mark out a quiet space to enjoy meditation and mindfulness. Sometimes, teaching your kids to take time for themselves is the most valuable lesson you can offer.

Garden Observation Station

Using what you have is a great way to learn about the world around you, and there is plenty to learn about nature! Set up a station which allows you to see the whole garden, and ask your child to observe the changes each day. They can record weather, nature, foliage, and wildlife, and record their findings in a journal.

You can also take it up a notch and ask the team to prepare a daily news report to keep everyone updated. This is great for honing and perfecting presenting and communication skills. Drawing the scene is another bonus, and you can practice writing and drawing in the journal each day.

The idea can also be extended with the pick a tree project! Each child can pick a tree and start a project to learn everything they can about it. After a time, your child can become a teacher as they present their new knowledge and teach their peers.

Carry this project on through the seasons. Time offers a fantastic opportunity for your child to witness the turn of the seasons and the changing nature of our environment.


Grow Your Own Garden

Take the chance to turn your home deck into a grocery store by growing your own fruit and veg. This is a project which can incorporate a number of subjects. Make math fun for older kids by setting up a stall to sell your produce or practice counting seeds with little ones.

Literacy skills can also be practiced in a fun way. Take your child with you when you head out shopping and encourage them to read the signs around them. You can also create your own signs for the shop and practice crafts and decoration.

Growing your own food goes far beyond traditional academics. The project is a way to help your child connect with their meals, understand sustainability, and care for the planet. It can also lead on to further subjects, including planning and cooking meals from the produce.

Get Creative

Sometimes creativity simply needs an outlet, and your deck project can be the perfect place to enjoy this. Go wild with chalks and washable paints, and encourage your kids to go a little crazy! You never know, you may end up with stunning new deck designs which you want to keep forever.

Let’s Get Messy!

Heading outside to learn on your home deck is a perfect excuse to indulge in some messy play! Set up a mud kitchen, or just provide the tools and let them loose! Being outside means you won’t mind the mess, and your child will benefit from the freedom and creativity of getting messy.

How Can We Help?

If you are looking to set up your own home deck, get in touch with Dupont Decks today. Our team has a wealth of experience in all areas of deck construction. Our advice can help you pick the perfect extension to your living space.

A home deck is a perfect way to find that extra space, and we can help you find your ideal match. Contact us for a free estimate, and start enhancing learning today!


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