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How A Garage Workshop Can Get You Extra Space

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How A Garage Workshop Can Get You Extra Space

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Garages, in their modern iteration, have been around since the 1920s. At that point, most garages were converted from carriage houses to car storage and maintenance areas.

Nowadays, a garage is an almost necessary component to any house. In fact, according to Realtor Magazine, a garage can increase a home’s value by up to 30,000 dollars. 

The best part about a garage is its versatility. You can use your garage for car storage, general storage, band practice, home office, or, our personal favorite, a home garage workshop. 

If you are thinking of building a garage addition or workshop, contact Dupont Construction and Realty for a free estimate. We will do everything we can to make sure you are not only satisfied but thrilled with the final product. At Dupont, our work is our word.


Why Should I Build A Garage Workshop?

As we previously mentioned, a garage addition can add value to your home. If you don’t already have a garage, the addition of one will significantly increase your resale rate.

If you already have a garage, you can use your garage addition for any number of things. If you need a space to work, play, or just hang-out, your garage addition could fill that void. 

There are two types of garage additions you should consider;

Attached Garage

Here are some reasons to consider building onto your house with an attached garage;

  • Building an attached garage can be cheaper because one of the walls is already there. 
  • You can use the existing electrical and HVAC systems of your home without having to worry about new connections on a brand new structure.
  • Access to your garage is more convenient. In bad weather, you don’t have to venture outside.
  • If you are using your addition primarily as a garage, loading and unloading are much more accessible as proximity to your home is closer.
  • Many people use the door from their attached garage as their primary entrance to their home. 
  • May increase your home’s resale value.
  • May increase your home’s curb appeal as your home will look larger with an attached garage.  


Detached Garage

Here are some reasons to consider a detached garage;

  • Your lot or home layout, or a combination of both, does not allow space for an attached garage.
  • The style of your home does not lend itself to the addition of an attached garage.
  • Practically speaking, a detached garage protects the rest of your home from potential accidents that could spread from your garage to the other parts of your home.
  • If you are planning on using your addition as a garage workshop, you might want the addition detached. This way, you can shield the rest of your home from the noise or fumes you might create during your work. You can also store chemicals in your detached garage and not worry as much about the effect they will have on your home or family.  
  • Depending on the structure and materials you use, a detached garage can be significantly less than an attached one.
  • The insurance is typically less on a detached garage than an attached one.
  • You can add a covered walkway to make access easier in bad weather.

Some things to consider when building either an attached or detached garage;

Check with your HOA

Your homeowner’s association will likely have rules in place that concern any addition to your home. Check with your HOA before beginning work on any addition to your house. 

A garage, whether attached or detached, is no different. It would be terrible to begin your garage addition and have to stop and change everything. Or worse yet, to have to tear it down completely because you failed to get proper approval first.


Research your zoning laws

Think of these zoning laws as your HOA times ten. If you are even considering going the DIY route with your addition, you will need to know these laws backwards and forwards.

They will tell you where you can place your garage on your property and even the specifications on the size you will have to stay within. They will also contain specific requirements on materials you can use and drainage considerations. 

Based on your zoning laws, you might not even be able to build on your lot. This information is something you should have before you even begin to think about building. 

Think about your driveway

If you are planning on adding to or building a new driveway, you need to check with both your HOA and your local zoning laws. 

If you are planning for a single car garage, you’ll need about 10 feet of driveable space from the street to your garage door. Take into consideration any obstructing objects, such as trees or existing walls, and add extra feet as needed. 

For a two-car garage, the standard is a 20 by 24 feet driveway.

Check out these great tips from Scott Cohen of The Green Scene for more detailed instructions. 

Building Your Garage Workshop

Now that you are ready to build your garage workshop, here are a few things you should think about while before you build.

Build a Solid Workbench

Before you build, plan your layout. Decide where you what everything and think about the flow. Your workbench should be the centerpiece of your workshop, and you should plan everything else around it.

Your workbench should be solid with a heavy hardtop. Have one designed for you or find one online. Talk to your Dupont contractor to get some ideas and help.

Proper Lighting is Key

How can you expect to get any quality work done if you can’t see what you are doing? When shopping for lights, look for lumens rather than watts. The lumen is the measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted, and it is a better comparison than a watt.

Once again, talk to your Dupont contractor for advice. He or she will be able to help with any lighting questions you have.


Plan For Your Electrical Needs

Don’t skimp here, make sure to have a qualified electrician on hand to gauge the power you will need and the power your home can provide. Talk to your Dupont contractor about finding an electrical contractor you can trust.

If you are ready to get started on your addition and to finally build that garage workshop you have been dreaming of, contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling.

Remember, Our Work is Our Word!


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