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5 Things to Look for in a Deck Builder

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5 Things to Look for in a Deck Builder

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There are many benefits to building a deck onto your home. A deck can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors around your home without having to go very far. Finding an experienced deck builder can prove to be a daunting task, though.

The addition of a deck can be a great area to place outdoor furniture and host a barbeque for all of your family and friends. Another essential advantage to having a beautiful deck built is the value it will add to your home.

Building a beautiful deck and ensuring it will persevere over the years means picking the correct deck builder for the job. Doing proper research means you know what you will get with no confusion. 

With nearly two decades of experience, you can be sure that choosing Dupont Construction and Remodeling is a great choice. They will listen to your needs and build you the deck you deserve. 

Before deciding, you will first need to consider multiple things when choosing a contractor for the new addition to your house. Here is a list of 5 things to be on the lookout for when selecting the best team for the job.


#1: Being Code Aware

When selecting a contractor, you want to ensure that they are up to date with their code. If your contractor is unaware of proper law, this could spell trouble for you and your family down the road. To ensure your deck is constructed correctly, make sure that they are knowledgeable first.

Building code is in place as a way to ensure buildings, or in this case, your deck, are safe for public use. Knowing your deck follows proper code will give you peace of mind when you finally kick back, relax, and barbeque with your family and friends.

#2: Safety Comes First

A right contractor cares about the safety of all. Guaranteed protection is vital to the workers laboring on your deck; no one should be at risk of injury when constructing this addition to your home! Be sure to ask the contractor what safety measures are in place when the deck is being built.

The deck should be constructed expertly to ensure safety to you and your family as well! Asking how it will be built and what materials will be used is excellent for you to know. A stable and robust deck means you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

If a deck has a failure, it’s generally tied to faulty construction, inappropriate materials, or lack of maintenance.


#3: Seek Out A Professional

Make sure you have the right team for the job! Meet with the contractor and ask them questions. It will be easy to see those that intend to build you a marvelous deck, and those that will do it haphazardly.

Choosing an unprofessional contractor will undoubtedly spell trouble for you. An incompetent team will likely pinch pennies, cut corners, and build your deck improperly. Selecting a team like that could mean your deck won’t last as long, and you will be unhappy in the long run.

#4: Experience Is Crucial

Another aspect to consider when hiring the best contractor for you is the amount of experience they have. The more experience they have, the more comfortable you can feel knowing that the job will get done correctly.

It’s a good idea to ask and confirm how long they have been in business as a contractor. You can also ask for pictures of jobs accomplished in the past. This will paint a solid image for you to show you if their work is up to the standards of your home.

The contractor can show you all of the different types of decks they have built in the past. These samples not only show you that they are good at their craft, but it can also give you more ideas on what you would like for your deck in the future.

#5: Reviews Are Your Friend

One thing that many of us take for granted these days is the ease of information through the internet! If you are thinking of picking a specific contractor for the job, consider looking at what others say about their business. Reviews can be an easy way to get other opinions as you move towards making a final decision.

Keep an open mind and stay observant when reading these online reviews! Are they overwhelmingly positive or negative? Do they mention similar characteristics in each one? You can get a clear picture of what to expect by reading other peoples thoughts first.

You shouldn’t rely entirely on these reviews when choosing a contractor, but they can give you great insight with your choice. Use the previous four tips and then complement it by seeing what others say via reviews. You will be choosing the perfect contractor for you in no time!


Making The Right Choice

Ensuring you don’t pick the wrong team for the job is just as important as selecting the right one! Several things can act as a red flag for you when choosing an expert contractor. Here’s a list of red flags for you to look out for:

  • Requiring cash only for the project.
  • Pressuring you into an immediate obligation.
  • Unable to provide proof of insurance.
  • Unable to provide appropriate licensing.
  • Requiring you (as the homeowner) to get the required permits.

Any of these could mean potential trouble for you down the road. Seeing any of these red flags could mean that the contractor is looking to cut corners and provide an unsatisfactory deck.

Following these guidelines will get you on the fast track to choosing the correct contractor for you and your home! Remaining vigilant, asking the right questions, and knowing what to look out for are crucial steps in being a happy homeowner with a brand new beautiful deck.

If you are looking for a professional team that specializes in new deck building and deck reconstruction, then look no further. Dupont Construction and Remodeling are the go-to choice for the Minneapolis and St Paul area and have been creating stunning decks for nearly two decades. Contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling for a free estimate, and be on the right path to having a fantastic new addition to your home.


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