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What To Look for in a Quality Screened Porch Builder

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What To Look for in a Quality Screened Porch Builder

What To Look for in a Quality Screened Porch

What To Look for in a Quality Screened Porch Builder

Most people looking to utilize their outdoor space usually choose between a deck, porch, or patio. Still, only one of them will give you the whole experience of the amazing outdoors: a screened porch. So, if you have the idea of constructing a screen porch, one crucial aspect you have to consider is finding a quality screen porch builder.

Hiring a quality builder is as important as finding a quality partner to close a business deal. Even though charges and timelines are essential, there are still many qualities you should seek when choosing the best builder for the job. Considering how complicated adding a screen porch that needs a wall and roof is, you should always go for the quality.

Any screen porch builder should have experience in the field, especially leak-proofing and wind-bracing. It would help hire a skilled and experienced screen porch builder to work with you. Before we show you how to find a high-quality screened porch builder, it is essential to have an idea of what a screened porch is, so we will quickly elaborate:

What is a Screened Porch?

What To Look for in a Quality Screened Porch Builder: Screened in Patio

A screened porch is an ideal structure built on the outside that resembles a porch but has windows covering it. Think of it as an outdoor living area that has indoor comforts. The best part is enjoying your time outside without mosquitoes buzzing around your ears or stinging pests.

Most of the time, a screen porch is attached to the house, but every so often, it’s constructed separately. 


You may also add some lights and ceiling fans to make the deck extra comfortable.

In addition to being the best structure for outdoor living, it also comes with some benefits. So, we decided to spare some time and highlight a few of those benefits:

  • It expands your living area: Children have a common habit of dropping their toys wherever and whenever, but you can avoid this with an extra living room. You can also use it as your intimate space for reading books or working.
  • Experience nature and privacy: A screened porch allows you to have some privacy as you connect with nature. Imagine sipping coffee as you watch the sunset in a secluded environment, yet it feels like you’re outside.
  • It increases the value of a house: A house constructed with a screened porch can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. Provided the house is in good shape.

Most homeowners also use their screened porches as extra living spaces and occasionally for climate control. For instance, if there’s a blackout and the air conditioning unit isn’t working, a screened porch can offer you a cool, well-ventilated area for sleeping. With that in mind, it’s time we answer the main question, “what do I look for in a screen porch builder?”

Most Essential Qualities to Look for in a Quality Screen Porch Builder

Modern new screened porch with plastic windows

Deck-building or custom decking can get complicated, especially when adding a screen porch. Most states, including Minnesota, require you to obtain a permit to build a screen porch. So, you’ll need to ensure you hire a licensed and insured screen porch builder and remember to request authentication before you hire them.

In the meantime, it would help if you were aware of the qualities to look for:

1. Well Established Track Record

Most builders use word of mouth as their authentication, but that’s not enough. No builder will go around announcing their failures. They’ll all assure you of quality and cost-effective work, but customer reviews are usually the best checklists.

Ask yourself these questions first “can your screen porch builder present samples of his previous work? Are there any positive reviews on the website? If the company you hired can’t even find customers to review their work, what does that indicate about them?

2. Experience

Experience is an important aspect worth considering because there’s no alternative to experience. A job might seem simple to the naked eye, but a skilled and experienced builder will spot any problem before it worsens. They’ll also provide accurate offers and estimates.

In addition, contractors can be skilled and experienced in specific fields like architectural drawings or handling certain materials. Since there are many materials to choose from, you’ll need to select the one you prefer. After deciding on the material, you can search for a constructor with manufacturer certifications; it also helps with the warranty after the screen porch construction is over.

3. Perfect Planning

Repairman works on door of back porch

What is the space reserved for? Establishing a plan is always the number one step for any construction project. You should at least have a rough idea of what you want so you can search for a builder who can address your specified needs.

A space reserved for entertainment purposes will differ from a space reserved for sunbathing. You’ll also have to consider shade and the general size and shape of the deck. Choose a builder that can satisfy your needs and include any feature you choose.

4. Great Communication Skills

You must be thinking: how will communication skills help build me a screen porch? Well, good communication skills have always been the bedrock of any relationship. It may sound like something coming from a self-help book, but it applies in construction.

Picture working with a builder who feels too shy or afraid to notify you that the estimate was off. Or, maybe you had to re-arrange your schedule to give him some time, then he comes in several hours later. Be attentive in your first conversation with your prospect builder to see how they communicate.

If you don’t know what topics to address in the first interview, here are some examples:

  • Ask them about their experience
  • Speak about the material they prefer using
  • Ask for a thorough cost estimate
  • Ask for common designs

Speaking of designs, when building a screen porch, you need to determine the size of the porch. Do you want a sitting area or just a dining area? Remember that a long and narrow room will offer adjacent living spaces for both dining and sitting and allows extra light inside as compared to a square room.

Concerning the roofing designs, a peaked roof provides you space to fit in high windows, allowing excellent air circulation and space to install a ceiling fan. You can also build a gas or wood fireplace to ensure the room is always comfortable and warm, even during fall or chilly springs.

Wrapping it Up

Nothing beats a lovely evening on the porch with your family or friends. The breeze blowing gently, great company by your side, and the beauty of nature, make it the ideal place to hang around. These are among the reasons most homeowners in Central Minnesota who desire outdoor living choose to build a screened porch.

Building a screen porch is like adding an extra room to your house. So, when you look for a builder, you need to be confident that they will design something that is high-quality and that suits your needs. 

We are a deck company with over 20 years of experience, and we are sure we can do better than a great job when you choose us as the deck builder to craft your screened porch.

Let Dupont Decks build you the screen porch of your dreams, and we assure you will love the results. We can create a gorgeous, structurally sound screen porch for you today. Call today for a free estimate or if you have any inquiries.


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