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Screened in Serenity: Creating Your Perfect Porch Oasis

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Screened in Serenity: Creating Your Perfect Porch Oasis

back porch oasis by Dupont Decks

The warm summer months are best enjoyed in a perfect outdoor space with friends. It’s even better if that’s your own home. A back porch oasis is the perfect way to relax, host, and cherish memories in your home for many years. 

Building a porch oasis doesn’t need to be intimidating. With a few easy steps, you’ll be lounging in paradise in no time. To help you start the design of your outdoor oasis, reach out to Dupont Decks with your idea. 


Creating Your Perfect Porch Oasis: Ideation

To build a backyard oasis, you’ll want to start with a concept. It’s important to lay out what you want before purchasing and piecing it together. 

Find inspiration for your idea by using visual examples through Instagram and Pinterest. It’s both fun and important to find the aesthetic you want before starting. Some of the questions to ask yourself at this point are: 

  • What color scheme do you want? A patio area often looks best with earth tones or neutral colors. Neutral colors are best complemented with lush greenery or statement pieces.  
  • Where will the focal point be? Narrowing the functionality of the area is key to designing it. Will it be to lounge, host dinners, or embrace outdoor living more?
  • Find your style inspiration. Choosing an ambiance for your setting will help you decorate cohesively. Some examples are cozy, zen, bohemian, rustic, tropical, or romantic. 


Backyard Oasis Must-Have Features

a table and chairs on a backyard porch

A porch lounge needs to have a few essential parts, but it will be up to you to decide the additions that best build your vision. 

Initial Build and Color Scheme

Every porch oasis starts with the build. This includes the porch flooring, walls, and a roof or covering. You’ll need to consider what types of wood and colors of paint or stain you want.  

Neutral colors or white are popular choices for bohemian, tropical, or luscious spaces because they complement greenery well. However, darker colors can also work well when complemented with lighter pieces. They’ll offer a more zen or romantic feel to your oasis. 

Estimating the cost of a build must be done with the builder and designer. The cost will vary on size, materials, and complexity of the build. Reach out to Dupont Decks to discuss a quote. It does help to have more details for your vision to get the most accurate quote. 

Outdoor Rugs

Once you’ve got the foundation built, you can start adding the fun pieces. Outdoor rugs are a great addition to tie together colors and help keep your patio in the best shape long-term. Depending on the type of rug, they can cost anywhere from $50 for regular to $500+ for designer ones. 

Outdoor Furniture 

Picking out furniture is where it gets exciting because you start to bring the character to the space. Focus on pieces that match your color scheme and aesthetic vision. 

Keep in mind you’ll want furniture specifically used for the outdoors, as these can handle the extreme wear conditions than indoor ones. 

For an outdoor table, consider whether a coffee table or a dining table would fit better. It will depend on the size and focal point of the space you have. 

Seating will also depend on the function of your oasis. Couches can be great for comfort, chairs might be better if they’re used for more dining purposes, or even hammocks can be added for a cute and unique touch. 

Outdoor tables typically cost a few hundred, while chairs will range anywhere from $15 to a few hundred per chair. Hammocks range from $50 to $200+, depending on the type. 

Lush Greenery

a house with a porch and a deck

An oasis needs beautiful greenery to complete it. Potted plants can help this on a porch area. Covering your space with luscious greenery will bring out the immersive outdoor feeling of being in nature. 

Talk to plant specialists to find what will be best for your porch. Different ambiances will call for different types of plants. For example, a tropical feeling will call for large monsteras, while a zen feeling may call for more Bonsai trees. They offer very different feelings to a porch. 

The cost of plants varies massively. You may find some plants that are less than $20, while others you want can easily cost more than $100. 


Have you experienced how poor lightning can destroy an otherwise wonderful space? Never let lighting be an afterthought. Look for soft lighting with warm colors. Backlit lights, such as indirect lighting under counters or tables, can achieve this well and add a unique touch.

String lights, path lights, and gas lanterns are all gentle ways to add lighting. These range from $20 to $100 per fixture, and the overall cost will depend on how much lighting you want. 

Fun Additions

Now that you have a perfect outdoor oasis planned out, you might think about adding fun additions that bring it to the next level.

  • Hot tub: Who doesn’t love a hot tub? It’ll be a hit for anyone and everyone. Cheaper ones can be under $500, while nicer ones can rack up to $10,000 and provide the full spa experience. Hot tubs are incredible additions to any porch, but their installation involves more than just a simple setup. Due to their weight, larger framing, extra supports, and sturdy footings are essential to ensure the deck or porch can handle the load and provide a safe and relaxing experience. Hot tubs demand this level of structural consideration to truly soak in comfort and safety.
  • Fire pit: A fire pit brings a functional and entertaining feature to a backyard. It adds warmth, natural beauty, and fun for all ages (so better get the s’mores supplies ready!). Cheaper ones will only cost $100 or less. 
  • Water feature: On a warm evening, as the sun sets behind you, the sound of running water brings an extra sense to your magical experience. Water features vary in size, and even a small one can bring more peace to your ambiance. The fountain itself can cost you $100 to $4,000.


Wrapping Up

Outdoor spaces can be relaxing retreats in your own home. A porch is an excellent foundation for building a beautiful space for maximum comfort. You’ll only need to find your vision and bring it to life with all the essential features, such as those we listed above.

Dupont Decks can build your vision with you. To get a free quote and be one step closer to your porch oasis, contact Dupont Decks


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