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Curved Decks that are Awe-Inspiring

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Curved Decks that are Awe-Inspiring

Winter view of home with red door and front porch. A wreath hangs on the vibrant red front door with glass panes.

We all want our homes to be unique and exciting. That desire naturally extends to all of our outdoor features, more specifically, our decks. Your deck can increase your curb appeal, and even the overall value of your home. 

To do all that, you want to make sure that you build a quality deck that will stand the test of time. It won’t hurt to make it visually appealing, as well. You might want to consider adding curved decking to your design board.

If you value individuality and uniqueness, your deck should reflect that taste. At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we care about your home. We want to provide you with results that will leave you satisfied for years to come. 

Differences Can Be Beautiful

No one wants their home to look just like everyone else. If you are looking to add a little spice to your deck design, consider curved decking. 

Sure, you can attempt to make your deck stand out with a few cosmetic changes. You could add a few decorative planters, low or high-voltage lighting (check out our tips here), wrought iron or wooden railings, a pergola, or structured storage. 

All of those are perfectly acceptable options to add a touch of flair. But why not go above and beyond. Consider adding some dimension and depth to the construction of your deck, so it is unique from the get-go. 


Should I Build a Curved Deck?

You may be asking yourself, “Is a curved deck right for me?” If so, there are a few things you should consider before taking that next step.

Curved decks are unique and attractive, but they are a bit tricky to build. Traditionally, deck framing materials are rigid and straight. To turn those unbending materials into a curved deck is a little bit of a process. 

First things first, you need a good starting point. A solid plan is essential whenever you attempt to undertake a new endeavor. 

Contact a construction expert to get started. They can help you draw and plan out your dream deck. You will need special applications, equipment, and techniques to complete your curved deck dreams. 

When you are ready to get started, you will definitely want professional help. Before you get there though, let’s go over some great ideas to get your curve on.

Curved Benches

If you don’t want an entirely curved deck, you can add a curved bench for a little bit of extra flair. As well as its practicality, a curved bench is a beautiful way to add additional seating to your deck. Choose colors and materials to match your existing deck. 

Semicircular Prow

Get a little nautical, and take inspiration from the stately beauty of a ship. The prow or bow of a boat is the forward-most part of a ship, and it leads the vessel where it is going to go. Turn your deck into the prow of your house with a curve and swerve. 

Carry the curve theme a step further and dress your deck up with a congruent, curved flower bed in front of your deck. 

Go Octagonal

One way to incorporate curves without much of the added expense would be to build an octagonal deck. An octagonal deck allows you to add some curve without too much extra work, curving and stretching the wood or other materials. 

Plus, more of your furniture and features will work with the octagonal shape. You could incorporate a round or square table with equal effectiveness. 


Curved Railing and Bench

Do a little double duty with a curved rail and bench scheme. The railing can double as a table or perch, so you get even more utility out of your deck. The double whammy of a curved deck with matching railing will look striking against the square or rectangle shape of your yard.

Mix and Match

You can incorporate any of these elements to achieve a new look. Try to add in some levels. You can have a curved bench facing an opposing curved railing. You might even add a curved staircase that can double as a seating area. 

Whatever you do, just keep it unique. Let your imagination roam and see what you can come up with. Just make sure that your dreams stay in line with your budget. That is where professional help becomes essential.

Add a Trellis

If you have added a curved bench to your deck, consider a curved and arched trellis to accent the new curvature. This design addition is particularly useful if you live in a busy neighborhood with a view you would like to block. The trellis will also provide your yard with a measure of privacy. 

Curved Steps

What’s better than one curved step? -A series of curved steps, of course! With this option, you don’t have to curve your entire deck, just a few steps. This eye-catching design will help your deck genuinely pop.

Add a Pergola

One reason to add curves to your deck or landscape design is the variety of structures and textures and their ability to tie a whole theme together. Try to incorporate a variety of patterns, materials, colors, and designs for an appealing visage.

A Pergola is one great way to add a little bit of all these elements into your yard. 

Curved Brick Edging to Add Some Curving to Your Landscape

Imagine steps leading from your beautiful deck down to your impeccably landscaped yard. Before you reach your perfectly manicured grass, imagine a curved landing as a launching point. 

Use a mix of wood and brick to create an appealing and eye-catching detail to your yard.


Spiral Staircase

If you have an elevated deck, consider adding a spiral staircase and join functionality and design in one pretty package. Additionally, spiral staircases are great space savers. If you are limited on space, and, let’s face it, who isn’t, a spiral staircase is the perfect solution to two of your problems. 

As you can see, you have many options when considering adding some curve to your deck. Any of these elements would make an excellent addition to a new or existing deck. 

If you are thinking about moving forward with any of these options, contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling for a free estimate today. Let us make your curved decking dreams a reality. 

Keep in mind that home improvements are more difficult in the winter months. At Dupont, though, we’ve got your back.


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