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Choosing the Best Color for Your Deck

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Choosing the Best Color for Your Deck

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It may seem a small detail, but the color you choose for your deck can actually have a significant impact on your overall style, mood, and the feel of your home. Your home and yard are places of relaxation and fun. So, it is crucial that you pick a color, and overall finish is authentic and true to your desires and preferences. 

With so many exciting options, materials, and colors available, there has never been a better time to make a selection and invest in a deck that suits your family, lifestyle, and aesthetic. Dupont Construction and Remodeling has the tools and skills you need to help you make the best choice on how to choose deck color: read on for our top tips!


The Style

One major aspect to consider is the overall style of your home – this can have a big effect on the appearance of your decking. If you have chosen to embrace a riot of crazy color indoors, there is nothing to stop you from extending this to your decking area, and choosing a range of bright stones or tiles to create a lively, exciting atmosphere. 

Alternatively, you may be a big fan of minimalism, and cool, calm, and white, or grey colors may hold huge appeal to carry on this theme outside.

By building on what you already have, you can ensure that you create and design a yard space and deck environment you are happy with and can make the most of any existing color schemes to help develop a real sense of unity throughout the home. 

Remember also to consider the color of your house. Generally, a deck is designed to be seen as an extension of the home, and so should be a pleasant visual addition, rather than an eyesore! You could choose to blend the deck with the same color as the property or make a bold statement with a deliberately contrasting color. 


The Sun

If you plan to have your deck outside to take full advantage of heady summer days, you will also need to consider that the color you choose can also have an impact on the comfort of the material in certain weathers. Darker shades, such as dark stone or tiles and even some darker shades of wood, tend to heat up very quickly under sunny temperatures, and this may lead to them becoming very uncomfortable to stand on with bare feet. 

On the contrary, lighter colors such as whites and pale greys, stay cooler even when the sun is beating down, and so can often prove a safer choice for a deck which can be used and enjoyed in a range of weathers.

We have great tips on enjoying your deck year-round, check out our guide here.

The Aspiration

As well as looking to your current style for inspiration, it can also be useful to consider the image you are trying to project; this can influence the colors you choose for your deck. As a rule, those colors and styles which reflect and echo the outside landscape and scenery will look the best, and help add a calming, authentic, and relaxing mood to the whole space.

Shades of vibrant orange or fresh, calm, yellows are a perfect way to suggest a soothing sandy beach. Many shades will be able to offer accents or suggestions of these colors, with brick reds and oranges the ideal choice for those wanting to make a real statement. 

To echo natural slate and stone – perhaps if you have a hilly or rocky landscape – try to choose colors that highlight shades of greys and dark creamy tones. Houses by water may wish to embrace their nautical influences, and offer cool blues or dusky green shades to highlight the water they surround.

Using the landscape around helps your deck to blend in harmoniously with the natural surroundings, and the overall effect can be very zen and soothing when used correctly. This is also a great excuse to play with contrasts, such as a cool slate grey bordered by dramatic red brick or a mix of tones in a crazy paving finish that echoes the landscape.


The Colors

Some colors are consistently popular with homeowners and are often top choices for decks. These include:


Perfect for adding real warmth, a brown tone is also a great way to help your deck harmonize with the natural surroundings and environment. There are a host of shades to choose from, from a dark, almost coffee-colored shade which helps to add a modern, urban vibe, to a rich mahogany tone to offer a sense of elegance, or a lighter brown for a timeless, open feel.


As we mentioned, blue can be a really fun pick if you home is near the coast or a lake, and has the added bonus of currently being super fashionable! Again, a whole spectrum of color is available depending on your preferences.

Choose a bright, lively Mediterranean blue for a vibrant and exotic feel, or a quiet pastel powder blue to generate a real sense of calm. Barely blue is an excellent complement to a grey house, while a deep, rich navy can help you to make a serious statement.


A consistently popular choice, grays tend to look eternally chic and stylish and can add a sense of elegance to your deck, which will stand the test of time. From a light, smoky shade to a strong slate, there is plenty of choices, and this also works perfectly as a contrast against an intense, statement color for a flick of sophistication.


If you are looking to seriously stand out, why not try a red? This is a great way to boost warmth and offer a welcoming vibe, and has a tendency to put people in the mood for a fiesta – perfect if you love to party! Ensure that your deck is the hub of socializing and a place where good food comes to hang out, all while livening up the overall look of your home.

Take the chance to transform your deck today, and start really enjoying your outside space – and those long, sunny evenings of which we are all so fond!


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