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How to Budget for a New Deck

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How to Budget for a New Deck

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When you sit down to budget for your deck, you might not consider it a rip-roaring good time. Budgeting can be dry, and it can be kind of a buzzkill, since you realize all your limitations and obstacles.

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On the other hand, this necessary step to building a deck is the beginning of a quiet morning coffee in the first light. Budgeting is simply the first move that makes memorable outdoor get-togethers with family and friends possible!


Budget For Your Deck: Getting Started

Where to begin? Figuring out how much your deck and its construction is going to cost can seem daunting.

As with most things, many people find it necessary to break it down into smaller steps. We’ll provide you a simple breakdown of factors to consider.

What Kind of Deck Are You Building?

Of course, not all decks are created equal. Different varieties of decks require different materials and have various costs associated with them. Consider what kind of structure you would like before you set out to calculate your budget.

Not quite sure what you want to build just yet? No worries! In some ways, this works better. 

When you budget for your deck, you can comparison shop between different types of builds. While you may find you can’t have your dream design, you will have a consolation prize. You will know what options you do have that are within your price range. 

Know The Square Footage

In this component of budget-planning, you need to calculate the square footage of the structure you want to build.

Hiring a Contractor? Or Going the DIY Route?

This question right here is the reason you want to know the square footage. Why? Well, this is where things start to get more complicated (and, potentially, more expensive).

If you build your new deck yourself, costs can range from about $8 to $10 per square foot. Alternately, if you hire a contractor, the typical prices are around $25 per square foot.

Now, these are broad estimates. Each situation is different, and different structures’ needs will vary. Additionally, keep in mind that the old adage: “time is money.”

When you budget for your deck, don’t forget to budget your time, as well! While you may save money on paper when you choose to go the DIY route, keep in mind your time. The length of a project matters. 

Material Costs

The costs of the materials are probably among the first things you associate with this project, and for good reason. 

Remember our earlier point about pricing in your time. Shopping for your own materials and doing the research on their suitability and cost takes time. When a contractor gives you an estimate, they can knowledgeably inform you about the optimal material for your build. 

Let’s say you’ve decided to build a raised deck. Do you want a composite deck, or a wood deck? How about a pressure-treated deck?

Each type has different costs associated with it. Do your research, and figure out how much you need to budget for each type. 


Budget For Your Deck’s Hidden Costs (And Benefits!)

Material costs may be some of the first things you think about when you think about building your deck. What about the hidden costs? A deck budget is more than labor costs and the price of wood. 

There are ways to makeover your deck on a budget. Check out our tips here.

Here are some of the less-obvious expenditures associated with building a new structure onto your home.

Factor in Insurance Costs

Before you begin building, check to make sure your homeowner’s insurance will cover your new deck. Once you’ve built your deck, calculate the final cost. Let your insurance company know that cost so that they can include additional coverage in your policy.


If you aren’t planning to pay cash outright for your new build, financing will be part of your budget. Consider different lenders’ interest rates and monthly payments. Factor those payments and the associated interest rates into your budget.

A Word of Warning: Your Taxes May Go Up!

As with financing, not all the costs that come with your new deck. Some of the payments come further on down the road. A new deck is a double-edged sword: it raises the value of your home, thereby raising your property taxes.

Be sure to find out how much your new deck will increase your property taxes before you begin.

Expect the Unexpected!

Because life is life, you should consider having additional “just-in-case” funds in your budget. Things happen, and you never know what unforeseen or last-minute costs may show up once you get started.

Hidden Rewards

Clearly, a deck isn’t a money pit or a time-suck. You put in the time and are willing to pay the associated costs for good reason. At the end of it all, you have increased your home’s value, and you have improved your quality of life.

Don’t believe us? The data supports it! 

Remodeling magazine recently reported the results of a study of homeowners. It showed that 81% of homeowners reported a greater desire to be at home after they built their deck. 74% reported a greater sense of satisfaction with being at home.

Some things you just can’t put a price on!


Dupont Decks for Your Deck Construction Needs

If you have a budget for your deck (or if you don’t!) and are ready to start, contact Dupont Decks. We’ll give you a free estimate on the price of your desired project. 

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