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7 Front Porch Ideas That Wow

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7 Front Porch Ideas That Wow

Front porch with pillars

Imagine a house with a beautiful front porch. Picture the colorful and comfortable chairs that adorn the porch, the intricate plants and flowers that line the porch, and the water feature that attracts the attention of all passing by.

If you desire an awe-inspiring front porch but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We have front porch ideas for every house. Whether you want functional and modern, or traditional and welcoming, Dupont Construction will help you achieve your dream porch.

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Your front porch is one of the first things, if not THE first thing, a guest sees when they come to your home. You want their first impression to be great. What better way than to have an inviting and attractive porch!

Front Porch Ideas


Whatever your house looks like, there is a beautiful front porch design that will enhance your home. Whether you have a small home, a ranch style home, manufactured home, brick house, modular home, colonial house, or are just looking for a place to sit, Dupont Construction can help you with front porch ideas that will make you love coming.

Small Home

If you have a small home, you want to balance the front porch design with the rest of the house. Consider building your porch out with a framed, contrasted doorway. You can create a small porch that is big enough for seating but small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm your house. You will enjoy sitting on your front porch and watching the world go by around you.

If the front of your smaller home is flat, you could also design a wide, yet shallow porch across the entire front of the house. The width will draw visitors into your home. Then, choose simple decoration such as rocking chairs, a swing, or complimentary chairs. Add in some color with planters or landscaping, and you have an incredible porch.

Ranch-Style Home


The beauty of a ranch home is the typically the sides of the home are not parallel. You can create a unique porch that ties into one or both sides of the house. If you live in a more wooded area, consider a rustic porch with wooden boards on the porch and overhead in the extended roof. The natural colors and perpendicular lines will provide a comfortable and welcoming feel.

Or, if you are looking for a porch without roof, you could extend your porch to one side of the door. Establish an inviting feel with well-placed chairs, a table, and potted plants. This spot would be perfect to take in some afternoon sun or to watch the sun rise or set.

Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes have drastically changed in recent years. There are many more options than the typical long, rectangular houses we used to see. However, a beautiful front porch will add a special touch that will make your manufactured home feel fantastic.

Adding a large porch to a double wide, even as large as single wide, will create an incredible sitting area that is perfect for entertaining. Add in some twinkling lights and colorful plants, and it will be the spot to hang out in the house.

You could also incorporate a smaller porch into the yard to make a unique living space. Use some rock pavers and a pergola, combined with a small porch, to create an enticing yard and porch combination.

Brick House

There are many ways you can go with porches on brick homes. You can either use a coordinated brick that matches the house, you can use wood, or you can choose a contrasting rock or brick.

Another unique way to add depth to a front porch on a brick house is a front porch pillar design. You can choose from a variety of pillars, either stone or wood. Consider adding pillars to a porch that is not raised. If you love the front of your house and don’t want to impede the view, a ground-level porch is a perfect addition.

Modular Home

Modular homes are similar to manufactured homes, and countless front porch ideas will enhance the appeal of your home. A modular home is an excellent design for a wrap-around porch. If you have multiple entrances to your house, you can provide easy access to all the doors. Add some wooden railings and contrasting pillars to create a classic look.

Colonial Home


When you think of colonial houses, large front porches with light and space come to mind. Adding in some hanging planters, inviting and comfortable furniture and color through landscaping or material can create a great atmosphere.

A unique front porch idea for a colonial home would be to create a smooth porch. Removing the appearance of lines on the porch will extend the look of the porch and make a perfect space to relax. Add in a fan, some seating, and tea, and you might feel like you are in the South.

Another fantastic idea for a colonial house is bold, contrasting colors. A white house or porch with black, red, or blue accents will make your home feel grand and inviting. You can put a new and fresh spin on an older style house with bold colors.

Need Some Extra Space

If you are looking for extra space, why not look to your porch! Whatever kind of home you have, you can build a single or multi-level porch that will add to your usable space. Choosing a screened in porch with places to sit as well as heating will allow you to be on your porch for three or four seasons.

All you need is a few rocking chairs to entice every guest to enjoy your new porch. You can even create additional dining space by having an enclosed table on your screened in porch.

Call Dupont Construction

If you have decided a new porch is the way to go and are looking for front porch ideas, call Dupont Construction and Remodeling. The friendly team will walk you through the process and ensure you are satisfied.

The experts at Dupont specialize in outdoor living. They want you to enjoy your home and all it has to offer. Whether you are looking for additional entertaining space, or a way to enjoy the outdoors year-round, Dupont will help you plan and design the perfect porch.


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