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Caring for Covered Decks in Cold Weather: All You Need to Know

A covered deck ideal for relaxing outdoors. Generative AI

In the warmer months, we can enjoy decks in various ways, but that changes as winter approaches. Caring for covered decks in cold weather is vital for keeping them in good shape as long as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you how to protect them during chilly months.  Dupont Decks […]

6 Custom Deck Considerations for Commercial Properties

Boardwalk observation deck and city view

In today’s competitive market, efficiently using your commercial property’s outdoor space can give you an edge over your competitors. And what better way to do this than with a custom deck?  Whether it’s a rooftop deck for your restaurant or a poolside deck for your resort, a custom-built deck will add visual appeal and monetary […]

5 Simple Ways to Renovate and Refresh Your Home Deck


The climate in Minnesota is varied, ranging from frigid and damp winters to sweltering summer heat, high humidity, and arctic wind. It stands to reason that anything we build outside our homes must be built tough to endure the elements. From moisture, frost action, and UV rays from the sun, the lifespan of your deck […]

Location’s Impact on Materials for the Deck

Backyard wooden deck floor boards with fresh brown stain

If you’re planning to build a deck, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is which deck materials to use. Your location should be a significant factor in your decision. Different Materials for the deck will react differently to the elements and may require more or less maintenance in other climates. This […]

What To Know About a Deck Build Warranty

Carpenter Cutting Wood With Handheld Saw While Coworker Helping

A deck build warranty assures homeowners of a contractor’s commitment to replacing decking material due to manufacturer or contractor errors. Knowing the hired contractor will repair your deck if you aren’t pleased with the results is calming. Hiring a professional and experienced deck builder will give you peace of mind and avoid unexpected and irritating […]

12 Ways for Your Pergola Design Throughout the Seasons

Beautiful Yard Pergola

You have or are planning to install a beautiful backyard pergola. A pergola is an open, four-cornered structure made of archways. It provides shade for lounging humans and a trellis for vining plants to climb up beautifully. Pergola design can make a home and deck much more elegant, but they are generally considered warm-weather structures.  […]

Firepit vs. Fireplace: 8 Factors to Keep in Mind

Firepit vs Fireplace

If you’re thinking about getting a firepit vs. fireplace, it’s easy to get stuck wondering what the best choice would be. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, one option might appeal to you more than the other, but it can be hard to know which one that would be until you try it out.  […]

Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

A warm and cozy outdoor deck fireplace creates a charm for personal spaces. From the stunning appearance to the capacity for entertainment, outdoor decks are suitable for fire elements. You can capitalize on your personal property to create your desired ambiance. With appropriate attention to detail and planning, you can have a fireplace installed on […]

Create an Oasis with a Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

A warm jacuzzi with a hot tub privacy enclosure

The bliss of a hot tub experience is unmatched. The relaxation of a hot tub makes it a worthwhile investment. When you buy the hot tub, one of the first things to do is secure its safety and privacy by creating a hot tub privacy enclosure.  But do you really need a hot tub enclosure […]

It’s Hip to Be Square — But So Are Curved Patios and Decks

A curved patio with wooden stairs.

We tend to think of houses as many right angles, from a square lot to a square living room. But that doesn’t mean your deck has to be square too. Curved patios and decks offer several advantages compared to a more traditional design, but they often go overlooked. Below, we outline some of the pros […]

Deck, Outdoor Screen Porch, or 4 Season Room – How to Choose

An outdoor screen porch with an outdoor sectional and rug.

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and improve the value of your home? An outdoor living addition such as a deck, outdoor screen porch, or 4 season room can boost your home’s value and provide a nice return on your investment.  And yet, how do you choose which addition is the […]

7 Ideas for Deck Lighting

The garland of light bulbs hanging on the wooden terrace

What’s your preferred way to use your deck – to host gatherings, catch some sun, or sit out looking at the stars? Regardless of its use, decking offers a wonderful addition to any home. However, as it gets darker in the evenings, using your decking can become difficult. Luckily, deck lighting can improve your decking […]


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