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Simple Deck Plans to Get you Outside This Summer

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Simple Deck Plans to Get you Outside This Summer

A light wood deck platform poolside during the summer.

Simple Deck Plans to Get you Outside This Summer

Summer is fast approaching. Though many of us thought it might never return after the winter we had, there will be sunshine and barbequing before we know it. If you are hoping to entertain this summer, or want to enjoy some time outdoors at your house, it is not too late to consider your decking options.

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we specialize in building a signature deck that you can enjoy year round. Your friends and family will love hanging out and watching the kids play on any of these simple deck ideas. If you are looking for a new deck or merely a facelift for your current deck, give us a call today.

New Deck Construction

If you don’t already have a deck at your home, you are missing out. If you have been thinking about building a new deck, there are a variety of options you can choose from for your home. Whether you own a split level, a ranch style house, a two-story with a true basement, or any other configuration, we can build a deck that doesn’t just look good but is useful too.

If you are building a new deck, you have a lot of options. An impressive layout that always looks fantastic is a multi-layer deck with stairs and separate entertainment areas. Though this style might be slightly more expensive than a traditional, single-layer deck, it will be worth it in the long run.

With multiple levels, you can have defined areas for different uses. One section can be a comfortable seating area with a firepit, while another could have a grill and eating area set up. Ask your builder about how to take advantage of multiple tiers that connect to create a recreational paradise.

Another classic style of deck is a wrap around deck. While not an option for every style of home, a wrap around deck provides ample space for entertaining, as well as storage and other uses. Choose some comfortable seating and a beautiful table, and you can spend hours with your family on your new deck.

Many of the decks we build in the Twin Cities have stairs, with the main section of the deck attaching to an upper level of the house. This setup allows for several things to happen. If you live in a split level, as many families do, your kitchen is probably on the upper level. With a deck attached to this floor, you can go smoothly from your kitchen to the deck with food or drinks.

Having a second level deck also creates a shaded area underneath the deck. Whether you use this area for storage, or put some nice pavers down and use this as another entertainment area, these simple deck plans give you extra usable space, protected from much of the weather.

Deck Facelift

If you already have a deck, you might be thinking about giving it a nice facelift. Maybe the entire deck doesn’t need a redo, but you are looking for some deck railing ideas that will enhance the look of your deck while adding valuable safety and security. Whether you want a more modern look for your railings, or prefer the classic or traditional wood railings, we will come up with the perfect plan for you.

A fantastic way to update your deck is with new maintenance free decking. You can remove the existing decking and install new maintenance free decking adding new life to your existing deck and also making the structure maintenance free so that you can spend more time this summer enjoying your deck and less time worrying about power washing, sanding and staining your old deck again.

A deck facelift doesn’t only mean updating the wood already in use. Many of our customers opt for changes in style and function with their facelift. If your deck is small and relatively unusable, go for more space by expanding your deck to include an area to entertain. Styles and designs with no railings, if your deck is at a safe level, are open and inviting to your yard and perfect for an active family.

Screen Porch

A screen porch is a fantastic way to enjoy your deck whatever the weather may be. A screen protects you and your belongings from bugs and rain. Regardless of the weather, you’ll be dry and bug-free.

A screen porch attached to an open deck is an excellent way to have the safety of an enclosed space, but the square footage of an open area to entertain friends and family. Choosing an extended porch that leads out from the screened-in section allows for lots of space to enjoy the outdoors. Put some comfy furniture in there and settle in with a good book.

Four Season Rooms


If you want to enjoy your deck in months when the weather isn’t so warm, such as October to March, a four season room is the way to go. A four season room adds usable space to your home, as well as more natural light. An energy efficient room will add space without adding costs for your utility bills.


A four season room can be on the ground level or raised. If your kitchen and main entertainment areas are on an elevated floor, adding a four season room even with them will create ease of access and ensure you get more use out of the deck.

The beauty of a four season room is that you can use it during the winter months when you are going stir crazy inside with bad weather outside. And it’s also a beautiful place to eat breakfast in the summer when the weather is nice.

Call Dupont Construction

If you have been debating new simple deck ideas, or are considering a facelift to your current deck, give Dupont a call. We have years of experience in the Minneapolis area. We are a family-owned business, and our customers are important to us. Let us know how we can get you and your family outside enjoying a new deck this summer.


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