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young boy student with backpack holding a back to school sign in front of a home deck

School at Home? Turn Your Home Deck into a Classroom

As the world changes, we all have to find new ways of adapting to the situation around us. More and more of us are spending large amounts of time in our homes and are looking for ways to make the most of the space we have. From transforming bedrooms to crafting study spaces, every nook and cranny is essential for making the new normal work. Running out of corners? Welcome to the home deck! As well as facing new working conditions, many of us are finding our children home for school. This change involves finding another niche for them to study in — so why not make the most of your outdoor living space? Transforming your outdoor deck into a classroom is a great way to get kids outside in the fresh air — and out from under your feet! Need help building a deck or refreshing an existing one?

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happy friends grilling on a barbecue on a wooden deck in the autumn

How to Prepare Your Deck for Fall

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, thoughts turn to the best way to prepare your deck for fall. The last days of the sun mean that many of us are preparing to pack up the garden, ready for the harsh winter weather.  An essential element of this includes keeping our decks in tip-top condition. A little preparation now will serve you well and ensure that the space is ready to go at the first sign of spring’s warm weather. Here at Dupont Decks, we know a thing or two about preserving your outside space! Read on for our top tips, and don’t forget to get in touch for your free estimate! Why Do I Need To Prepare My Deck For Fall? The fall and winter months tend to bring adverse weather, which can harm your decking space. From water damage to the risk of mold and mildew,

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happy man enjoying a drink on a deck outside his home

Will Adding a Deck Increase My Home’s Resale Value?

In the current property market, getting an excellent price for your house can be a challenge. As a homeowner, you will want to do everything you can to sell your home and add value to every square foot. However, there may be one area you have yet to consider: did you know that a deck increases resale value by up to 82%?  Here at Dupont Decks, we know a thing or two about building a deck. Give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions. Still need convincing? Read on for everything you need to know… Deck Increases Resale Value: The Reasons Of all the home improvement projects you can do, building a deck or patio onto your home is a great option. Adding a wood deck increases resale value by offering a number of advantages to potential buyers. These can include: Added Outdoor Space A deck addition is

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work gloves and paint brush on deck planks

How to Revive an Old Wood Deck

Maybe your deck was new when you purchased it from a builder, or perhaps it had a few years on it already when you moved to your house. Whatever the case, the years, the weather, and pets can take a toll on a deck. However, there is a lot that you can do to revive wooden decks.  Minnesota weather conditions can be particularly harsh on wooden decks. The extreme cold and freezing mean that homeowners may apply salt and other chemicals to melt the snow. Homeowners may also use shovels to scrape the ice and snow from the deck, damaging the wood.  The summer in Minnesota is often no kinder than the winter months. The sun, humidity, hail, and downed limbs can all damage a deck. If you think that your deck requires repair beyond the maintenance you can do yourself, contact Dupont Decks for a free estimate.  Due to

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Spacious landscaped back yard of luxury home

Must Have Custom Deck Ideas

Custom deck ideas are numerous; homeowners can feel overwhelmed when they research different plans and options. When you’re building or renovating this distinguishing feature of your home, you want to be sure you’re doing it right.  Contact Dupont Decks to find out about our deck building, renovation, and screened-in porch services.   Custom Deck Ideas: Must-Have Features These ideas are proven ways to improve the appearance of your deck. What’s more, they often serve a practical purpose, as well. It’s hard to beat the combination of elegance and functionality! Cover Up! An awning or gazebo are essential for a deck that serves your needs in rain or shine. The benefits to these kinds of coverings are clear. During parties and gatherings, barbecue guests won’t need to rush inside in the event of a cloudburst. When you’re solo, imagine yourself sitting out on your deck with a cup of coffee, enjoying

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water droplets on sealed deck planks

Deck Sealing 101 

Your deck is arguably the best place to enjoy warm weather and cold nights. And cool weather too! But to get the most out of your favorite gathering place, a regular plan of deck staining and sealing has to become part of your deck maintenance plan.  This is where Dupont Decks saves the day. At Dupont Decks, “Our Work is Our Word”, is more than just a slogan for us.  The hard work we put into providing and repairing decks for the whole family to enjoy year round is our pride and joy. We bring to our customers the same quality of work that we would want our family to enjoy. Dupont Decks will deck you out. Our services include deck building and deck facelifts, and we specialize in deck sealing. So if your deck just is not doing it for you or your need for a deck is dire,

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lumber and screws

7 Signs Your Deck Needs a Facelift

During spring, summer, and fall, you want an attractive and functional deck, not one that’s flaking, rotting, leaning, or threatening to collapse. Giving your older deck a facelift can (thankfully) be a simple project with the right help. Dupont Decks is here to help put life and fun into our warm seasons (they go by so fast, after all) with a deck facelift that checks all the boxes on your outdoor leisure time. Visit our website to schedule a free inspection and estimate, and let’s get you relaxing on the deck of your dreams. Here are several ways to discover the size and scope of your deck facelift project.   Deck Facelift 101 When’s the last time you had a detailed and thorough look at your deck? Sure, you can see the railings, decking boards, and color from a window. However, it’s essential to inspect your deck each season for

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wooden boards

Caring for Your Deck All Year

Your deck faces elements all year long. The best way to protect your deck is to create a routine schedule to care for your deck to avoid later repairs. With fall and winter months quickly approaching, the leaves will start to fall and can cause damage.  With an excellent plan, you will be able to mitigate any potential problems, and the amount of autumn deck care you’ll have to do. Dupont Decks will help you with your deck maintenance plans to keep your deck looking gorgeous all year long.      Spring Deck Care: Time for a Wash  As winter comes to an end, the melted snow and ice can leave your deck with a wet residue and various debris. The moisture is an invitation for mold and mildew, potentially causing rot. The best way to start fresh and remove any leftover gunk from winter is to wash your deck.  1.

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rocking chair on porch

How to Budget for a New Deck

When you sit down to budget for your deck, you might not consider it a rip-roaring good time. Budgeting can be dry, and it can be kind of a buzzkill, since you realize all your limitations and obstacles. Get in touch with Dupont Decks to request an estimate for your dream deck. On the other hand, this necessary step to building a deck is the beginning of a quiet morning coffee in the first light. Budgeting is simply the first move that makes memorable outdoor get-togethers with family and friends possible!   Budget For Your Deck: Getting Started Where to begin? Figuring out how much your deck and its construction is going to cost can seem daunting. As with most things, many people find it necessary to break it down into smaller steps. We’ll provide you a simple breakdown of factors to consider. What Kind of Deck Are You Building?

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clean boards next to dirty boards

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Deck

With the Stay Home order this spring, you likely have been spending a little more time than usual around your house- and to notice- this place could use some work! More people are looking to their backyards for relaxation and enjoyment. If you are looking for ways to improve your yard, look no further than this guide to clean deck boards and other parts of your deck! If your deck needs more work than a simple cleaning or transform your deck into more usable space for your home, here at Dupont Decks, we have more than 20 years of experience with building decks, 4 season rooms, and more.   Assessing Your Deck The first step of a good deck cleaning is to assess what work needs doing to your deck. Do you just need to clean the deck? Or does there need to be structural work, as well? It makes

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man screwing boards together

Deck Building Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Planning your little piece of heaven outdoors means bringing to life your visions of barbeques, get-togethers with friends and family, plus having outdoor space to relax in a comfy lounge chair. However, nothing shatters your hard-won vision like deck building mistakes. Hang in there with us while we detail a few all-too-common deck building mistakes and how to avoid them.  Then, call us at Dupont Decks for a free estimate. Our quality construction, experience, and customer service mean you can have the deck you’ve always wanted to enjoy. Typical Deck-Building Mistakes Building a deck is no run-of-the-mill weekend project. Careful planning and design comprise the foundation of a deck you can enjoy carefree for many seasons.  Getting the help and expertise of a professional builder specializing in deck construction and repair can mean the difference between a safe deck you can count on and a disastrous collapse. From using proper

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mock up of a deck design

How to Plan Your New Deck

Do you walk outside and wish there was more to your yard? Do you envision a beautiful deck where you can entertain family and friends? If so, it might be time to plan a deck for your home. When you start the planning process, it can be a little overwhelming. There are more ways to plan a deck than you can even count. The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, it can be done. If you are planning a new deck or updating your current one, call Dupont Decks today. We will work with you every step of the way until you are enjoying your new deck and hosting the party of the season.   Questions to Ask Yourself The best method for planning your new deck is to ask yourself a series of questions. Your answers to these questions will steer you in the right direction and

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