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Covered Decks and Patios Add Unique Style to Your Home

Covered decks or patios can give you more shade, increase your home’s curb appeal, and create a beautiful outdoor space you can’t help but spend time in. There are many deck and patio coverings, so choosing one can sometimes feel complicated. Read on to learn about the different coverings, their benefits, and some styling suggestions. Request a free estimate to get started.  Types of Deck and Patio Coverings There are several types of deck and patio coverings, so your options are truly endless!  Roof Extension: Extends your roof out to cover your patio or deck. If you’re considering installing a roof extension, it is important to work with an architect or other building expert to ensure that it will not interrupt the flow of your roofline. Awning: Made of fabric and generally inexpensive, awnings are great for creating a more versatile space. Some are retractable, allowing you to choose when

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A curved patio with wooden stairs.

It’s Hip to Be Square — But So Are Curved Patios and Decks

We tend to think of houses as many right angles, from a square lot to a square living room. But that doesn’t mean your deck has to be square too. Curved patios and decks offer several advantages compared to a more traditional design, but they often go overlooked. Below, we outline some of the pros and cons of these more creative designs.  If you’re thinking about installing a new deck or patio, fill out our contact form so that we can provide you with all of the personalized information you need to make the decision that’s right for you.  The Pros A Curved Patio Adds Character to Your House Look at any house’s landscape design, and you’ll see squares and rectangles. Even the flower beds are often as square as the patios they decorate. Do you genuinely need more right angles and straight lines in your home’s aesthetic?  Going with

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5 Custom Deck Boxes and Other Built-In Deck Features

If you’re looking to create the deck of your dreams, we have you covered. You can make the ultimate outdoor space using custom deck boxes and built-in deck features such as storage benches, seating, and outdoor kitchens. If you’re thinking about maximizing your outdoor space, reach out to Dupont Decks today. We’ll help you create a custom deck that will add joy and memories to your home.  We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about customizing your deck from seating areas to play spaces. Let’s jump in and see which custom deck boxes and other built-in features are best for your new deck. 1. Custom Deck Boxes and Planters Help You Enjoy Every Season When you imagine your new deck, you’re likely picturing beautiful planters filled with flowers and greenery. To create this look, consider adding custom deck boxes or planters. Our custom deck box maker can bring your

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An outdoor screen porch with an outdoor sectional and rug.

Deck, Outdoor Screen Porch, or 4 Season Room – How to Choose

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and improve the value of your home? An outdoor living addition such as a deck, outdoor screen porch, or 4 season room can boost your home’s value and provide a nice return on your investment.  And yet, how do you choose which addition is the right choice for you and your family? There’s a lot to consider, from the installation cost to the different benefits and how you plan to use the area. We cover everything you need to know about the differences in this guide so you can make the right choice. Read on to determine which addition is best for you. When you’re ready to add an outdoor addition to your home, contact Dupont Decks. We’d love to work with you and provide your family a space to create memories together year after year. Outdoor Screen Porch  

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The garland of light bulbs hanging on the wooden terrace

7 Ideas for Deck Lighting

What’s your preferred way to use your deck – to host gatherings, catch some sun, or sit out looking at the stars? Regardless of its use, decking offers a wonderful addition to any home. However, as it gets darker in the evenings, using your decking can become difficult. Luckily, deck lighting can improve your decking space, making it brighter and more functional while enhancing the overall aesthetic. To help spark some ideas for these beneficial light fixtures, we share some of our lighting ideas which you can use to complement your decking. 1. Pendant Lighting    Pendant lights are hanging lights that you can attach to the roof of your decking. They are an elegant addition to the space while also illuminating your set-up, so you can host friends or relax, even when the sun’s light dims. An additional tip for the deck lighting is installing several pendant lights together.

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A gray, raised composite deck design with a railing.

Composite Deck Designs: What Features Should You Consider?

When you start researching different composite deck designs, there’s something you learn very quickly. Namely, you have a lot of features to consider for your custom deck. For instance, will your deck have stairs, ramps, railings, lighting, or built-in seats? What color(s) will you choose, and what shape? Rather than overwhelm you with options, the following article will help you sort through them. Below, you can find the ultimate guide, chock full of composite deck design ideas for your consideration. In it, there are a plethora of different features described to include when designing a composite deck. Read on to learn more, and then contact Dupont Decks to get started on your dream composite deck design. 1. Shape   There are a few basic deck shapes to consider. The simplest is to plan the perimeter of the deck to run exactly parallel to the perimeter of your home. This shape

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A low deck design with diagonal planks and rich stain.

Low Deck Designs to Bring Your Garden to You

Low deck designs are becoming increasingly popular these days to bring your garden to you. Getting a professional to build your low deck is the best way to ensure you have a safe, well-built, and beautiful deck in your yard. If you’re looking to extend your entertainment area to include a portion of your garden, then keep reading to find some low deck ideas to inspire you. What is a Low Deck?   A low deck is an outdoor deck that is built low to the ground or ground level to be more easily incorporated into the backyard design.  These decks are usually made out of wood or maintenance-free decking. And, they are designed to blend in with the landscaping – so they don’t look like an afterthought. Why Choose A Low Deck Design?   There are many great reasons to choose a low deck for your outdoor space. First,

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A house with a small deck styled with furniture and plants.

How To Maximize The Space On A Small Deck

Having access to a backyard deck or patio offers an expansion of your home to include the outdoors. A well-built and maintained deck can provide enjoyment for you and your family for many years. You don’t have to have the largest deck to get enjoyment out of it.  Just like other rooms in your home, the key to getting the most enjoyment out of a deck is to design and decorate the living space appropriate to the size of the total area. Here are a few ideas to help maximize the space on your deck. Find Appropriate Furniture   One of the biggest issues with small deck designs is the use of too big furniture for the area where it is used. Nothing will make your deck look small, quite like oversized furniture. You and your guests want to be comfortable sitting outside, and ensuring you have chairs and a

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Get Cozy with 7 Deck Privacy Ideas

If you live on a busy road or have close neighbors, your deck space might feel too exposed to prying eyes for comfort. The sights and sounds of the elements around you might throw off the fun summer vibes you want to experience. Or, perhaps the view does not inspire you to spend much time outside. Make your current or future deck your favorite place to be. Implementing some of these deck privacy ideas will 100% enhance your experience. There are many creative and functional ways to accomplish this that we can customize to fit your space. We can help you get started with some functional and beautiful ideas to increase your deck privacy. Dupont Decks provides fully customized decking options for homeowners of all types of residences. Whether you have a condo or a single-family home, we can create the deck of your dreams. Contact us today for a

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Deck skirting with beautiful flowers and sun.

How Deck Skirting Can Keep Wildlife Away from Your Yard 

Outdoor living is at its best during the summer months. If you’re thinking of having a deck installed or restored, you want to make sure it stays in good repair. It will get a lot of foot traffic, of course, but what if the visitors are less welcome? Underneath a deck is a prime place for critters to make their home (whether you want them there or not!). Above the wood deck, other animals may be drawn to food smells and scraps. In rural or forested areas, a plan for addressing wildlife is essential for maintaining your deck. There are a few ways to ensure that unwelcome rodents, critters, and creatures leave your deck (and you) in peace. At Dupont Decks, we can customize our clients’ decks to make sure they function well for the whole family. Plus, we are happy to take measures during the build to ensure uninvited

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Family on their custom deck having a BBQ.

Family Friendly Custom Decks to Get Everyone Outside 

Summertime is the season for spending time outdoors. If you have little ones, you may be trying to get them away from the screens and into the sunshine. One great solution is to plan an outdoor space built with their needs in mind. Your outdoor custom deck can make a perfect space for the family that is fun for the kids, too.  We have compiled our best ideas for an exciting deck for the kids and a relaxing space for you. You might be starting from scratch or looking to renovate an existing structure. Either way, you can make the space inviting and fun for the whole family.  Family time is sacred. We at Dupont Decks value the precious years with children and memories made at backyard BBQs and long summer days. Contact us for a free consultation for your custom-built deck or deck renovation.   Custom Decks for the Whole

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A professional installing composite decking with a power drill.

What is Composite Decking?

One of the most versatile building materials is composite decking. But what is composite decking?  We are here to help in the process of creating your dream deck. By using composite decking, we feel like we’re working with a sustainable and easy-to-maintain product. Keep reading for more information on what makes this such a great material.  Contact Dupont Decks for a free estimate and to begin your custom build! We can’t wait to hear from you.  What is Composite Decking? Compared to most materials used in landscaping and building, composite decking is relatively new. It came on the scene in the 1990s. At the time, customers could choose between grey and grey when ordering it.  Now, the coveted boards come in scores of shades, and the texture rivals that of natural wood. The question remains, what is composite decking exactly? Composite decking products are mainly made of recycled materials that

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