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High Deck Designs to Lift Your Spirits

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High Deck Designs to Lift Your Spirits

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Making your home look beautiful is the goal of any homeowner. To enhance the appeal and function of your home, you should look into deck designs for your newest addition!

Improving your home is like adding to an investment. When building your dream house, you tend to focus on small things. But here’s the thing: the larger the innovation, the more value your home will have. 

Dupont Construction and Remodeling can offer you the best services to construct your home’s elevated deck. Adding a deck to your home, especially with composite decking stairs, gives you an aesthetically pleasing residence with more space and easier access to your backyard. 

Here at Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we aim to give your house its best look. So we’ve come up with a list of some sensational high deck designs you can add to your home!


High Deck Designs to Make Your House More Attractive

Jacuzzi on your Deck!

Built on a higher level from the ground for privacy, amenities such as a Jacuzzi can make your house’s value triple or double. 

Having a Jacuzzi in your home can sound a bit too glitz and glamour, we understand. There is the consideration of the cost for both the Jacuzzi and the deck. 

But, they are a nice leisurely add on. Think about all the money you and your family will save on beach resort vacations when the kids can chill around in your stay-cation Jacuzzi! 

All the Single Decks!

Having a high, single deck can serve as an alfresco for you and your family or your guests, sipping tea in the fresh air. The under-deck space can be a place of shade from the sun when the weather is too hot. 

For a more eccentric look, you can have a spiral staircase as one of the access points to your deck

A low deck could mean having a backyard porch area. When you add a low-level deck to your house, it will give you and your family more space for recreation.

Plus a Pergola!

Want more outside space but also want to avoid the rays of the sun? Don’t worry, because a deck with a built-in pergola has got you covered!

While having a pergola built means additional cost to your decking budget, it gives you shade when you want to relax outdoors with a small gathering of friends and a barbeque. 

How the pergola is built usually depends on the deck’s structure, which means you can customize your deck designs to make your pergola a unique one. One of the most recommended pergola structures is an octagonal design. 

Relax on a Curve!

If you want a more distinct feature as part of your home, then a curved deck is your best choice. With built-in seating, this curved structure would be your home’s center of relaxation. 

A rounded deck structure can be low- or high-level, but a multi-level deck is much more complicated. 

A curved deck is the place to go to when you need a fresh outdoor breeze while being able to sit back and relax. It could be your go-to space to entertain guests or to have your kids and their friends hang out on the attached benches. 

Beyond your Roof.

Rooftop decks are arguably one of the most famous and sought-after house renovations. It is a hidden gem in every home and is the best place to have a quick breath of the outside breeze. 

While rooftop decks are more costly than other high deck designs, they are still one of the best choices to add as a feature to your home. 

Many different elements would increase your home’s value when you add a rooftop deck, but one thing’s for sure: everyone’s going to be after that view from above. 


Spa It All Up!

How about you bring relaxation to your home? Having a spa deck is the ultimate home project and the sure money bag magnet on the market.  

Imagine having massage tables and beds and relaxation couches right in your own home!

Building this would need not just the typical composite decking materials, but also other spa equipment and furniture. A spa deck at home may be one of the priciest deck designs on this list, but it is worth the cost!

How about a Multi-level?

Not all houses come equipped with enough space to have big parties and celebrations. If entertaining space is what you need in your home, then you should add a multi-level deck with stairs accessing the backyard or the garden. 

Having different levels of flooring on your deck gives you the room you need for activities like barbequing or outdoor dining. 

The majority of the dining activity could rely on the deck level with a larger space, or a higher-level small space could be a platform for any party program. The rest of the deck space can be for chilling out and socializing. 

A multi-level deck will maximize your space at the least cost. 

Consider Your Preferences and Style

You may have a personal preference for the materials used to build your dream deck. It’s essential to keep in mind that building a deck requires the right materials so that the structure won’t topple over, especially if it’s an elevated deck. 

Here are a few of the top recommended materials for deck-building:

  • Composite
  • Azek
  • TimberTech
  • Wood

While most of the structures of the deck are made up of pressure-treated lumber and steel beams, according to research, the best material for the actual decking is wood, plastic, or a composite metal that combines plastic with wood fibers. 

Wood materials are best for upright elements like the banister of the railing, privacy fencing or structures like pergolas and planters.


Call the Professionals

These high-quality materials to use for wooden decks are difficult to find, but not if you find the right hands to build that deck for you. Improve the value and look of your home by adding quality decks. Contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling to get that deck started right away!


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