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Give Your Deck a Face-lift This Spring

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Give Your Deck a Face-lift This Spring

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With the winter weather behind us, the warm spring months are just on the horizon. You can enjoy the beautiful weather and all it has to offer. With the warmer temperatures, you’ll want a great place to kick back and relax. What better place than your very own deck!

Your deck provides numerous benefits to you and your family. A deck on your home is aesthetically pleasing, which makes your house more attractive and valuable. It’s also functional as a place to enjoy time with your family, and have events such as parties or barbecues. 

One problem that homeowners don’t consider is the upkeep of their deck. Over time, the outdoor weather will cause wear and tear on your home. 

Your deck is susceptible to this damage, and you should consider a deck facelift when you notice any of this deterioration. This makeover could be annually or every couple of years, depending on your situation.

Fixing and enhancing your deck could be a difficult task for you, especially if you don’t have the knowledge or tools beforehand. Don’t fret; you don’t have to tackle this circumstance alone! Consider contacting the professionals at Dupont Construction and Remodeling and receive a free estimate to tackle your new project.


Give It A Deep Clean

The first step in giving your deck a facelift is to clean it and clean it thoroughly. Trying to work on messy wood will be near impossible and leave you with a lousy final product.

You’ll want first to determine if your deck was previously stained or not. The steps for cleaning your deck differ slightly depending on if it is or isn’t stained.

If your deck is stained, you can use a wood stain remover (sometimes called a stripper) to get the wood back to its normal state. You can acquire this stain remover at your local hardware store. 

Apply the stain remover in 20-square-foot areas at a time, and let it soak the boards and rails. Using a brush, you can work the stain remover into the wood.

If your deck isn’t stained, you can get a standard cleaning solution instead. There are many types to choose from, and you can even make your own with a mixture of bleach, laundry detergent, and warm water. Make sure you don’t use detergent with ammonia, as that could be dangerous!

With your deck free from stain and scrubbed with a cleaning compound, the next step is to rinse it off with water. We recommend using a pressure washer with a fan tip, set to roughly 2,000 psi.

If you’re concerned about a pressure washer damaging the deck, consider lowering the psi as needed. Spray from the inside corner to the outer part of your deck in a sweeping motion. Continue to do so until the wood is clear of soapy suds.


Staining Your Deck

After you’ve stripped the stain from the wood and cleaned it all up, the next step is to stain the deck. Before you do that, you’ll need to prepare the deck by sanding it.

Make sure you’re equipped with a dust mask, so you’re not inhaling any nasty debris. Using a sanding pole to make things easier, use 50-grit paper to go over the whole deck. The scrub will include the foundation, handrails, and balusters.

Once you’ve finished sanding the entire area, you should spot check to ensure you’ve sanded enough and are ready for the new stain coat. Pour a small amount of water on the deck to test.

If the water soaks into the wood rapidly, then you’re good to go! If the water refuses to absorb into the wood, then you’ll need to repeat the earlier processes until it does.

With all of that finished, you’re ready to move onto staining your deck. When moving onto this next step, ensure your deck is adequately dried (three to four days with no inclement weather).

Different stains offer varying options for both looks and functionality. A clear finish will allow the original color of the wood to shine through. Alternatively, a semi-transparent finish will give it a new look while also providing extra protection.

You’ll want to stain from top to bottom, so begin with staining the handrails and balusters first. When staining the balusters, ensure you clean up any drips as it will leave your rails with blotches of discoloration.

Moving on to the deck itself, you should stain each board individually one at a time. Always use brushstrokes that work with the grain, do not go against it. As before, if the stain begins to pool or you notice any excess, spread it out evenly or clean it up.

After staining the entire deck, allow it to dry before using it properly. This process should take a minimum of two days to complete.


Reinvigorate With New Additions

While cleaning and staining your deck is a great way to keep it fresh, and there are other things you can do as well. Removing old parts and building on new sections is a fantastic way to revitalize.

The most obvious choice when remodeling your deck is replacing old railings. They encompass your deck and are the first thing anyone sees when approaching.

You have many options when swapping out railings that can spice things up. Instead of outdated wooden banisters, consider newer options such as clear panels or wire. Adding extra decorations is another way to keep things fresh.

Another great addition to your deck is building a roof for it. A roof allows you and your family to enjoy the deck in rain or sunshine, and it protects the deck from the weather as well.

You can also consider adding light to your outdoor space. You will love spending the evenings outside even after the sun sets.

As you can see, there’s plenty of opportunities when deciding on what to do with your deck. The process doesn’t have to be overly complicated or worrisome! Make a plan and stick to it, and your deck will look great in no time. 

With nearly two decades of experience, the professionals at Dupont Construction and Remodeling can help you get the deck of your dreams. Request a free estimate now!


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